You would not know from my blog that I actually make money from it. The first reason you wouldn’t know is that there are no ads on the blog. The second reason you wouldn’t know is that I haven’t posted in a week.

In fact, though, blogging has made me tons of money. I could say millions. It’s sort of semantic though, the millions part, because even being the Big Mac guy at McDonald’s makes you millions if you add up salary from a forty-year career of burger flipping.

I tell you guys all the time to forget about making money from your blog. But I also tell you to post at least three times a week to have a blog that is useful. And look, I’m violating that rule. So I think I’ll just go ahead and violate my other rule, too: I’m going to do a webinar about how to make money from blogging without running ads. (It’s Wednesday, March 31 at 8 pm eastern. Sign up here. )

I guess that another thing about my webinar about making money from a blog will be that it takes a lot of self-discipline.

I think I have self-discipline, but honestly, I’m not sure. Because right now the only thing I’m doing on a daily basis is obsessing about what color to paint the dining room of the farmhouse that I want to treat as the historical building that it is, but I’m drawn to geographically inappropriate color schemes from French provincial life.

For an example of someone who is not messing up her blog via semi-systematic neglect, check out Maria Killam’s blog Colour Me Happy. I first started noticing her when she linked to me a bunch of times. Here’s a tidbit: I always check out people who link to me; blogging is not only a tool for gauging one’s self-discipline, but also gauging one’s self-absorption.

So anyway, late at night, when I “?m trying to procrastinate without stooping to watching Britain’s Got Talent reruns on You Tube. (Here’s one of my favorites.) I go to Maria’s blog and look at the photos. She’s so weird about the photos because they are beautiful but generally unrelated to the post, and somehow she makes that work.

I went there so many times that every time I found myself with a color problem — like being obsessed with pink for the bedroom even though the farmer has said no, definitely no — I think to myself, “What would Maria do?”

So I hired her as my color consultant. Well, she actually said she’d do it for free. But I would have paid her. And this will be part of my webinar: It’s not really blogging that makes you millions. It’s doing work for free that makes you millions. And I’ll tell how to decide what to do.

There. That was catchy and enticing. Great. Sign up here for the webinar.