Fangirl swoon: Agent 86 replies!

Below is a comment from my last post about the Wikipedia editor who kept trolls from deleting my page.

I know you have no reason to believe this, but I’m Agent 86. I haven’t followed your blog or been on Wikipedia in years. In fact, not trying to be rude, I had forgotten about you and all the other bloggers I used to follow because I just don’t follow blogs anymore. However, the other day I was reminded about you and told to check you out again. So I did and saw…this?!? I kind of freaked out at first, because I thought someone I knew had figured out my editing history. Whew – with further investigation I realized it was an amazing coincidence.

I had forgotten all about the attempts to delete the article about you. After seeing this post I went to look at it and the Talk page. Wow, did I get involved. Hard to believe that I was once so passionate about editing Wikipedia. Now I could care less – maybe I got a life? It was fun to re-read those posts. I am also a bit gobsmacked that there was a *fourth* AfD. If I still edited, for what it’s worth I’d would have put in yet another vote of support.

Anyhow, whether you believe I’m me or not, I’m quite chuffed to get a nod from you. Thank you!! <3 I really did enjoy your blog back in the day, and it was really nice to catch up – as far as I knew, you were still in Wisconsin!

cheers :-)

At first I wasn’t certain it was THE Agent 86. But then they left a link to my blog on their personal Wikipedia page, which was so special to me because I’ve been stalking that page forever trying to figure out who they are.

Reading that comment makes me think about how this was really just one moment in this person’s life. They were really involved in Wikipedia and then they weren’t. But during that time when they stood up for me, it made a huge difference in my life.

I never would have had the guts to edit my Wikipedia page and argue about it if I had not seen Agent 86 do it first. For a decade people said I’m too stupid to be on Wikipedia filled the editorial section with rants about my family, and calls to former employers, (and you can imaging how far back in my history they were going to find someone who would hire me before they saw my Wikipedia page). Agent 86ֶ gave such calm, logical, replies. Their editorial authority was like a wolf scaring off raccoons.

I am so so so happy that Six Sex Scenes has its own page on Wikipedia. I like knowing that I made a small contribution to the history of literature. Of course there are already people clamoring to take down the Six Sex Scenes page. But there’s a new editor defending my writing now. Lejil. And I appreciate reading their replies.

It’s much easier for me to stand up for someone else than to stand up for myself. Maybe this is true of everyone. I know a lot of people would prefer to sell a company or a product or idea — anything but themselves. Maybe we need to hear someone else stand up for us before we can do it for ourselves.

When Z was about ten years old and we had a layover in Minneapolis and went into a store because Z wanted to test makeup. I was nearby but not paying attention. He came over to me and said the woman working there told him makeup is for girls, not boys.

I comforted him, but I quickly shifted from comforting to outrage. He asked me not to say anything. “Please don’t make trouble,” he said.

I told him to wait outside the store and I would just explain to her that of course anyone can wear makeup. Then I went back in and ripped her head off for shaming my kid.

I went back to Z and he said, “That was great, Mom. I got a picture.” I kept the picture to remind me how important it is to stick up for my kids because it gives them power for the next time. I didn’t realize that the same is true for me. Each of us needs someone to stick up for us sometimes. It’s a special person who is looking for opportunities to stick up for people other than their own kids.

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  1. Paul Hassing
    Paul Hassing says:

    Nice one, P! I’m glad you got 86ed (& did not miss them by that much). This tale reminds me of the ending of The Lives of Others. Worth a watch if you haven’t already. With best to you both, P. :)

  2. Harris497
    Harris497 says:

    Penny, one of the most beautiful things in life is when we take action on behalf of others who can do nothing for us.

  3. Agent 86
    Agent 86 says:

    I can’t believe anyone has fangirled over me. What a strange world. I’m pretty sure that I’m the one who should be fangirling over other people, but thank you. <3


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