Women With Autism:

Getting a Diagnosis And Living With Autism.

Hi, I’m Penelope. I have been writing career advice online for more than a decade. During that time, I founded four startups, wrote five best-selling books and had my work featured in over two-hundred publications.

I was diagnosed with Autism in my 30s. At first I was in shock, and didn’t really believe it. But the more I understood about Autism the more I understood myself. So many things that didn’t make sense to me made total sense in light of Autism.

I have spent the last 15 years interviewing hundreds of women with Autism, and conducting a wide range of research.  I have studied more than 300 women who have Autism. Some need help navigating the hurdles of adult life, some think they have Autism but aren’t sure. I have coached mothers who have children with Autism, and I’ve helped keep marriages together that were on the brink of being destroyed due to Autism.

Scientists estimate that as many as 90% of women and girls with Autism remain undiagnosed. This means that there are few people who have a lot of experience with women who have Autism. So I am providing resources and tools based on my coaching experience.

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