I’m getting married on Saturday. We will talk about that in a minute. First, I want to address the recent onslaught of complainers who have entered my life.

  1. People who tell me I’ve jumped the shark. Honestly, I had never even heard this idiom until people started writing it in my comments section. But I’ve been writing about my personal life for ten years, and anyway, the people who complain that I don’t write enough career advice are always the people who most love to read my posts about sex.
  2. People who tell me I should record the webinars. Look. I know I should. But I don’t control it. Ryan Paugh does. Fortunately, we have a bitch session network on Brazen Careerist, and Ryan is in charge of it. So you should go there and tell him to record the webinar this Friday.
  3. People at my office who wonder why I’m not there. Have I ever told you guys how much I love waking up every day and having a wide span of time to be by myself? I wish I had paid more attention to recess. I always spent recess alone. Just to get a break from everyone. Nothing has changed since fourth grade except that it’s not the playground, it’s Starbucks.

Now. For the wedding. Here’s what I’m wearing:

I am obsessed with boots, and I buy a new pair of boots at Target every month. I think it’s because if I wear heavy socks with them then they squeeze my feet the way a hug machine might, and it helps me relax. Also, I never knew about how important weights are for self-regulation until I took my son to occupational therapy. Now I’m convinced that the boots are a little heavier than shoes, and that also are somehow is helping me focus. So I’ve pretty much stopped wearing shoes. And I was thinking of going back to shoes for the wedding, but we’re getting married on the farm, and the farmer always tells me to wear boots on the farm.

I don’t have the dress yet, but I’ll find one tomorrow. I think white will match well. I wasn’t going to get white, but my sons are suspicious that it’s not a real wedding if there is not white dress.

The second important thing you need to know is that this week’s webinar is Friday, April 14, at 1pm central. Sign up here. The topic is How to Figure Out Where to Live. I have written about this topic a lot. How where you live affects your happiness. How it affects your career, but I’ve never written about how it affects your boots.

These are the last pair of boots I bought when I lived in New York City. They were from Banana Republic.

People really underestimate how much cheaper it is to live in the boondocks than in a major city. It’s not just that the prices are lower for things you’d normally buy. It’s not just that there are no expensive stores. It’s that you stop valuing expensive stuff because no one else has it.

I never bought clothes at Target before I lived in Madison, but there are simply no high-end stores here, so there is no drive to have high-end clothes (until I fly in to NY or LA.) So I buy a lot less of everything, and I buy much cheaper versions of a lot of things than I would ever dream of buying if I lived in a larger city.

More on that in the webinar, of course. And, by the way, here are the boots I’ll be wearing in the webinar, because in video land, no one knows what you’re wearing below your waist: