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February, 2019

A quiet environment is a sign of success

May, 2016

Healthy ways to deal with incessant worry

August, 2013

How to make a good first impression

July, 2013

Webinar: Reach your goals by blogging

June, 2012

5 Tips for gaining self-confidence

April, 2012

Your biggest career decision is who you marry

August, 2010

How to express your true self at work

July, 2010

Befriend the intern to fire up your career

June, 2010

Privacy is the new celebrity

October, 2009

4 Lies about social media

September, 2009

6 Tips for doing a long-distance job hunt

April, 2009

Does it work to mix work and dating?

Gold digging Web 2.0 style

Twentysomething: Gen Y is better than everyone else at marketing themselves

March, 2009

Warning: I’m promoting my friend’s book

February, 2009

Three ways to give a good interview, and one way to shake things up

December, 2008

Focus on learning in the face of recession

November, 2008

Finally, a new blog design. I’m very excited.

October, 2008

Three counter-intuitive tips for managing your image

June, 2008

Twitter, social media, and unmashing the mashable

May, 2008

The best brands have fanatical focus and a fuzzy underbelly

February, 2008

Catch Brazen Careerist on CNN today

How to be more interesting to other people

January, 2008

Quick fixes for image problems

Advice from the trenches of my television trials

November, 2007

Authority isn’t what it used to be

October, 2007

5 Ways great speakers connect with their audience

Is your image hurting your career?

September, 2007

Tips for building your personal brand

August, 2007

How to create a look that you like: Bikinis to t-shirts to CNN

July, 2007

5 ways to be better at self-promotion

I’m speaking at BlogHer on Friday, July 27

My own marriage and the myth of the stay-at-home dad

Blog under your real name, and ignore the harassment

What to write to make your business card sing

June, 2007

Use blogs as a career tool for becoming super-connected

May, 2007

Twentysomething: Blogging is the new graduate school

Coachology: Give a great answer to the question, What do you do?

April, 2007

Interview tips, from media consultants. And results, from me.

A week of journalism: How to be a freelancer without starving

How to get your company to listen to your ideas

March, 2007

Google Guy: Dressing for success — don’t do it all the time

My name is not really Penelope

February, 2007

Be memorable by telling good stories about yourself

January, 2007


How to build buzz around yourself

December, 2006

How to get your blog (or yourself) mentioned in print

August, 2006

Teamwork is a great way to sidestep office hierarchy

Blogger’s refrain: What am I doing here, anyway?

A messy desk undermines your career

July, 2006

Interview tip: Manage your image by telling good stories

The art of playing the sex-kitten card at work

How to be a star performer: 4 things to get good at

Get inside the head of a recruiter

To blog or not to blog

Writing short is good

Networking for a new generation: Be authentic

June, 2006

Training is essential, so make sure it’s a perk you receive

Big news for Episcopal Church, and we all benefit when one industry shines

Howard Stern’s lesson in customer loyalty

6 tips for job hunting online

Me at the M-A-C counter: Timing is (almost) everything

The official announcement of my blog

May, 2006

Danica Patrick’s unique selling proposition

Blogging essential for a good career

Networking means being nice

Expand your opportunities by finding a specialty

April, 2006

Specialist careers are the key to freedom

Don’t be the hardest worker in your job or in your job hunt

December, 2005

Buzzword of the year: Authenticity

October, 2005

Learn to love cold calling

Create your own unemployment insurance

September, 2005

You need an entourage

August, 2005

Big goals require big plans: Losing weight after pregnancy

June, 2005

4 worst mistakes of a first-time manager

March, 2005

How to get on recruiter radar

List of things I hate

February, 2005

How to wait: Don’t

Interviewing idiots

January, 2005

Make a plan to manage your success

Math essentials for your career

November, 2004

5 overlooked rules of management

7 steps to finding and keeping a mentor

October, 2004

Handwriting analysis can help careers

April, 2004

Don’t be a generalist — Typecast yourself

March, 2004

Make your own luck

February, 2004

Career lessons about grit (and nepotism) from Oscar-nominee Sofia Coppola

January, 2004

Learn to give a compliment

August, 2003

Brag is not a 4-letter word

July, 2003

The fine line between boasting on a resume and lying

June, 2003

Make a story out of your career

Getting credit for your ideas is overrated

May, 2003

Hire someone to rewrite your resume: It worked for me

Public Speaking 101

January, 2003

Neatness counts: A messy desk can hurt your career

November, 2002

Election Day voters make good employees, so take time to vote

October, 2002

If you want to be well-known, learn to talk to the press

June, 2001

Leverage sexual harassment