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October, 2018

The benefits of transparency are bigger than you can imagine, which is why transparency feels so hard

I’m too sad to write a title

December, 2016

Moving doesn’t solve all your problems but I moved anyway

August, 2015

How to be a good Gen Y dad

What you think about after you think about if you should give up career for kids

June, 2015

The surprising advice many of us need to hear

May, 2015

Do we still have to lean in if Dave Goldberg is dead?

May, 2014

Take risks to be your true self at work

What does it really mean to work full-time?

January, 2014

Men with families feel more trapped than ever. Here’s how to fix that.

March, 2012

My review of Seth Godin’s new book, Stop Stealing Dreams

February, 2012

Divorce is immature and selfish. Don’t do it.

January, 2012

5 Ideas that will influence 2012

October, 2011

How school affects future earnings

September, 2011

Career ruin: homeschooling

August, 2011

I’m launching new stuff today.

July, 2011

Why most career coaching fails

On Sunday my son sold his pig

My accidental vacation

June, 2011

Are you really doing your job?

March, 2011

The farmer protests at the WI Capitol

February, 2011

Volkswagen Super Bowl ad is an anthem to Gen X

The argument for paying moms less

July, 2010

The farmer reviews three business books

January, 2010

8 Tips for anger management

December, 2009

There’s no magic pill for being lost.

November, 2009

Shifting the balance of power. (Mainstream media stinks.)

October, 2009

How to deal with doubt: Take a leap

June, 2009

How to divorce new-millennium style (and I love Kate Gosselin)

New gender gaps for the new millennium

May, 2009

Tips for coping when your startup is out of cash

April, 2009

6 Tips for being a CEO without ruining your kids' lives. I hope.

Take Your Child to Work Day should be cancelled

December, 2008

Work stuff that makes me happy

October, 2008

Feeling special is just as important as fitting in

September, 2008

3 Things to learn from the crashing careers of the super-rich

Palin’s children should take priority over being Vice President

July, 2008

Gen X are the revolutionaries (and the NYT coverage of shared care stinks)

June, 2008

The hardest part of my job is that everyone lies about parenting

April, 2008

Guest post: What life’s really like for a stay-at-home dad

Advice from the top: Marry a stay-at-home spouse or buy the equivalent.

March, 2008

Choosing the next company you work for: Leverage research about how Gen Y is parenting

January, 2008

Quit work for a while to have kids. Your career will be just fine

November, 2007

Stop thinking you’ll get by on your high I.Q.

Stop worrying that your twentysomething is lost

October, 2007

What to teach kids so they’ll do well at work

September, 2007

Business schools shift to accommodate the biological clock

Interview with Sallie Krawcheck, CEO of Citigroup's Global Wealth Management

Gen X updates outdated work and family goals

July, 2007

My own marriage and the myth of the stay-at-home dad

June, 2007

Travel tip for parents: Dance in your hotel room

Twentysomething: Young workers are impatient with good reason

Hold CEOs accountable for their bad parenting

Blending my kids and my career (ugh)

May, 2007

Coachology: Finally, the men place high value on personal life. Get on the bandwagon

The worst career advice parents give their kids

New agenda for workplace activism: Keep marriages together

Helicopter parents challenge our assumptions about rank and class

Twentysomething: In praise of the helicopter parent

April, 2007

Happy Passover from my blended life

March, 2007

CEOs can learn from job hoppers about personal responsibility

Don’t tell me about admirable moms

January, 2007

My study of the six-figure pom-pom girl

December, 2006

Babysitter drama in the opt-out arena

Harvard Business Review hides behind data about extreme jobs

November, 2006

Game plan for peaceful coexistence of kids and career

October, 2006

Save what matters by delegating what doesn’t

A peek at the office of the future

September, 2006

Why I like seeing women at war with each other

Friday smorgasbord

9/11: Digging myself out of the debris

Taking good care of a family is relative

August, 2006

The new stay-at-home dad paves new paths for moms

Your family would be better off with a housewife (so would mine)

I’m moving out of New York City

The measures of our success

July, 2006

When it comes to office politics, consider the sibling factor

The Wall Street Journal tries to guilt women into giving up maternity leave

June, 2006

Hold CEOs accountable for their parenting

Get married first, then focus on career

May, 2006

Stay-at-home parent worth six-figure salary

Expand your opportunities by finding a specialty

My adventures in shared-care parenting

November, 2005

Interview mistakes you shouldn’t make

September, 2005

You need an entourage

Status symbols for a new generation

June, 2005

Managing during labor

May, 2005

How to job hunt when you’re pregnant

March, 2005

In search of the stay-at-home spouse

December, 2004

Where women stand: An analysis of The Apprentice

August, 2003

3 things to teach your kids so they succeed in life

June, 2003

I can’t pronounce my son’s last name

April, 2003

Take Our Children to Work Day: Workplace reform can begin with you

January, 2003

Mystery unveiled: How marriages that are equal become unequal when there are kids

November, 2002

Making career decisions based on wanting kids, or not

October, 2002

The marital dance to figure out who stays home with the kids

May, 2002

Slowing down a career to have kids