Below is a sample of a cover letter. The format will work for any industry.

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Dear Carol Simons,

Please consider me for the position you have open for vice president of product. I have six years of experience in product marketing and my background is in engineering, which makes me uniquely qualified to excel in this job.

Some of my recent achievements include:

  • Delivered three consumer gaming titles under budget while simultaneously managing ship-dates that changed three times.
  • Oversaw design and development of Manic Warrior 3 which reached the top-ten sales charts in the college market.
  • Managed advertising and marketing accounts for three Fortune 500 companies and increased the value of those accounts for my agency more than 45% overall.

My strengths are in team management and understanding the way creative decisions affect a company’s profit margins. I’m certain I can make a significant positive impact on [company’s] product line. Please give me a call to schedule time to talk about how I can work with you. My number is xxx-xxx-xxx or you can reach me via email at

Thank you,




The best cover letters come naturally out of the fact that you’re applying to the perfect job for you. Often it seems like it’s easier to just try to get any job instead of the best job, but the truth is that the easiest job to get is the one that you’re best suited for. The key to finding this job:

  1. Understand your strengths and weaknesses
  2. Understand what the market will value most about you
  3. Identify the job that allows you to do work you’re great at with people who value you.

Does this seem impossible? It’s likely that the reason it seems impossible is that you don’t realize what your dream job is. That’s where I come in. For the past ten years I’ve been teaching people how to identify their dream job and then go after it, and I can help you, too. You can spend all the time in the world crafting cover letters and rewriting resumes, but if you don’t have a great sense of what you should be doing next, all that work will be in vain.

Here’s a course to get you on the fast-track to the job that you fit into best: Get Your Dream Job Now.

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