Is this even a good headline for a blog post? I don’t know. Do you want to know what I’m like unedited? Read this blog post. I never post unedited, but my editor has a day job, and he has no time to deal with manufactured emergencies like this one, so I’m just posting this post as is.

I’m supposed to be doing a web chat thing tonight. I had this idea that this would be a good format for me. And I had this idea that I could stick to a schedule. But look. It’s the day of my video chat and I have not even announced it. Because I’m nervous.

I’m nervous about a new format. I did a radio show and I hated it. That does not bode well for video. But I like speaking in front of groups. (I do it a lot.) And I like having conversations with blog readers. So it seems like maybe this video discussion or whatever it is might work.

Okay. So you can sign up, and then tonight, at 9 p.m. eastern, you can ask questions to me live, and I’ll answer them. On video. And Ryan Paugh will be there because, no kidding, the last time I did one of these alone I left in the middle. Sort of cancelled it. Or, cut it short, or whatever. It’s harder to leave, probably, if there’s someone there with me.

Tonight’s topic is going to be How Twitter Can Save Your Life.

Hold it. Are you following me on twitter? That will not save your life. Believe me. But you should follow me because I love twitter. Here is today’s twitter:

In the midst of parent rush at preschool drop-off: “Bye Mom! I love you! And don’t forget to shave your hair on your legs. It’s itching me!”

Okay. back to my video thing: Really, you can use twitter in so many ways to meet your career goals. It’s too bad that most people suck at using twitter. But we can cover that tonight. And we can cover anything else you want to ask. Really, any question is fine. The topic is there because I’m trying to follow normal social convention. Sort of.

Sign up for the video chat here.