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January, 2018

The problem with personality types: testing yourself rarely works

November, 2017

How to tell a new story about yourself

October, 2017

The best personality type game I’ve ever played

September, 2017

How to cope with the need for external validation

July, 2017

I am so sick of my advice

May, 2017

Commencement speeches are garbage. College graduation is terrifying.

February, 2017

If past worrying was unnecessary then future worrying is too

November, 2016

Trump’s election tells us that we’re all a bunch of liars

September, 2016

Best way to stop emotional eating? Try emotional working.

May, 2016

Everyone’s competitive. The first step is to admit it

December, 2015

Secrets about personality type no one dares to tell you

June, 2015

Online course: Be your real INFJ self without feeling frustrated

April, 2015

Online course: Best practices for leveraging INTJ strengths (and how to be a likable INTJ )

November, 2014

You have to fail to move forward

July, 2014

An alternative path to self-acceptance

October, 2013

6 Things to do in your 20s to make your 30s good

August, 2013

How to tell a tidy story of an untidy life

January, 2013

How to pick a wife if you want to have kids

Fast track your career with Myers Briggs: Four-day webinar with Penelope Trunk

How to get a better sense of who you are

October, 2012

Inside the mind of a workaholic

August, 2012

How to find inspiration at work

April, 2012

How to take ownership of what you really want

February, 2012

Divorce is immature and selfish. Don’t do it.

7 Big relocation mistakes

January, 2012

Things I wish I had written

How to manage a career right now

My New Year's resolution: pay attention

September, 2011

This is me battling impostor syndrome

August, 2011

Overcome the willpower myth

July, 2011

What Gen Yers don’t know about themselves

June, 2011

How to reinvent your career

Keys to getting unlost

January, 2011

Bill Zeller, Congresswoman Giffords, and mental health

December, 2010

My new path to self-discipline: DBT

October, 2010

Career change looks like Halloween

Start recognizing patterns in problems

August, 2010

How to express your true self at work

How to be lost with panache

When you’re feeling lost, don’t hide

July, 2010

The fifth annual Q&A. Or sixth. I can’t remember.

March, 2010

List of things I hate #3

January, 2010

Do you overemphasize happiness?

How to make yourself more likable

December, 2009

How to hit a wall at work, with grace

November, 2009

Asperger’s at work: 5 ways to be less annoying

This is what it looks like to have a hard time making a change

How to know if you’ll be good at sales

First, be honest about what you want

October, 2009

Asperger’s at work: Why I’m difficult in meetings

4 Types of questions get us in trouble

September, 2009

Asperger syndrome in the office: How I deal with sensory integration dysfunction

July, 2009

The sign of a great career is having great opportunities, and saying no

How to decide how much to reveal about yourself

May, 2009

Five steps to make yourself great

April, 2009

The new post-college prestige job is retail

March, 2009

Twentysomething: Why it’s smart to quit a job after just two weeks of work

January, 2009

How to decide if you need a therapist

The art of knowing when to hide and when to reach out

How to figure out what you should be doing with your life

December, 2008

How to write an email that generates a useful response

Make better decisions for yourself by watching decisions celebrities make

November, 2008

Good blogging is simple: Write good posts (and be thankful)

How to go to a meeting when you want to sit home and cry

October, 2008

The five books that wasted the most time for me

September, 2008

Generalizing about generations is good for you

9/11 didn’t change me overnight, even though I wish it had

August, 2008

Vulnerability is the key to likability at work (and on the farm)

What I’ve been doing while I’ve not been posting

Why you have more trouble with silence than with chatter

July, 2008

Five signs that your career is about to get vapid

Three bad career questions people ask me all the time

June, 2008

How I started taming my workaholic tendencies

New way to measure blog ROI

May, 2008

None of us has especially unique career trouble – not even Emily Gould

Secrets to smart decisions when you graduate from college

Why you should never complain about your company

April, 2008

Plastic surgery is the next must-have career tool. Maybe

March, 2008

The best career tool is self-knowledge

February, 2008

Try to be funny, even if you’re not

January, 2008

Test yourself to find what you need to be happier

What would happen if you were blind to your weakness?

Three specific ways to improve your social skills

Do you think you’re a strategist? You’re probably wrong.

November, 2007

Stop worrying that your twentysomething is lost

September, 2007

4 Weight-loss tips from my month in the mental ward

Rosh Hashana forces big decisions about work

A.J. Jacobs: Career lessons from the Encyclopedia

Twentysomething: Be responsible, go back home after college

August, 2007

To find your best next job, focus on the company not the job

July, 2007

New research reveals some new ways to buy happiness, sort of

June, 2007

What generation are you part of, really? Take this test.

May, 2007

Any job can be a good job if you’re learning

Coachology: Finally, the men place high value on personal life. Get on the bandwagon

April, 2007

Coachology: Knowing when to stop and hear the music

March, 2007

Use self-esteem as a career tool

Do you need a career coach or a shrink?

The one skill you need for three key areas of career growth

My name is not really Penelope

February, 2007

Recognize when you’re being a nutcase

Be memorable by telling good stories about yourself

January, 2007

Dealing with social awkwardness at work: Insights from the autism community

November, 2006

How to decide where to live

October, 2006

Friday smorgasbord: Moralists, ethicists and philosophers

Instead of feeling lost, look at life differently

September, 2006

Forget about asking yourself if you’re likeable

9/11: Digging myself out of the debris

Don’t post naked photos of yourself. From work. Duh.

The new wave of entrepreneurship: Three things you need for success

TIME Magazine mentioned my blog. Now what?

What to do in college to be successful in your career

August, 2006

How to choose a career to get the lifestyle you want

Happiness is being with people who aren’t crazy

How much money do you need to be happy? Hint: Your sex life matters more

July, 2006

5 cautionary ideas about going to business school

Your bad mood at the office is from you, not the job

Interview tip: Manage your image by telling good stories

Test the waters of self-employment without jumping in

Overrated: Cleaning up your online identity / Underrated: Cleaning up your offline identity

How to find happiness: Listen to scientists who study it

Five ways to do better in a job interview

When it comes to office politics, consider the sibling factor

The portfolio career: To find fulfillment try simultaneous careers

June, 2006

How to reach the new American dream

How to get along with difficult co-workers

Training is essential, so make sure it’s a perk you receive

Howard Stern’s lesson in customer loyalty

Improve your career by moving the candy dish

Snoop on other people’s careers to gain self-knowledge

The official announcement of my blog

Visualize success like a major league all-star

Good negotiating skills decrease stress

Get married first, then focus on career

Avoid off-shoring by being creative

May, 2006

Danica Patrick’s unique selling proposition

Sticking to routine

Be yourself at work, mostly

Forget the soul search; just do something

Expand your opportunities by finding a specialty

April, 2006

Training vital to developing self-awareness, office smarts

You probably overestimate your emotional intelligence

January, 2006

Bad situations breed creativity

November, 2005

Interview mistakes you shouldn’t make

Starting a business is less risky than it seems

September, 2005

Lessons from New Orleans

August, 2005

How to choose college courses

Is grad school right for you?

July, 2005

The organization man of the new millennium

Office politics are not optional

Organize your days around your goals

Depression is a workplace issue

June, 2005

Managing during labor

May, 2005

The new generation gap: Xers and Ys

Career change is inevitable, so plan for it

April, 2005

6 ways to give your job hunt spunk

Here’s the real barrier to your career happiness

March, 2005

In search of the stay-at-home spouse

February, 2005

Interviewing idiots

January, 2005

Make a plan to manage your success

November, 2004

Blame yourself first: Answers to letters from readers, sort of

October, 2004

7 ways to decrease your hours without harming your career

Handwriting analysis can help careers

September, 2004

How to choose between passion and pay

August, 2004

Learn goal-setting from the Olympics

You only need $40,000 to be happy

July, 2004

Everyone has something to offer, no matter how little experience you have

June, 2004

You can learn from getting canned

What I learned from communication coaching

Checklist for career change

May, 2004

Make a plan for summer reading

March, 2004

Being late is bad

Make your own luck

February, 2004

List of ways to ruin a list

January, 2004

Improve your performance by lying to yourself

December, 2003

Advice for starting your own business

4 tips for salary negotiation

November, 2003

Sometimes work is a welcome distraction

Beware of big opportunities that derail you

Networking tips for introverts

October, 2003

Choosing between a kid and a career

Couples therapy can help your career

September, 2003

Stay focused on your goals

9/11 two years later

Relish uncertainty – It’s what makes life interesting

August, 2003

Make office politics work for you

How to cope with self-doubt

Learn to work like a Microsoft millionaire

July, 2003

Sometimes finding a job is a mixed blessing

The story of unequal pay: How I came to make more money than my husband

The secrets we keep at work: How I navigate with dyslexia

June, 2003

Make a story out of your career

May, 2003

Hire someone to rewrite your resume: It worked for me

April, 2003

Don’t wait until you bottom out to make a big change

The Q & A column: Where I (sort of) answer questions you (sort of) asked

March, 2003

The way you prepare for the worst reveals a bit of who you are

If you’ve been unemployed for a while, consider a career change

February, 2003

Leave the family business to know if you should stay

January, 2003

Mystery unveiled: How marriages that are equal become unequal when there are kids