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October, 2018

How to ask for help and not feel incompetent

September, 2018

Are you there, Twitter? It’s me, Penelope.

April, 2018

What will change when millennials lead?

December, 2017

How to make anyone adore you

May, 2016

The worst mistake people make when networking

April, 2016

How to be a better friend, even when you’re busy

March, 2014

Four-day webinar with Penelope: Networking for people who hate networking

August, 2012

Networking means making real friends.

May, 2012

How to decide when to work for free

February, 2012

Some advice on taking advice

December, 2011

How to ask smart questions

November, 2011

How to stave off loneliness

February, 2011

How to make a genuine connection with anyone

January, 2011

Is it OK to be different at work than you are at home?

How to answer the question, What do you do?

November, 2010

How to go to a party if parties scare you

October, 2010

The science of love at first sight

September, 2010

4 Twitter tips no one will give you

July, 2010

Befriend the intern to fire up your career

April, 2010

We’re nearing the end of email, maybe

February, 2010

Twitter can save your life

Chat with me tonight, live, via video.

December, 2009

Underrated career skill: Asking questions

October, 2009

4 Lies about social media

4 Types of questions get us in trouble

May, 2009

How to recognize bad advice about work

April, 2009

Does it work to mix work and dating?

March, 2009

Warning: I’m promoting my friend’s book

February, 2009

How to talk to a friend who’s been laid off

How to build a career as an artist

January, 2009

5 Career tips women should run from

5 Time management tricks I learned from years of hating Tim Ferriss

December, 2008

How to write an email that generates a useful response

November, 2008

Think of networking as a lifestyle, not an event

Did you vote today?

February, 2008

How to be more interesting to other people

November, 2007

Roundup of recent networking columns

August, 2007

How to be likable to people who are complaining about you

July, 2007

Etiquette for LinkedIn

How to start a quality conversation with someone you don’t know

My run-in with Marc Benioff, and tips to be a star performer

June, 2007

Use blogs as a career tool for becoming super-connected

March, 2007

Google Guy: 5 ways to build a network outside your company

Networking for people who hate it

February, 2007

The Madison update (and the Britney update)

January, 2007

How to turn down a job offer

How to build buzz around yourself

November, 2006

Xbox is the new golf

October, 2006

6 questions with LinkedIn co-founder Konstantin Guericke

Finding courage to steer your career

You are the sum of the people you play with

August, 2006

Office politics is not optional: Five tips for doing it better

July, 2006

5 cautionary ideas about going to business school

How to be a star performer: 4 things to get good at

Networking for a new generation: Be authentic

June, 2006

6 tips for job hunting online

May, 2006

Join a social network before you need a job

Blogging essential for a good career

October, 2005

Create your own unemployment insurance

April, 2005

Best new tool for networking: Google Alerts

March, 2005

How to get on recruiter radar

January, 2005

Make a plan to manage your success

November, 2004

7 steps to finding and keeping a mentor

September, 2004

Notes from a grouchy networker

June, 2004

You can learn from getting canned

May, 2004

Lessons I learned as an arbitrage clerk

March, 2004

Make your own luck

February, 2004

Career lessons about grit (and nepotism) from Oscar-nominee Sofia Coppola

January, 2004

How to do workplace sports talk

Trying to network like a guy

10 counter-intuitive career tips

December, 2003

Don’t ditch the company party

November, 2003

Networking tips for introverts

January, 2002

Wall Street after 9/11: The support groups start at 5pm sharp

May, 2001

Getting nothing done at E3