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November, 2018

Melissa’s wedding pictures! (And my commentary)

April, 2018

This is a course for INTJs

October, 2017

Are you having a break or a breakdown?

September, 2017

An ode to my top commenter

December, 2015

Online course: Proven paths to the perfect ISFJ life

October, 2015

INTP Bootcamp: Get paid to do all the research you’d do anyway

September, 2015

No one’s got ideas like an ENTP. Here’s how to use them.

July, 2015

Hey ENFPs! Channel your energy and imagination to inspire greatness wherever you go.

March, 2015

Career news that will make you happy right now

February, 2015

Your job will be good if you have a friend at work

January, 2015

Self-sufficiency is overrated

December, 2014

Q&A With Penelope. About work. Or something approximating that.

August, 2014

Personality type master class: Four-day webinar with Penelope

You can’t get respect until you know what you want to be respected for.

February, 2014

The revolution in Ukraine… and on my site

October, 2013

The pursuit of happiness makes life shallow

July, 2013

Take more risks to make life more fulfilling

May, 2013

Webinar: How to make your 20s count

How to know if you’re in a good job

August, 2012

How to get the guts to buck a trend

April, 2012

The career passion myth and how it derails you

How I decide where to focus my energy

March, 2012

My review of Seth Godin’s new book, Stop Stealing Dreams

December, 2011

Investors fund mostly men, which is fine for women

The value of fresh perspective

Living up to your potential

November, 2011

Make your work more meaningful

How to find a job you’ll love

October, 2011

When it’s OK to take a pay cut

September, 2011

Surviving 9/11: Ten years later

August, 2011

Get good at social media. Now.

How to look like things are great

July, 2011

How to compete with Generation Z

June, 2011

Keys to getting unlost

How to find satisfying work

May, 2011

How to quit every job and still have a good resume

April, 2011

Good luck to William and Kate!

Unhappiness is good for you

March, 2011

The farmer protests at the WI Capitol

February, 2011

I’m happy

Should you pursue mastery?

January, 2011

Shortcut to making big life decisions

Goat cheese is the new veal

December, 2010

Tim Ferriss diet

Guest post: How to make life more interesting

November, 2010

5 Reasons to stop trying to be happy

Veteran’s Day should be cancelled

September, 2010

4 Twitter tips no one will give you

What are we working for, really?

July, 2010

Lesson from LeBron James: How to decide when to relocate

May, 2010

Five tips for asking better questions

March, 2010

How to find the most fulfilling careers

The biggest triumph is getting out of bed

February, 2010

How to be more creative at work

Test: Is your life happy or interesting?

January, 2010

Being an expert takes time, not talent

Do you overemphasize happiness?

November, 2009

Leverage the advantages of being an introvert at work

This is what it looks like to have a hard time making a change

October, 2009

We overestimate the gap between nonprofit and for-profit jobs

How to deal with doubt: Take a leap

September, 2009

All career issues are religious issues. Maybe.

How to deal with an insane commute

August, 2009

All advice on how to manage creative people is awful

4 Reasons traveling is a waste of time

July, 2009

The sign of a great career is having great opportunities, and saying no

Will taking drugs help your career? Maybe you need Adderall

Sarah Palin’s resignation inspires me

June, 2009

Do you belong in NYC? Take the test

May, 2009

How to decide where to live

April, 2009

I hate David Dellifield. The one from Ada, Ohio.

January, 2009

Celebrate the inauguration by making your work an act of service

High-income women get more oral sex. Maybe.

November, 2008

Good blogging is simple: Write good posts (and be thankful)

What women can do when they’re young to be happy later on

August, 2008

Living up to your potential is BS

March, 2008

Don’t wait for retirement to live the good life. Do it now

February, 2008

A case study in staying resilient: My divorce

January, 2008

Test yourself to find what you need to be happier

December, 2007

Bad career advice: Do what you love

The end of work as we know it

November, 2007

Don’t get too comfortable at home after work

October, 2007

Teaching old tropes new tricks: Community-building with a 21st-century twist

September, 2007

My 9/11 day. My husband. The meaning of my to-do list.

Me and Stephanie, talking

August, 2007

Twentysomething: Forget the big city, try middle America

July, 2007

Choose a career path that makes you scared of failure

New research reveals some new ways to buy happiness, sort of

My first day of marriage counseling

June, 2007

Letter to new graduates. And how about a braided career?

May, 2007

New financial data highlights generational rifts

Coachology: Train yourself to be happier

Coachology: Finally, the men place high value on personal life. Get on the bandwagon

Twentysomething: Constantly laying groundwork for the next career move

April, 2007

Twentysomething: Paychecks are boring

Coachology: Knowing when to stop and hear the music

February, 2007

Beware: Incoming poem

January, 2007

The connection between a good job and happiness is overrated

December, 2006

Financial freedom is outdated; try optimism instead

November, 2006

Knowing when to make your move

October, 2006

Make the world a better place from the job you have right now

September, 2006

Where to work if you want a personal life and stability

One example of why it’s great to be a mentor

9/11: Digging myself out of the debris

August, 2006

The new stay-at-home dad paves new paths for moms

Your family would be better off with a housewife (so would mine)

How to sort through career advice

Three more ways to think about career happiness

Volunteer work helps your career while you help others

How to choose a career to get the lifestyle you want

I’m moving out of New York City

The measures of our success

Two office haikus

July, 2006

Navigating the quarterlife crisis

Please, no more studies about getting women to the top

Test the waters of self-employment without jumping in

You will like your job more if you make a friend at work

How to find happiness: Listen to scientists who study it

Update on the list of best and worst professions

The portfolio career: To find fulfillment try simultaneous careers

June, 2006

A lesson from the 9/11 memorial, which still does not exist

How to reach the new American dream

Snoop on other people’s careers to gain self-knowledge

Job hoppers have the best vacations

Visualize success like a major league all-star

Get married first, then focus on career

Avoid off-shoring by being creative

May, 2006

Forget the soul search; just do something

Stumbling on Happiness

April, 2006

Training is the new office currency

March, 2006

Getting a promotion is so last century

A job does not give life meaning

January, 2006

If you’re stuck, take an adventure

November, 2005

Career adjustments: Tips from Liz Phair

Starting a business is less risky than it seems

August, 2005

How to choose college courses

Is grad school right for you?

July, 2005

The organization man of the new millennium

May, 2005

Career change is inevitable, so plan for it

April, 2005

Here’s the real barrier to your career happiness

February, 2005

How to wait: Don’t

November, 2004

5 overlooked rules of management

September, 2004

How to choose between passion and pay

August, 2004

You only need $40,000 to be happy

June, 2004

Checklist for career change

March, 2004

Make your own luck

February, 2004

Consider the commute before you take a new job

A Valentine for my husband

January, 2004

Improve your performance by lying to yourself

December, 2003

Advice for starting your own business

November, 2003

Dealing with the guilt of not giving enough

Beware of big opportunities that derail you

October, 2003

Choosing between a kid and a career

Take the quiz: Is it time for you to find a new job?

August, 2003

3 things to teach your kids so they succeed in life

How to cope with self-doubt

Learn to work like a Microsoft millionaire

April, 2003

Don’t wait until you bottom out to make a big change

March, 2003

Why your work matters during a war

February, 2003

Leave the family business to know if you should stay

January, 2003

Mystery unveiled: How marriages that are equal become unequal when there are kids

December, 2002

Most jobs are creative, if you are creative

November, 2002

Making career decisions based on wanting kids, or not