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March, 2019

Are you hoping that I’m over the Farmer and you don’t have to read about him anymore?

January, 2016

Online course: How to get a job at a startup

September, 2015

How to keep your career from getting outdated

March, 2015

How to tell if it’s a good job or bad job

December, 2014

5 Cover letter mistakes that make you look nuts

July, 2014

How to choose between two jobs

September, 2013

Hate your job? Here’s how to fix it.

June, 2013

Five things you can stop worrying about when you worry about getting a job

April, 2013

New paths to a great job

March, 2013

Get your dream job now: Four-day webinar with Penelope Trunk

How to be enchanting

March, 2012

New strategies to get a new job

December, 2011

Shortcuts to Common New Year’s Resolutions

November, 2011

December is a great time for your career

How to find a job you’ll love

October, 2011

When it’s OK to take a pay cut

August, 2011

How to look like things are great

February, 2011

Why problem employees don’t get fired

Advice to Wisconsin protesters (and everyone else): Instead of protesting change, adjust your own career

November, 2010

Guest post: The trend is choosing a temp job over a full-time job

Young people don’t fear the bad job market

October, 2010

Why hunting for a great job hurts your career

September, 2010

Forget the job hunt. Have a baby instead.

December, 2009

How to deal with unemployment in the face of holiday cheer

Announcing: Brazen Careerist Top 50 Places to Work

October, 2009

4 Lies about social media

September, 2009

6 Tips for doing a long-distance job hunt

June, 2009

Hatemail: Email I get that I hate

May, 2009

How to recognize bad advice about work

Three times you should lie at work

How to pick the people you work with

April, 2009

How to deal with reference checks

Gold digging Web 2.0 style

The new post-college prestige job is retail

March, 2009

5 Things to do when you’re unemployed. Hint: It’s not job hunting.

February, 2009

5 Emerging trends from the recession

How to beat the system to get a great job

Don’t try to dodge the recession with grad school

January, 2009

How to figure out what you should be doing with your life

December, 2008

Focus on learning in the face of recession

November, 2008

Reason to give thanks: There is no job shortage for young people

July, 2008

Job hunt tip: The mentor matters more than the company

April, 2008

Three tips for job hunting, and one good book

How to get a job that’s way beyond your experience

March, 2008

A recession probably won't affect your job market

February, 2008

How to job hunt from your current job

January, 2008

How to get a job you’re not qualified for

November, 2007

How to choose among many terrible job offers

October, 2007

What if the interviewer never calls you back?

September, 2007

Five ways the job hunt is about to change

August, 2007

Twentysomething: Video resumes are a short-term fad

To find your best next job, focus on the company not the job

July, 2007

In today’s workplace, young job seekers hold the advantage

June, 2007

Three job hunt questions I get asked a lot

Twentysomething: Raunchy old photos will be part of the revolution

May, 2007

Helicopter parents challenge our assumptions about rank and class

Twentysomething: In praise of the helicopter parent

Five ways to make career change easier

April, 2007

Job hunt tips I’ve collected

March, 2007

How to get a recruiter’s attention

Google Guy: Those photos don’t matter as much as you think

Coachology: A new feature on Brazen Careerist

February, 2007

Make life more stable with more frequent job changes

Friday smorgasbord: Summer jobs

Job hopping: How much is too much?

January, 2007

A sort-of-but-not-really review of job hunting software

The connection between a good job and happiness is overrated

How to turn down a job offer

Are you good at job hunting? Test yourself

How to build buzz around yourself

December, 2006

Six new ways to get a job

Hire someone to write your resume

Strategies for getting a good reference

December is a great month to find a job

October, 2006

6 questions with LinkedIn co-founder Konstantin Guericke

10 job-hunt tactics you might not know

You sent your resume with a typo? Get over it

September, 2006

Where to work if you want a personal life and stability

Starter career: Like a starter marriage without the messy divorce

What to do in college to be successful in your career

August, 2006

9 tips for quitting a job gracefully

July, 2006

Please, no more studies about getting women to the top

Interview tip: Manage your image by telling good stories

Overrated: Cleaning up your online identity / Underrated: Cleaning up your offline identity

Career change: A (relatively) low stress approach

Five ways to do better in a job interview

Consider telling the truth when you are fired

Get inside the head of a recruiter

June, 2006

6 tips for job hunting online

Job hoppers have the best vacations

Advice from my mom about job hunting

Avoid off-shoring by being creative

May, 2006

Join a social network before you need a job

Blogging essential for a good career

Forget the soul search; just do something

Best companies to work for

April, 2006

Don’t be the hardest worker in your job or in your job hunt

January, 2006

If you’re stuck, take an adventure

November, 2005

Interview mistakes you shouldn’t make

October, 2005

Learn to love cold calling

Create your own unemployment insurance

September, 2005

6 most violated resume writing rules

August, 2005

8 steps to a perfect cover letter

The art of silence in an interview: 3 things to not say

May, 2005

How to job hunt when you’re pregnant

Moving back home with your parents is a good career move

Career change is inevitable, so plan for it

April, 2005

Ode to the backup plan

6 ways to give your job hunt spunk

Here’s the real barrier to your career happiness

March, 2005

How to get on recruiter radar

February, 2005

How to wait: Don’t

January, 2005

Math essentials for your career

December, 2004

Winter is the time to look for internships

October, 2004

Doing the insurance dance during a job hunt

5 things to do right before you start a new job

July, 2004

4 interview questions you should never ask

June, 2004

Checklist for career change

April, 2004

Don’t be a generalist — Typecast yourself

February, 2004

Consider the commute before you take a new job

December, 2003

4 tips for salary negotiation

November, 2003

Beware of big opportunities that derail you

Networking tips for introverts

October, 2003

Take the quiz: Is it time for you to find a new job?

September, 2003

Rules for writing your first resume

July, 2003

Sometimes finding a job is a mixed blessing

The fine line between boasting on a resume and lying

June, 2003

Make a story out of your career

I can’t pronounce my son’s last name

May, 2003

Hire someone to rewrite your resume: It worked for me

April, 2003

How to budget for a job hunt

March, 2003

If you’ve been unemployed for a while, consider a career change

January, 2002

Wall Street after 9/11: The support groups start at 5pm sharp