This is the story of my courtship with the farmer. When he almost dumped me — twenty times — he almost married me, and I almost lost my mind. Our first date is the post on the top. The bottom post is when we get married.

June 2008 New Way to Measure Blog ROI

June 2008 How I started taming my workaholic tendencies

August 2008 Vulnerability is the key to likability at work (and on the farm)

Oct. 2008 Self-sabotage is never limited to just one part of your life

Nov. 2008 How to go to a meeting when you want to sit home and cry

July 2009 The sign of a great career is having great opportunities, and saying no

Sept. 2009 How to deal with an insane commute

Oct. 2009 How to deal with doubt: Take a leap

Nov. 2009 First, be honest about what you want

Dec. 2009 There’s no magic pill for being lost

Dec. 2009 How to put blog comments to good use

Jan. 2010 How to make yourself more likable

Feb. 2010 Almost a review of Seth Godin’s book, Linchpin

Feb. 2010 Five ways to make telecommuting better

Mar. 2010 Announcing a webinar, and I’m marrying the farmer

April 2010 Turning point