It is not lost on me that my blog is slowly becoming a platform to announce video chats. So I think I’m going to have to do some fast confessing so that you guys don’t all unsubscribe.

I’m getting married to the farmer. Yep. April 17. Well, not really. I mean, I can’t totally get married because at the beginning of Brazen Careerist, I funded the company by not paying my taxes, so I owe a ton of taxes, and if the farmer and I got married, the IRS would put a lien on his farm.

So we are having an unofficial wedding. Very small. I would tell you how small, but I am not allowed to write details about the farmer’s family. Suffice it to say that on my side, only two people are coming.

And my kids. The kids really want to see a wedding. They would actually like to see me dressed like Cinderella. Because that’s what they know about weddings and princesses, two things that my kids are pretty sure go together. Instead, we will just go out to dinner and bring a wedding cake. The cake will be extravagant, and that’s what will let the kids know something big has happened.

The event will be in Iowa. Well, sort of. In Iowa, if you just exchange rings, with no vows, you are still legally married. In Wisconsin, there’s no common law marriage. So we are exchanging rings in Wisconsin and having dinner in Iowa. It’s like bar hopping, midwest style.

So anyway, I want to tell you that I’m not the kind of girl who stops working to plan my wedding. And it’s true, I’m not. But the kids and I are moving to the farm in the middle of May. And it’s a big move. And we’re remodeling the kitchen and bathroom. And that’s why I’m not posting on the blog.

I wish I were posting on the blog. Because my dream life is living on the farm and posting on my blog.

But right now, it’s true, I’m only announcing webinars and then praying that I don’t do anything inappropriate when I’m actually doing the webinar. I promise I will start posting again. I just need to pick out a bathtub and a sink.

Meanwhile, in webinar land, the topic is how to interview. I think it’s actually something catchy like three things to do in an interview to get the job. I told Ryan Paugh the catchy topic, and then I promptly forgot it when the electrician came. I wonder if when I don’t answer the phone because I’m with the electrician, Ryan Paugh thinks I don’t answer the phone because I’m thinking really hard about doing a great webinar.

Wait. I almost forgot a link! Here: Sign up for the webinar here. It’s Thursday, March 25 at 9pm eastern.

Here’s why you should go to the webinar. Because the people who hate me most hate me because they say I don’t really do anything, I just talk a good game.

So let’s say they’re right. Then all of them should be listening to this webinar because I’m going to tell you how to talk a good game. After all, what else is the interview? It’s convincing people they are gonna love working with you. I’m great at that.

Also, we’ll run through questions that I get asked all the time. How to negotiate salary, how to deal with getting fired from the last job, how to deal with references when your boss doesn’t know your job hunting. And I’ll answer your questions, as you ask them in the webinar.

And you guys can also tell me if you think that pink in the bedroom is emasculating. The farmer says it is. He says that he read about a football team that painted the opposing team’s locker room pink. That’s his evidence. I think that pink is good feng shui — it makes the relationship better. This would be a good time for links to the pink locker room and links to feng shui sites. But instead, here’s a link to the rosebushes I just bought for the garden.