Turning point

When the kids and I arrived at the farm the day of the wedding, I got out of the car and the farmer said, “You’re wearing black?”

Wedding day on the farm

My son went to the hen house to collect eggs. The farm cats love eating raw eggs, but on a farm, you only feed the cats scraps. My son saw a chance for an exception. He said to the farmer, “Since it’s your wedding day, can we give the cats an egg to celebrate?”

Feeding farm cats

We dressed the boys.

Dressing on the farm

My son said, “People don’t dress up on farms.”

I said, “They do for weddings.”

And then I tucked his shirt in for the twenty-sixth time.

Dressing for the wedding

The four of us were more than half of the guests at the wedding. My youngest son said: “Where is everyone?”

I said, “The important thing is that I have the three people here who I love the most.”

And he said, “Who?”

Penelope Trunk wedding

When the boys noticed the free-form nature of the ceremony, they spontaneously added their own touch: A lively rendition of the Sh’ma and a tear-jerker rendition of “You are My Sunshine.” Then the boys gave us the rings.

Penelope Trunk getting married

The after-party was kisses, a rope swing, and mattresses left over from moving out the farmer’s stuff to make room for all of us.

Rope swing on the farm

Jumping on a mattress

It took only twenty minutes for the farmer to lose his wedding ring. But it seemed okay: I love this picture because one thing I love about him is that he’s always looking for something.

Looking for a ring

And I think I am that way, too.

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  1. Mneiae
    Mneiae says:

    Congratulations! Your wedding looks great and it sounds like your family will be really happy on the farm. This is the first time (that I’ve seen) where you’ve put up a picture of your family. It’s nice to see their faces instead of just imagining them from your descriptions :)

  2. Danielle
    Danielle says:

    Your whole family looks so happy. Congratulations! I know that you will be blessed with many more happy days to come.

  3. ash
    ash says:

    Good luck P, and good luck farmer. Be kind to each other. It’s nice to see some faces in the pictures. Must be a turning point for the farmer too. I thought he was totally against pictures.

  4. Jennifer
    Jennifer says:

    Congratulations! A very lovely family you have there. And so great to see pictures of you all.

    BTW: OMG! Pics of the farmer. Next thing you know, we’ll learn his name.

    • melanie gao
      melanie gao says:

      I thought the exact same thing as Jennifer! :)

      And I totally appreciate the way you built the pictures up, Penelope. At first I thought, “Sure, we’ll get to see the top of a head, someone’s back…” But then all of a sudden there was the whole happy family, with faces and all. So sweet.

  5. Mark W.
    Mark W. says:

    Congratulations Penelope!
    I like your choice of category for this post – Starting a new job.
    It’s funny that you wore black and the boys wore white. Very good picture of the four of you.
    Also noticed it was a bad hair day … and you didn’t even mention it! I think that says a lot.

  6. Anna
    Anna says:

    I thought you said there would never be a picture of the farmer on your blog?

    I’m glad we’ve had a chance to see him. He doesn’t look at all how I thought he would. Seeing the four of you, it’s clear how happy you all are. Was it ever decided, though, if your ceremony is actually legal? Will the state of Wisconsin recognize that you’re married?

    • Kay Lorraine
      Kay Lorraine says:

      Why would the state of Wisconsin not recognize the marriage? Did I miss something important?

      And thank you to the Farmer for allowing us to see photos. Mazel Tov!!!

      (May we assume that his family was not present? Or is that too personal?)

  7. Sven
    Sven says:

    Wow, I wish you and your family the best of luck! May you always be happy. After reading your blog for a long time, you truly deserve it, Penelope!

    …and if you aren’t happy at times then you at least have a lovely family that is supporting you.

    Again, have a wonderful life! :)

  8. Julie
    Julie says:

    I also love seeing your family. Your blogs are intimate, so I feel I know you… I live near too in Wisconsin, so that adds to it.

    Seeing your family, the farm, THE Farmer…it’s fantastic.
    And a great reminder that your blog’s purpose and the professional-careerist element of your work is necessarily invaded by life… everything in work is invaded by so-called “real” life and I wish more people would remember that! ;)

    Congratulations and all the best…

    • joy
      joy says:

      Agreed. Work Life balance. Work Life IN balance. Easier when the ratios are favorable…2 adults, 2 kids. Now you are nuclear!

  9. Nicole
    Nicole says:

    It’s really heart-warming to see your family pictures on your special day. You both radiate joy … it’s very touching to see.

  10. prklypr
    prklypr says:

    wow, pictures of your kids AND the farmer – you’ve crossed some sort of line, but it’s a good thing. The look of pure joy on all of your faces tells the story. Mazel tov!

  11. Lisa
    Lisa says:

    I am very happy for you. And I have also realized lately that I too want to marry a farmer because I am a city mouse and a country mouse. And the farmer let you post photos of him??? What changed?

    • Penelope Trunk
      Penelope Trunk says:

      It’s an interesting question — what changed that made him let me post pictures. I think it begins to feel weird that we are a family in our offline world. That everyone sees us there. And then he hides in my online world. It doesn’t really make sense. So we are trying this out.

      And, so far so good — the comments here are so nice.


  12. Deanne
    Deanne says:

    I would have worn light blue rather than black, I’m with the farmer on this one. But the event looks private and lovely. Best wishes to you and your happy family. Welcome to Wisconsin Pen.

  13. dl
    dl says:

    I love how you tucked your son’s shirt in “26 times” and in the photo where they’re giving you the rings, it’s untucked. Priceless.

  14. Sage Michel
    Sage Michel says:

    Congrats…What a wonderful gift to give yourselves the commitment of love. I hope it reinforces your boys relationship with the farmer. My own commitment ceremony helped my son build that bond with my husband.


  15. Kathleen
    Kathleen says:

    I’m so very happy for you all, my sincerest congratulations.

    I read somewhere that among marriages destined to last, the partners resemble each other. I think you and the farmer look alike.

    Happy life Mrs. Farmer

  16. Olivier
    Olivier says:

    Was the farmer’s permission to post a pic of him on your blog at last his wedding gift? If so, that’s sweet. Best of luck to both of you.

  17. Jay
    Jay says:

    How great is this!?

    And blue shirt and khaki slacks: the classic look that’s always a winner.

    Not to mention the little black dress.

    Mazel and nachas, Pen, Farmer and Kids!

  18. VelDean
    VelDean says:

    Congrats! I loved seeing your family. And, since the farmer has not wanted his photo on your blog, I assume we won’t be seeing him again. Tell him thanks for allowing this exception!

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