My forbidden fantasy: Voting for Trump

I am not voting for Trump. And I think Hillary is a liar and I’m voting for her anyway.

Also, I love Ivanka so much I can’t stop Googling to find more tidbits about her. And I read in many places that Chelsea is a brat and neither she nor her husband can figure out a real job to do.

And, I think I speak for a lot of people when I say that Trump is like a car crash and I love looking. I love watching him squirm out of every disgusting thing he does. I love watching him say he pays no taxes. I love the drama. American politics is boring, the two-party system is BS and everyone is pretty much the same candidate, and it’s fun to watch him shake things up. Part of me wants to vote for Trump because I want to see everything shaken up. After all, Robespierre had to terrorize France before we saw the benefits of the French Revolution.

I’m sick of Denmark. And Norway. And Sweden. I’m sick of all the research that says they are happy. People in those countries are always reporting how happy they are. Why can’t they be more like New Yorkers who are the most unhappy people in the world and wear that like a badge of honor?

It’s not just the grown ups. The kids score higher on tests, and they bike to school, or whatever. The research about happiness that comes out of these three countries is sickening to me because I’ve always been convinced that the happiness is a result of homogeneity.

It’s the same as in companies. When you read about how important diversity is to a company, you never read that it makes people happy. For example, corporate governance is more effective with women: companies that have female board members make more money. But you never read that corporate governance is more fun to do with a female mucking up the boys club. In fact, research shows that most startups can’t even function properly with diversity because it’s such a time suck to deal with.

So those tall blond Northern Europeans are happier because they keep their gene pool so pure. Not kidding. Homogeneity promotes happiness. I consider my move to rural America as proof of this hypothesis. Because I did all the research to discover that people in big cities are not happy and people in small communities are happy and I moved to one. And you know what? People are happy because they are all the same and have nothing to do but keep doing the same thing. It’s a microcosm of the Danes and the Swedes and the Norwegians.

The Economist confirms my hunch.

Just like the Eskimos have a billion words for ice, the Danes have a billion words for happiness. Hygge (pronounced hew-geh) means something like “the art of creating intimacy” or “cosiness of the soul” or “cocoa by candlelight.” The Economist says the Danes consider this concept a quintessential element of their national character.

But Denmark, Sweden and Norway are known for something besides hygge/happiness. Exclusion. Even if they are trying hard to be inclusive, those countries are among the most difficult in the world for expatriates. Because making new friends, and adapting to new people is hard. And seeing your own culture reflected back to you in another person’s culture is especially hard – because it reveals new ways of looking at tightly held beliefs. So expatriates are excluded from the happiest communities.

If you are voting for Trump, I don’t need to tell you that. You know it intuitively. Which is why I don’t want to be like you. I want to be someone who strives to see myself in new ways and puts myself in new, difficult scenarios so that I can grow. I want to grow from doing something brave and challenging more than I want the security of homogeneity and happiness.

That said, I have a fantasy that I tell everyone I’m voting for Hillary but when I get to the poll I secretly vote for Trump. And so do enough people — because really, it’s so uncool to admit publicly that you’re voting for him — and then he gets into office and that forces the Democrats and Republicans to come together in Congress to keep Trump from doing anything, which means we will finally admit what has been true all along, that there’s no difference between Democrats and Republicans, and that will open things up for other, real choices for political parties.

Maybe this is what happens when you get older: wild sex fantasies retreat to make way for wild political fantasies. But really what happens is that when you get older you get happier, and people who are more insular are happier: It’s messed up (and tricky which is why I’m doing the upcoming course on happiness).

Happiness, the way most people define it, makes you do crappy things like keep immigrants out and vote for Trump. Happiness is most powerful when it’s fueled by interestingness — diversity, unmet but engaging goals and real, meaningful choices.

That’s why I’m happy to live in a  country where our schools are a mess due to the fact that we have so many different types of families. And we can’t even have cosiness with cocoa because we can’t agree on how cocoa should be made. I like the diversity. I like that it’s difficult. The easy way is not the path to happiness.



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  1. Carol of Kensington
    Carol of Kensington says:

    The day before the British Brexit vote the polls said “Remain” was 8 points ahead of “Leave”. I absolutely believed Leave would lose but I trudged round to a million households with well written brochures for each letterbox anyway.

    No one, absolutely no one admitted to anyone they were going to vote Leave.

    We all know what happened. 60% of London voted Remain. 60% of England voted Leave. The countryside beat the city folk.

    That’s what will happen in November.

    • Tracy
      Tracy says:

      And we all know what happened next:
      60% increase in hate-crimes.
      Pound slumps to 168-year old low today .
      London startups are packing & moving to Berlin.

      I’m sure the ‘opening things up’ & ‘real choice’ is just around the corner, just hard to see it for all the fascism in the way. Maybe Brexit would all be worth it if it were a cautionary tale for the US. Hmm, otherwise I hear Trondheim is really really nice.

  2. Michael LaRocca
    Michael LaRocca says:

    Sometimes you just have to say, “What headline will get me the most clicks?” I felt my heart drop into my stomach, or whatever the cliche is.

    Eddie Murphy did a bit about old white rednecks getting drunk and laughing about, “I voted for Jesse Jackson.” Then the next day they wake up and say, “He fucking won?!”

  3. Kirk
    Kirk says:

    I’m a little scared that readers will follow your scenario in the voting booth and vote for Trump. We’ve had and continue to have revolutions in America. A woman running for president, an African-American in the White House, gay rights, civil rights, civil war, the Revolutionary War? Revolution happens everyday in America, cuz we’re a free country.

    The other question is which civil right or liberty do you wish to give up if Trump’s elected? To be jailed because you oppose the government, or because Trump thinks you did something illegal, or because of the color of your skin, or your religion? To persecute certain groups because they are not “American”?

    I love it when you write provocatively! But change for changes sake is scary in the presidential election.

  4. Roxie
    Roxie says:

    Wiki-leaks, releasing taped comments over a decade old, YouTube and Facebook blocking political comments and videos, Robert DeNiro’s delirious rant, journalists and networks who slant & filter the news while claiming to be impartial – and THE BEAT GOES ON!

    I just keep humming that old Sonny & Cher song in my head. Then I think of George Orwell’s 1984 — 33 years too early. Game of Thrones.

    Perhaps this election year is more like a Robert Ludlum novel from the early 70’s – where a small cadre of ‘power brokers’ huddled together to arrange the wars, manipulate the currency, and the news cycle ….. and ‘THE BEAT GOES ON”. Ah, that song is back in my head.

    We know what game the Clinton’s play. They’re pretty transparent. From paupers to millionaires. Nice gig! They still need the White House as a means to fuel their bank account and maintain their political connections. and power base. They maneuvered Bernie Sanders out of the race. It was never a fair contest. Thank you wiki-leaks for confirming that.

    Trump is pretty transparent, too. He thinks it, he says it. He believes it, he works for it. He definitely has a clear case of ‘foot in mouth’ disease. Then I look at his homes – his life of luxury. Why would he jeopardize all that? Why would he put his family thru such intense scrutiny. Maybe, just maybe, he’s willing to give it all up because he believes he can make a difference. He’s ready to bequeath it all to his kids because …. “drum roll please” … because he really, really loves the United States and has been concerned and upset about a variety of issues and wants to bring change to the system.

    Perhaps he’s like those pioneers who left their cozy safe homeland in search of a new frontier. He’s had to fight the political system throughout his entire quest for the Republican nomination. It worked. Now, due to concerted efforts by the media and the RNC, he is up against the system once again.

    Maybe it’s time for a mini-revolution and the ONLY way to do it is to go into the voting booth, and in the quiet of the moment, vote for TRUMP to send a message to the status quo that WE, THE PEOPLE, WON’T TAKE IT ANY MORE! We want to be heard, counted, not manipulated and managed. It’s time for a new gig!

    • Will Barrow
      Will Barrow says:

      P***y’s (Penny’s) insight that after a certain age, “wild sex fantasies retreat to make way for wild political fantasies”, offers a sound explanation for Mr. T’s recent exploits. He may want what is best for the country but I doubt that his apparent lack of curiosity for matters of the intellect, history, or nuanced understanding leads to a revolution that benefits the nation.

      I agree with Penelope’s remarks that both sides of the political aisle are near carbon copies of each other but I think this also means the electorate, which is not as homogenous as these two sides of the same coin, is left unhappy with their choices. Both candidates may be indications of a system in decline. Vibrant economic or social systems innovate and what is the last innovation spawned from a 70 year old mind? Sorry old people…

      One last point – maybe someone could test the homogenous party politicians themselves and confirm that they are as happy as Danes. For the most part, none of them (outside of Mr. T), seem unhappy. Maybe it is because they are all the same.

      The Will

    • Jim Knight
      Jim Knight says:

      I just can’t see any evidence that Trump cares about anyone other than himself, and that is what most respectable Republican leaders are saying too. I’m terrified that he might win. I urge everyone to make sure he doesn’t because his narcissistic attitude truly puts everyone’s lives in danger. And that is what USA Today, The Atlantic, Christianity Today, Condi Rice, George HW Bush, all other former republican nominees (except Dole) are also saying.

      • Jeffrey Lindy
        Jeffrey Lindy says:

        Thankfully, enough people have wised up in the last few weeks that he’s going to get crushed. Hopefully he’ll deliver the Senate and House to the opposition as well. Terrifying how close we’ve allowed ourselves to come to a know-nothinh brownshirt in the oval office.

    • pat sommer
      pat sommer says:

      Thanks for clearing up my confusion: I was stumped as to what fiction Trump supporters subscribed to.

      I mean that in no ill terms

    • Michele W
      Michele W says:

      Yep – Agree. And regarding one of the further up posts – it is bad to vote for a woman, just because she is a woman. And it is bad to vote for someone because of their skin color. Choose the right person for the job. Period. I choose the one who I think will slow the US down from the war progression; I have sons who will probably end up fighting for us and I do not want them to. Especially if it is for folks that will hate them when/if they survive to come home. I have spent my life investing in my children (love, time, money) to give them up for stupid reasons – I do not want to give my only loves to fight for what some other country’s religious convictions.

      Think ahead folks – let’s get the person in who makes deals for the US and not for their own personal Glory and Power (Clinton). I also love the fact that Demos and Repubs hate him. Route out those in congress who have their hands in the pockets of people more powerful than them. Go Trump. I am sick and tired of our government corruption and I do not want to pay for their weak and thoughtless minds and actions. (Yes, this is a mixed up message – but I am at work and do not have the time to unscramble it. Have fun with this post Hillary trolls!)

  5. Karen
    Karen says:

    Penelope, are you a credible source of information on happiness? $195 for a course taught by you seems as if you are just jumping on the happiness train to make money. What’s next, Penelope’s course on tidying up?

    • Sam
      Sam says:

      I don’t know how you define a credible source of information, but Penelope has been writing about happiness for over a decade, so it doesn’t seem like she’s suddenly jumping on a bandwagon.

  6. Jennifa
    Jennifa says:

    “…because really, it’s so uncool to admit publicly that you’re voting for him…”

    Really? Where is that? EVERYONE around me admits publicly they are voting for Trump all the time and then like looks at you daring you to state anything other than complete acceptance so they can go through their list of right-wing radio talking points.

    • Kirk
      Kirk says:

      Right wingers always talk to others like the believe the same things they do. I’ve never really understood that.

      • Kevin
        Kevin says:

        And we are back to homogeneity. Lefties in blue states can’t conceive of anyone around them voting for Trump. It’s only “those people” in some foreign part of the country who would so such a thing.

        • Michele W
          Michele W says:

          True – I live close to Portland (OR) and if you don’t enter a building and say right away, “I HATE TRUMP” then they think you are voting for him. hahhaha! I keep my beliefs to myself or it becomes a verbal war zone.

  7. Nobody Special
    Nobody Special says:

    As a citizen of a small country that most Americans won’t be able to locate on a map, I sometimes have a similar “fantasy.” What if there was some way to protect the rest of us from US contagion (because we really can’t take another global economic crisis) and then let US voters send Trump to the White House? Would trickle down economics finally be debunked like many economists think, but right wingers deny? Would people stop denying racism and white supremacy exists? Would there be some galvanising of progressive forces in opposition? It would be a terrific experiment.

    • Bob
      Bob says:

      No, it would be awful for women and people of color. When it’s your life, it’s not a fun experiment. It’s everything.

  8. carol of kensington
    carol of kensington says:

    Hillary laughed about the bloody underpants that proved her client raped a 12 year old GIRL. Because that evidence “got lost” somehow.

    Hillary had the report saying it was the young girl’s blood but the “lost” bloody underpants gave Hillary her opportunity to get him off lightly, for inappropriate touching.

    Hillary repeated this story later and chuckled up a storm.

    Audio at

    Plus, that steel corset she wears makes her waist 5 inches larger. Can’t she afford a decent tailor?

      • Jennifa
        Jennifa says:

        I can’t believe I did this but I did google Hillary steel corset, and I did not get anything. She may be, from time to time, wearing a bullet proof vest, so says google anyway.

        Nothing popped up from Breitbart or anything. Perhaps mainstream media has missed this and only those in the know can find out this kind of information. Dunno, this stupid lady will have to conclude to herself, ‘steel corset rumor – debunked’.

          • Carol of Kensington
            Carol of Kensington says:

            When you have Parkinson’s you have to support yourself because it makes you lean, ie. effects your posture. I think she should use something more discreet as her jacket wrinkled up on it and made her middle look huge.

            Or are you saying she was wearing a bullet proof vest at the second debate?

            That’s interesting.

  9. Bill
    Bill says:

    Excellent political insight Penelope. The 2016 US election must be a referendum on The National Question. If you favor open borders, unlimited immigration, less homogeneity, more diversity, and more friction in American society vote for Clinton. Trump promises to restrict or put a moratorium on all immigration, giving tens of millions of recent immigrants time to assimilate as Americans. This is the only way to save our nation and our way of life. Visit to learn more about consequences of unrestricted immigration.

  10. G
    G says:

    Trite article about a serious issue, as per your usual.

    Trump’s dangerous instability and lack of knowledge or respect for the U.S. constitution, his aggression, his willingness to destroy the GOP just to get what he wants…

    A little spoiled rich boy who was given a “loan” of millions of dollars in the 1970’s with further cash infusions from Daddy when he hit the rocks later in his career…over 900 million lost just in one single year, bailed out like some big bank…

    Refuses to show his taxes because, in all likelihood, he has not given to charity and likely not paid taxes and also probably not earned as much as he claims.

    Has had cases of housing discrimination brought against him, not once but twice by the Nixon DOJ (not exactly left leaning!)

    Has multiple cases of sexual assault and rape ongoing.

    Is on tape bragging about sexual assault.

    Less than zero foreign or domestic policy knowledge, very short attention span that’s been acknowledged by his advisors and those who’ve worked closely with him.

    In short, your little blog post was trite, glib and dangerous if people believe or are swayed by it.

    • Hendo
      Hendo says:

      Penelope, I’m so disappointed. You have an audience, people do care what you think and will do. Yes, US elections are entertaining, but it’s irresponsible to take the entertainment viewpoint as far as this and joke that you’ll tell everyone you’ll vote for Clinton and secretly vote for Trump. People around the world who cannot vote for this decision that WILL affect the whole world are willing you all with a vote to vote for Clinton.

      Do you know what is radical and different and interesting right now? Admitting that you like Clinton. Admitting the truth, that she is highly qualified, and that people hold her to an insane standard that no other man gets held to. Standing up in the face of abuse for merely admitting that you think Clinton would do a good job.

      I think what most saddens me is not Trump’s horrible behaviour. People profess such shock but I am not at all shocked. He’s vile. What actually makes me saddest is how most of the attention is on him. Even articles that point out Clinton’s great qualities apologise for her and mention once again his horrible qualities. I don’t care! I just want Clinton to get in!

      Crossing my fingers that an absolute avalanche of Americans will ever so quietly mark the box for Clinton on election day and she wins in a landslide.

      • MBL
        MBL says:

        Hendo, beautifully written. I am to point of actually getting a Hillary sign. But, strategically, I will be getting an “I’m with her” sign rather than one that has the Clinton name on it. Not because I have a problem with her, but I know so many still do.

        Sadly, you are correct in that we have all acclimated to his heinousness to such a shocking degree that each of the new “revelations” about him get lumped as a subset of his being “vile” rather than tallied anew. Thus perpetuating the false equivalency issue.

        And to G, thanks for you valiant efforts. I admire your stamina!

      • jessica
        jessica says:

        When I dare speak about the election (which we all consider one big eye roll), the only conversations that take place are non-stanced. Meaning, there are so many more people that still won’t vote for either.

        I’m thinking that the write-in, and third party vote is what is going to swing this election either way.

  11. G
    G says:

    BTW I am aware of the critics’ arguments against Hillary, everything from Benghazi to these new Podesta email leaks…

    This is a false equivalence. The claims against Hillary are that she is beholden to corporate interests and is a calculating politician.

    However, what is clear is that she has lots of deep knowledge of our constitution, of both foreign and domestic policy–she has experience and she has an unwavering demeanor that’s been tested and shown to be true during this campaign and multiple positions in office.

    As a woman, she has been held to a much tougher standard than a male politician, and she’s beaten the breaks off Trump and his cronies this season.

    We should be celebrating her, not reveling in Trump’s dirty and petty attention-whoring.

    • Mysticaltyger
      Mysticaltyger says:

      The fact that Hillary supposedly knows a lot about the Constitution means nothing to me. Our Constitution has been badly trampled on by members of both parties. I am certain the Founders are turning in their graves as I write this as our federal government juggernaut welfare state/warfare state was exactly what they were trying to prevent when they wrote it.

      Knowledge of the Constitution means nothing when you have no integrity. Neither Clinton nor Trump have any. It’s just that Clinton is a better actor and left wing media covers up more of her scandals.

    • Adam James Proulx
      Adam James Proulx says:

      You’re not as well informed as you think, part of what came out in those emails is that she has sold foreign influence while in government. That is treason.

  12. Carol of Kensington
    Carol of Kensington says:

    Penelope, I’m not sure why that guy gets to post 100% lies about Trump and my truthful comment about Hillary laughing at the 12 year old rape victim doesn’t get posted.

    “G” is probably paid by Hillary’s lot. She’s set aside $6 million for internet trolls.

    • G
      G says:

      Typical retort from a Trump supporter. I would never think to accuse you of working for Trump, but you assume I am a paid “shill.”

      It’s a fascinating exercise in denial of reality. Clinton has millions of supporters, as does Trump. Some of us go on the internet, fyi.

      BTW, you can easily find the sources for my claims. The DOJ for Nixon really did bring 2 suits against Trump for housing discrimination, he admitted as much at the debate (although he claimed it was settled, as if this meant it was all okay).

      Trump’s business losses have become part of the public record and his true wealth is entirely unknown since he refuses to release taxes…

      As for Trump’s lack of foreign or domestic policy knowledge, anyone with eyes and ears is able to watch him and understand he has a very shallow understanding.

      Many people forgive him this, since “he’s a businessman, not a politician.” I don’t forgive him this, since as president his job would be to govern our country.

      Anyone who uses google can find that what I said about little rich spoiled man-child Trump is accurate. He was handed his wealth, he is not self-made.

      And also he is losing, and he’s content to snipe at the GOP, at Paul Ryan and others he feels betrayed by.

      Yet Hillary, who somehow is “the devil,” is able to work with everyone in her party, from Obama to Sanders and Warren to Al Gore. Huh, she must be so terrible for everyone to work with her as a team.

      And Trump must be really amazing, what with most republicans refusing to campaign with him or for him, he has almost no surrogates of any standing–because, apparently, he’s a really great leader…sure, makes sense buddy.

      • Penelope Trunk
        Penelope Trunk says:

        Hi G. I looked for your missing comment and I don’t see it anywhere. Maybe you could repost??


        • G
          G says:

          Hi Penelope,

          It wasn’t my comment that didn’t post. It was “Carol” above me, and I think her comment about Hillary’s defense of a rapist did eventually post further up in the comments section (apparently it was held up because it included a link).

          BTW, a case Hillary tried to get out of, but the judge ordered her to continue defending the client. She did her job.

          BTW, most of us in this country like the fact that we’re entitled to an attorney and adequate, competent defense–even if we may be guilty of a crime…

        • Carol of Kensington
          Carol of Kensington says:

          Penelope thanks for looking out for it. It went up. The comments are going into different places as far as I can tell.

          Cheers “Carol”

          PS I think you’re wonderful and you’ve managed to have got everyone rather hot under the collar. Now they need your course on happiness!

    • Jennifa
      Jennifa says:

      I don’t know why your comment has not posted, was there a link? I have sent comments with links that have taken days to get posted.

      But I am wondering, what is wrong with posting lies in a comments section? Lie away as far as I care, I am not getting my news from Penelope’s comments, I am looking for other intelligent people’s viewpoints, unfiltered. If someones views are incorrect, that is still their view and should be respected in a comment type platform. I have read PT for years, and that is what makes her blog so appealling, is there aren’t trolls. There are thoughtful people posting their opinions and respecting others. Now perhaps some of those commenters are out-n-out wrong, or I don’t agree with them, but thankfullly, they are never troll-y.

  13. MBL
    MBL says:

    Anyone who would even consider considering voting for trump should be required to read

    It is from 1990 and shows how scarily consist Trump is in his heinousness.

    This was written 26 years ago: “I thought about the ten years since I had first met Donald Trump. It is fashionable now to say that he was a symbol of the crassness of the 1980s, but Trump became more than a vulgarian. Like Michael Milken, Trump appeared to believe that his money gave him a freedom to set the rules. No one stopped him. His exaggerations and baloney were reported, and people laughed. His bankers showered him with money. City officials almost allowed him to set public policy by erecting his wall of concrete on the Hudson River. New York City, like the bankers from the Chase and Manny Hanny, allowed Trump to exist in a universe where all reality had vanished. “

    • MBL
      MBL says:

      To state “I think Hilary is a liar” and omit the “, too.” implies that Trump is not. It is so frightening that his lies are so unprecedented, astronomical, and non-stop that they are no longer worth mentioning.

      From the VF article. Scary stuff. Sound familiar?

      In one of his books he stated that his father’s lineage was Swedish, but later said “My father was not German; my father’s parents were German . . . Swedish, and really sort of all over Europe .”

      “Donald Trump appears to take aspects of his German background seriously. John Walter works for the Trump Organization, and when he visits Donald in his office, Ivana told a friend, he clicks his heels and says, “Heil Hitler,” possibly as a family joke.

      Last April, perhaps in a surge of Czech nationalism, Ivana Trump told her lawyer Michael Kennedy that from time to time her husband reads a book of Hitler’s collected speeches, My New Order, which he keeps in a cabinet by his bed. Kennedy now guards a copy of My New Order in a closet at his office, as if it were a grenade. Hitler’s speeches, from his earliest days up through the Phony War of 1939, reveal his extraordinary ability as a master propagandist.

      “Did your cousin John give you the Hitler speeches?” I asked Trump.

      Trump hesitated. “Who told you that?”

      “I don’t remember,” I said.

      “Actually, it was my friend Marty Davis from Paramount who gave me a copy of Mein Kampf, and he’s a Jew.” (“I did give him a book about Hitler,” Marty Davis said. “But it was My New Order, Hitler’s speeches, not Mein Kampf. I thought he would find it interesting. I am his friend, but I’m not Jewish.”)

      Later, Trump returned to this subject. “If I had these speeches, and I am not saying that I do, I would never read them.”

      Is Ivana trying to convince her friends and lawyer that Trump is a crypto-Nazi? Trump is no reader or history buff. Perhaps his possession of Hitler’s speeches merely indicates an interest in Hitler’s genius at propaganda. The Führer often described his defeats at Stalingrad and in North Africa as great victories. Trump continues to endow his diminishing world with significance as well. “There’s nobody that has the cash flow that I have,” he told The Wall Street Journal long after he knew better. “I want to be king of cash.”” (If by king he meant taking from the coffers of others, then…)

      For a man who prides himself on not reading (other than about himself) and not needing to, this is even more frightening. We are talking about Hitler. THE Hitler.

      • Penelope Trunk
        Penelope Trunk says:

        Fair point about adding “too”. Both candidates are liars. It’s just that I think Trump is so far beyond lying that I don’t even think of that.

        Actually, this country has so high a tolerance for lying politicians that if Trump’s only problem were that he’s a liar, he’d probably win the election.


        • Jennifa
          Jennifa says:

          So true! I think that is why I have not understood why Hillary is hated so much, ‘because she is a liar!’, because, of course she is, what politician isn’t? I have really looked within myself to see if I am missing something other people have, that I can’t get upset about Hillary’s transgressions like other people can.

          And, as you point out, DT lies about many, many, many things, large and small. There is no reason to think he would get elected and all of a sudden start telling the truth. But really, he doesn’t need to tell the truth if elected, he needs to spin the story until his fans start cheering, and then tell everybody the media is lying to cover the rest, maybe throw some in jail for libel. Done deal.

          • Female, college-grad Trump voter
            Female, college-grad Trump voter says:

            Do yourself a favor–pull up the late, great Christopher Hitchens videos about both Clintons on YouTube–illuminating.

        • Wendy
          Wendy says:

          Yeah. Trump’s lying seems common knowledge at this point – most people, or at the very least most who would be reading this post in the first place – wouldn’t even bother to dispute that.

          Hillary’s status as a liar is more debatable, even (or especially) among her supporters, so it makes more sense for Penelope to have noted that she thinks this way.

        • MBL
          MBL says:

          “Fair point about adding “too”. Both candidates are liars. It’s just that I think Trump is so far beyond lying that I don’t even think of that.”

          And that is what is scary AF. He is absolutely a game changer. He has changed things into a game in which, should he win, he would be the only winner.

          It is frightening in that, were he to win, the best case scenario would be that his lack of attention span would kick in once he had achieved his goal–to add a feather to his bloated cap–and we would be left with Pence to run the country. Heterosexual white males with a sense of entitlement would probably fare well, the rest of us would be effed.

          Worst case scenario, nuclear war. That this isn’t hyperbole is just staggering.

          Trump’s “pants on fire” rating is simply beyond.

        • MBL
          MBL says:

          After the second debate I went to Trump’s FB page to see which “friends” I needed to purge. I found this statement from one of his supporters. (Fortunately there were only a few and they were all “barely remember them from high school and I have no idea why they friended me” people.)

          “Trump might be a lot of things, but he is not a liar!” It was NOT followed by a winky face. I didn’t know whether to laugh or cry.

  14. jan
    jan says:

    38,000+ erased emails, do as she says, not as she does….i bet martha stewarts rather po’d for what she got sent to jail for.

    Only lemming voters want more of the last 8 y n worse. I maybe deplorable but Im not gullible.

  15. Vanessa Jacobs
    Vanessa Jacobs says:

    Its true that Europe in general has less skin-colour diversity than the US has. But Europeans tend to define race more along cultural lines than skin colour lines and by that lens, Sweden is one of the most open and “diverse” of the European nations. They have for decades taken in well more than their share of people in need of a safe place – hundreds of thousands of jews in the 40s, tens of thousands of Chileans in the 80s, thousands of Sudanese in the 90s and recently 160K refugees from Syria, Afghanistan and various Northern and East African nations. This is is NOT easy for them…at.all. In fact they had to close the “door” as other countries (i.e. Denmark) shirking their responsibilities literally drove the refugees to the bridge in Copenhagen. But while they struggle, they also are working tremendously hard to make sure people have adequate accommodation, learn the language (my mother in law teaches Swedish to foreigners) and find legitimate work. So they aren’t all tall, blonde and happy in their ignorance. But maybe their sense of purpose and shared values – that they actually work on – are something that brings them “happiness” even when they aren’t “happy”.

  16. G
    G says:

    Cool, then. Let’s list some more fun things about Trump for all your proud supporters!

    Trump’s sham “University” which has a very large and serious lawsuit pending — Seminar leaders pressed students of Trump U. to buy a “year-long mentorship” called the Trump Elite Gold program, which cost $34,995. Students were alledgly pushed by salesmen to max out credit cards and do whatever they needed to do to take the most expensive courses offered.

    Trump claimed that Native American casino investors were not really Native American — In 1993, testifying in front of Native American Affairs committee, Trump said “Because I’ll tell you what. If you look, if you look at some of the reservations that you’ve approved, that you, sir, in your great wisdom have approved, I will tell you right now — they don’t look like Indians to me. And they don’t look like the Indians … Now, maybe we say politically correct or not politically correct, they don’t look like Indians to me, and they don’t look like Indians to Indians.”

    Trump used illegal immigrants to build Trump Tower — “It’s constructed on the blood, sweat and tears of the Polish Brigade,” said attorney Wendy Sloan. A lawsuit was brought against Trump and other accomplices, but when the union lawsuit was finally settled, the Polish illegal immigrants that had slaved for Trump’s building were not a part of it and received nothing.

    Trump stiffed workers and refused to pay small business owners — Over the course of the startling 3,500 lawsuits that Donald Trump has been involved with, USA Today’s analysis found that many of those cases involved small business owners and the like suing Trump for failure to hold up his end of the bargain, often refusing to make good on his bills.

    Donald Trump talked about dating Ivanka and mentioned his other baby daughter’s breast size potential — Speaking in an interview for Lifestyles of The Rich and Famous, Trump said of 1-year-old daughter Tiffany, “Well, I think that she’s got a lot of Marla, she’s a really beautiful baby, and she’s, uh, she’s got Marla’s legs. We don’t know whether or not she’s got this part yet,” Trump said in the old clip, motioning to his chest, “but time will tell.” He also spoke about how attractive his other daughter Ivanka was, noting that had she not been his daughter, “perhaps I’d be dating her.”

    Trump ties to mafia — Pulitzer Prize winning Journalist David Cay Johnston, reported that Trump had ties to the Gambino crime family, and David Marcus stated that Trump built one of his casino’s with the help of two construction companies controlled by Philly mobsters Nicademo “Little Nicky” Scarfo and his nephew Phillip “Crazy Phil” Leonetti. This was also reported in New Jersey state commission’s 1986 report on organized crime. There are many other connections between Trump and various organized crime figures that have been extensively reported on.

    Trump ties to Russia — Trump’s campaign staff and businesses have strong ties to Russia. Trump’s campaign manager, Paul Manafort, worked as a political adviser for Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovych, and other close advisors to Trump have strong connections to the Russian state. According to The Washington Post, “Since the 1980s, Trump and his family members have made numerous trips to Moscow in search of business opportunities, and they have relied on Russian investors to buy their properties around the world.”

    Donald Trumps faux charity — As reported by Vanity Fair: Between 1987 and 1991, the Washington Post found that the Trump Foundation only ever gave $137,000 of the $1.9 million that was pledged to causes such as AIDS research, veterans, and homeless organizations — about 7 percent of what was promised. The remaining 93 percent went to groups that the Post characterized as “society galas, his high school, his college, a foundation for indigent real estate brokers.” A ballet school Ivanka Trump attended received $16,750, while Eric Trump’s private high school received $40,000 — “more than the homeless, AIDS and multiple sclerosis contributions combined.”

    Ivana Trump claims Trump raped her once — in a deposition that occured during their divorce proceedings, Ivana Trump said that Donald raped her. Later, she slightly backpedaled, stating, “During a deposition given by me in connection with my matrimonial case, I stated that my husband had raped me. [O]n one occasion during 1989, Mr. Trump and I had marital relations in which he behaved very differently toward me than he had during our marriage. As a woman, I felt violated, as the love and tenderness, which he normally exhibited towards me, was absent. I referred to this as a ‘rape,’ but I do not want my words to be interpreted in a literal or criminal sense.” Despite walking back her comments, it doesn’t seem that Ivana ever completely disavowed her feeling that she was raped by her husband.

    He’s a really, really great guy–I can see why you’re all so proud to support a man of his character… /s

  17. Carol of Kensington
    Carol of Kensington says:

    G are you getting paid by the word?

    You don’t deserve the £5 per hour they’re paying you. You’re wildly off and unpersuasive.

    Penelope, the trolls have found ya!

    There’s a really good doc on Breugel on BBC 4. Bye. Oh and MAGA.

    • G
      G says:


      I think I’ll let others read our posts and decide who has the more cogent argument and judge for themselves.

      For instance, what you’re engaging in is known in as an “ad hominem” attack. That means you’re attacking me rather than my arguments.

      I am not a paid shill, but if I were, it should not matter if my arguments have merit on their own.

      Journalists are paid, but if their articles are accurate, then the fact that they’ve been paid for their work does not disqualify it.

      So even though you try to use an argument that I’m essentially lying about who and what I am–it doesn’t actually have anything to do with my arguments. Which I’ve noticed you seem to continually ignore, and that’s fine too.

      I think others may have noticed ;)

  18. Carol of Kensington
    Carol of Kensington says:

    You’re aren’t worth 5p an hour. I hope the Hillary campaign people are checking your work.

  19. Tracey
    Tracey says:

    This is one of my all time favourite posts of yours! You are so hilariously insightful!

    You and Trump are so alike though. You can’t help but be yourselves and you live for your conflict and interestingness. I would think you would like him more. Yeah, he’s totally living in a bubble and as a results thinks and says some pretty awful stuff, but in essence I think you and him are quite similar. I actually could see you two in a relationship (don’t hate me!). I think the main difference is how you two deal with your fears. Donald doesn’t seem to be interested in breaking through his. I think he’s got far more boundaries than you, but perhaps that’s because you’re a big picture thinker and are more afraid of not pushing through than pushing through.

    • Cate
      Cate says:

      Your comment is truly frightening. You can see Trump and Penelope in a relationship. This means, to me, that you have thought about what it would be like to be in a relationship with Trump. Mind-blowing.

  20. Jane
    Jane says:

    I’m one of the many that will vote for Trump because I see Hilliary as incredibly weak. Do I like him? No, but I think he might actually do something positive for our country in spite of who he is. (And I don’t tell anyone who I’m voting for, it’s embarrassing)

  21. Laura
    Laura says:

    I’m not surprised about your vote. It’s reflective of your dismissive apathy in your marriage, your dwindling career, the fact that you borrow more and more from your husband to pay for things you can’t…like liberals and the mounting debt. You have no family values or scruples, no moral compass. Yep, you’re a die hard liberal. Most people would rather be lied to than told the truth. So instead of accepting the Truths Trump speaks, you focus on Hillary lies. Hey, I get it diversity is more important than honor and truth. You career is tanking so why not tank America too. Liberals want to make our systems like Denmark and Sweden, but they haven’t figured out what you have. We’re too diverse for their ways to fit us. And really if you looked into the science, you’d realize happiness surveys are don’t by self-report. It’s taboo to say you’re not happy in that country. why did you move to country if you like diversity? Go back to NY if that’s so great.

    • Tracey
      Tracey says:

      Laura, you seem quite angry. Maybe eat something or take a nap or have a nice long cry. Something I learned from taking care of kids -they think they’re upset because they didn’t get their turn with the iPad or because Dora the Explorer isn’t on or their brother did something they didn’t like. If you take care of their basic needs though they pretty soon don’t care or remember what they were lashing out about. Adults are no different.

      • Laura
        Laura says:

        Pretty sure Penelope doesn’t need rescued. Are you comment monitor? I seem angry. Another issue in this world- people judging others based on a one paragraph comment. Okay. my turn. You think you have a moral compass, but you merely have too many shoes. You think you’re happy but you’re just good at being told what to do and how to live your life. My kids don’t fight over an ipad because there is order in my household. If you have kids, they run you because you want to make them happy appease their every whim so they’re spoiled brats. I’m older than you. I know this because you sound young…and well you know the rest. The cool thing about this little chat is that either way I’m right! If I haven’t explained you perfectly then it proves YOU can’t judge someone by a one paragraph comment.

        • Katie Clarke
          Katie Clarke says:

          In a post championing conformity as a key component to a happy life, you alienate Trump supporters saying you are voting Clinton, and alienate Clinton supporters saying you have a secret fantasy of checking the box for Trump because you love drama and upheaval? In this post, you show you are the ultimate nonconformist and what you really want isn’t happiness, it is to get under as many people’s skin as possible because it bodes well for lots of comments. Well done in that respect. Obviously, you got me.

  22. Lucie
    Lucie says:

    I have literally just finished reading “The Year of Living Danishly: Uncovering the Secrets of the World’s Happiest Country” and the author agrees with you – people in Denmark are so happy because the gene pool is not very diverse, so people feel “related”, consequently feeling they can trust each other more than elsewhere, leading to happiness through a sense of security, predictability, stability, following traditions etc. It doesn’t feel like a recipe for happiness that we can (or should) apply elsewhere.

  23. Caroline
    Caroline says:

    Interesting post, although I don’t think longing for or pursuing a more homogenous life experience equates with disliking or shunning diversity. I proactively engage the international community on a regular basis, including entertaining interesting and exceptionally impressive Muslims new to my city. It’s exhilarating but also draining. I don’t think most people voting for Trump believe he will squash the rich diversity of our country. Maybe some do, but there must be many like me who just agree with his stance on major issues and hope he can be effective. Regarding Happiness, I do envy my husband’s Greek heritage – his Greek village had one church. (Among my American first cousins and closest friends, at least 12 different denominations are represented by those who claim to be Christian.) Greek family and friends were incredibly close, and I see the homesickness of Middle Eastern students here in the states, describing the closeness of their families, their voices excited as if speaking to aliens of homogenous cultures. We can still pursue a like-minded community while appreciating diversity, while welcoming immigrants. Slowing immigration does not equate to some form of racism.

  24. Don
    Don says:

    I’m not here to tell you you’re right or wrong. We’re all too diverse for that (see what I did there?). Rather, I appreciate your consistent honesty, even when it’s not even close to relevant.

    I especially liked your French Revolution metaphor. Interesting strategy. Curious if that’s been his strategy all along.

  25. Mike Mac
    Mike Mac says:

    I enjoy Penelope’s blog posts now and then but this piece is really not worth it. Why is it ok to point out Danes as blond people doing xyz? Imagine she would have written this about some black people in Africa. It’s just another sad example of how white people are fair game in the ongoing onslaught against anything European before 1950. It’s cheap to open with a controversial opening and then come back to the oh so politically correct opinion of being pro multiculturialism at the end. Brexit, Trump, and other events are just a symptom of the establishment not listening to the people. Why are people so surprised that populism is taking hold. Please, don’t bring it back to ‘homogeneity’ and Nordic countries. Sorry, Penelope. This is a big miss. Stay out of politics and history. Stick to what you are good at, at the micro level.

    • Michael LaRocca
      Michael LaRocca says:

      I’m proud of that comment, by the way. While the Trumpkins go on an ignorant rant about how only he can save the country and the world, the Clinton supporters can have a more intelligent discussion about whether or not I should have used an apostrophe in “Farmers.”

  26. Lu
    Lu says:

    I have an idea. Let’s all cut off our noses to spite our faces. For fun and entertainment. What is wrong with you?

  27. Dannielle Blumenthal
    Dannielle Blumenthal says:

    The way I read the post is that you will vote Trump. Good.

    Amid all the noise just remember this. She will flood this country with refugees. These refugees commit sex crimes and the police look the other way. Just like Germany, England, Sweden, etc. Look at Twin Falls, Idaho.

    That attack was covered up along with San Bernardino, Orlando and how many others. Because neither Obama or Hillary can say RADICAL ISLAMIC TERROR.

    Trump can.

    Forget all the noise. We deserve law and order. He gets it and will get the job done.

    As far as Hillary, she is not only the most corrupt public official ever, but the most dangerously corrupt one, having singlehandedly taken down the State Dept. and the FBI/DOJ. And colluded with the White House to ignore *600* emails begging for help from our Ambassador in Benghazi, Chris Stephens.

    While we debate about who’s the worse rapist, the world looks at us and mocks our complete stupidity and weakness.

    • G
      G says:

      “She will flood this country with refugees. These refugees commit sex crimes”

      Trump seems like an odd choice if one of you main issues is that you’re worried about someone committing sex crimes…

  28. A.
    A. says:

    Penelope I am appalled that you would be so reckless with your vote and your writing about a known sociopath, Trump. Please realize this year’s Presidential election, more than maybe any in history, has Consequences. Personally I was an avid Bernie supporter and I am terribly disappointed in Hillary BUT please simply imagine radically maniacal Trump, leader of the country with the most nuclear weapons on Earth, who sues anybody or everybody with a vengeance who crosses him, with his and only his HAND on the button! Remember how angry he becomes when insulted or confronted with the truth. Remember that he cannot control his anger and will go to extreme lengths. Think for a moment of Trump’s penchant for extreme retribution upon being wronged. Is this the President the US wants? Really? Are you insane??? I’m talking to all of you voters. Just watch the last debate and remember his threats towards only the Clintons, the manipulation. Did you see the faces of his own family members? They all looked utterly freaked out, themselves terrified of what he was going to do. He lurked behind HRC on the stage in an effort to freak her out so he could ‘Win’. I prefer four more years of the same, any day, to all- out nuclear holocaust. Not to mention hate crimes and camps for all those not like him (eg. not Aryan race. Muslim. Latino. African American. Asian. ) Please people! If you don’t consider what you’re doing, the very worst could happen and probably will. This man is terrifyingly unstable and diabolical. For the record, I am a white middle-aged woman, never supported Hillary, LOVED Bernie, but I will vote for her because hopefully things will remain the same or better or not so much worse just to keep Trump’s hand away from the End of Life as we know it’s button.
    And Yes, Penelope, very entertaining to watch his unspiraling… However NOT the kind of person we need to be our President. Please do not be reckless everyone with your children’s, our planet’s and our allies’ future.

  29. Caitlin Timothy
    Caitlin Timothy says:

    Okay, you got me with this whole post. And your comment above.

    And I know what you mean about the car wreck of Trump. It’s so terrible and I just can’t avert my eyes. I totally agree that he’d shake things up, and that it’s a secret fantasy of mine to secretly vote for him, too.

    Except I’m afraid we’d never recover. Did France?

  30. MBL
    MBL says:

    Sooo, I made the mistake of clicking on the links regarding Chelsea and Ivanka.

    The one about Chelsea showed that Doug Band said “I don’t deserve this from her and deserve a tad more respect or at least a direct dialogue for me to explain these things. She is acting like a spoiled brat kid who has nothing else to do but create issues to justify what she’s doing because she, as she has said, hasn’t found her way and has a lack of focus in her life,” he added.”

    So, he is saying that she is questioning his actions and integrity and how they reflected upon the Clinton Foundation–because she is bored? Any time a man says that he is entitled to respect from a woman who has the audacity to question him…what is that saying about respect being earned…

    I used to like Ivanka after she seemed surprisingly normal in the Born Rich movie. However, I think she has since spent too much time around her father as evidenced by her walking out of the Cosmo interview due to the “negativity” of the tough questions.

    In one of the articles it stated that Ivanka and Jared observe Shabbos. I wonder if they still are during the campaign given the timing of the Billy Bush tape. Wowza!

  31. Malcolm
    Malcolm says:

    I’m a New Zealander. I don’t have a dog in this fight. So why does it make me, so far away, so angry? How can Trump possibly even be a candidate? How is it possible to think there’s any sort of moral equivalence between him and Hilary Clinton. I’m not carrying any sort of candle for her, but the nature of Trump campaign – and the person himself – genuinely upsets me.

    • Mysticaltyger
      Mysticaltyger says:

      How is it that people do not understand that Clinton is every bit as much a sociopath as Trump. She’s actually more of one. The best sociopaths are harder to recognize because they are better at feigning compassion and caring.

      For the record, I won’t be voting for either of them.

    • Pat Sommer
      Pat Sommer says:

      Malcolm, if the worst happens, will you put in a good word for me with NZ immigration?

      You could be seeing an influx of refugees…

  32. Meg
    Meg says:

    Wait a minute. You moved to rural America to find homogeneity and happiness yet you want the rest of country to pay for your vote with diversity.

    You can can take your two day trips to California, Chicago, and New York and feel cosmopolitan and liberal and then retreat to the safety of your farm.

    Come on.

    I have asked 2 liberal friends to do the test online and see which candidate truly represents their beliefs. Both came up with Trump. Both want to be cool and say they can’t vote for Trump. What is dishonesty within yourself worth?

    • Jennifa
      Jennifa says:

      I went to this morning and that is a great site! Thanks for letting me know this even existed.

      I came up with 95% Jill Stein, which means I am consistent, I had similar results a few years ago when I did a similar quiz. But I am voting for Hillary. I aligned pretty well with her views. Had 11% on the Trumpster. I always say I am a liberal. But due to a weird story I won’t relate here, I actually did vote for Trump in the primary. At the time, he seemed very liberal to me.

  33. Mark W.
    Mark W. says:

    I think there’s another reason for happiness in Denmark – economic mobility. An article in the most recent publication of Imprimis ( ) cites economic mobility rankings of several countries from the Economic Mobility Project, Pew Charitable Trusts. The U.K. and United States are ranked as being low mobility with scores of 0.50 and 0.47, respectively, while Denmark has the highest mobility score of 0.15 (a lower number score corresponds to a higher economic mobility). Canada has a score of 0.19 even though it is considered by many to be a ‘liberal’ country. The article discusses social and economic mobility in the context of this election and the current state of politics in our government. The author makes mention of corruption, the donor class, and trust. I found this paragraph interesting – “Then there’s corruption. As ranked by Transparency International’s Corruption Perceptions Index, America is considerably more corrupt than most of the rest of
    the First World. With our K Street lobbyists and our donor class, we’ve spawned the greatest concentration of money and
    influence ever. And corruption costs. In a regression model, the average family’s earnings would increase from $55,000 to $60,000 were we to ascend to Canada’s level of non-corruption, and to $68,000 if we moved to Denmark’s level.” Also America’s and Canada’s education systems are briefly discussed and compared in the article.

  34. Chantell
    Chantell says:

    I’m voting for Trump because I want to see the system shaken up and the two-party system at long last brought to ruin. Thanks for articulating my viewpoint; makes me feel like I’m part of an unseen community.

  35. Riccardo
    Riccardo says:

    Hi Penelope,
    I’m in the UK and watched a number of Trumps speeches in full before making up my mind about him. I think he is the canary in the coal mine on the American economy

    As for Hillary? If you don’t know anything about her you have no excuse in today’s internet age. Christopher Hitchin’s exposed the Clintons’ in his acerbic style decades ago Expecting her to fix Obama care is laughable. And if you do know her history…

    So it’s between two morally compromised, narcissists, members of the elite. No better or worse than ourselves truth be told. One represents steady as we sink and lets go to war with Russia, and the other says let’s start bailing out the ship and not fight other people’s wars without an invoice.

    In the UK we had Brexit it took me 4 years to change my mind on the EU as I watched what was actually happening. I don’t know what you Americans are going to do. I do know the elite across the parties hate Trump and I don’t think it’s his alleged sexual habits, habits they largely share and indulge, that are behind the loathing. (Is there anything more funny than Robert deNiro, Hillary Clinton, and the Arnold condemning Trump on sexual behaviour? Just read some Beyoncé lyrics).

    On homogeneity and happiness, I grew up in a multi-racial part of England and got on with all races and religions, attended and promoted inter faith and community engagement, as well as various anti-racist campaigns throughout eighties, nineties and 2000’s. But, I have noticed that the tone in the Muslim community has been gradually infiltrated by a more intolerant Saudi separatist version of the faith and this worries me as it is particularly pronounced amongst the young. This does not prevent close links between my church with is multinational and multi ethnic and the neighbouring Mosque.

    The US Polls are largely worthless as their sample groups can be used to distort the repsonse. I expect either a win for Clinton based on the democratic machine being able to get the vote out and the smear stories taking their toll on wavering women Trump voters or, or…a shocking, surprisingly narrow win for Trump based on a groundswell of rejection of Obama/Hillary project, people who didn’t vote before and more blacks and Hispanics breaking from Democratic camp than people would wish to mention. In the case of the later the great deal maker will surprise people. If he is not shot first.

  36. Maggie S
    Maggie S says:

    All I have to say is that if you have to lie because you are ashamed to admit that you want to vote for Trump …then maybe that is an indication that he is not a good choice for the country. I have heard that voting for Trump is voting with your middle finger.
    If you have ever been to a Trump rally I don’t think you would say he has the happy voters

    • Mysticaltyger
      Mysticaltyger says:

      You fail to consider that maybe people wouldn’t lie out of shame–but out of fear. Fear of social ostracism or being physically attacked, as happened at numerous Trump rallies including one in the city where I live.

  37. Kevin
    Kevin says:

    “really, it’s so uncool to admit publicly that you’re voting for him”

    That’s because the truly pro-Hillary crowd is a bunch of bullies who can’t simply state why they like her and are supporting her. They can’t do that and then go on about their lives while letting you go on about yours.

    No it seems incumbent on them to then go on to discuss why everything about Trump and his supporters is not just wrong, but INSANE.

    And this is exactly what’s fueling the fantasy you describe. The ability to say one thing to their smug little faces, go on with your life, and then go into the voting booth and give a big “screw you” to the whole lot of them.

    The emotional release would be politically orgasmic.

    In that moment, no matter where you live, no matter how diverse or homogeneous it is, you are free. And because you are free, you are truly happy.

    • Michele W
      Michele W says:

      I love this reply. Yes, when you are free, you are truly happy. 100%.

      And, I love the middle finger. MAGA

  38. Roxie
    Roxie says:

    Hmm – I posted and submitted my thoughts and comments early yesterday – yet I’m still waiting to see them.

    I’m eager to be part of this dialogue.

  39. S
    S says:

    What about Finland? Also, I think scandinavians are happy because of maternal leave, free education and public healthcare.

    • jessica
      jessica says:

      My neighbor (here in NYC) has been on paid maternity leave from Finland for 5 years. 3 kids. Left the country for husbands’ job 3 years ago. Recently decided she doesnt want to go back.

      Most women from or in Europe that I know take the maternity leave benefits and then don’t return to work. All have high earning spouses though.

  40. MBL
    MBL says:

    I am still having trouble getting over how scary and irresponsible this post is. I just saw Michelle Obama’s response to the Billy Bush tape and Trump’s denying its severity. And she had me in tears.

    If anyone gets to the polls and thinks of this post that implies that voting for Trump is “the easy way to happiness” (wtf?) I implore you to think about the long term ramifications vs the momentary giddiness of saying FU to the establishment. You will be proving to our children and the world that, in America, we value flash over substance. That screwing people over (literally, in some cases) and working the system is the fast track to respect and power. That sexual assault is okie dokie. That repeating lies can indeed make them as good as fact. That one need not have even a cursory understanding of the laws and principles of democracy to become POTUS. It should be unthinkable, and yet…here we are.

    Hillary has paid her dues and he hasn’t even paid his taxes. Warren Buffet’s response to Trump’s oft used “but he did it” defense was spectacular, though.

    Women WILL be deciding this election. Be it by action, inaction, or protest.

    For all who want to MAGA (I had to figure out what that stood for) please identify exactly what position your counterpart held back in the day that “again” refers to.

    • YesMyKidsAreSocialized
      YesMyKidsAreSocialized says:

      I rolled my eyes at this post, it is *so* not shocking that she would write something like this. If there are truly voters out there who could be swayed by this post to secretly vote for someone they would never vote for, then I roll my eyes to them as well.

    • lena
      lena says:

      I think people should vote their own conscience. if hillary wins four more years of status quo corruption more radical left policies that keep failing and putting future generations into horrid debt. if trump wins, we dont know. its a scary crapshoot. he seems to be a non war monger which is good. i think hed spend like a drunk sailor too though not as bad as hillary. trump is an elite but a different kind than hillary. even though he started out with money he built an empire. she earned nothing. she gave million dollar speeches to the people she maligned. theyre not dumb. they know they could buy her favor. i dont admire trumps businesses much but at least he did something with his life. i am not voting for him because he has zero political experience and serious ego issues. gary johnson 2016! put libertarians, freedom into the spotlight!

    • Lucy R
      Lucy R says:

      ^^ YES this post is scary and irresponsible. So agree.

      I have loved this blog for it’s irreverent perspective, but the celebration of blatant irresponsibility in this post just makes me queasy. I feel like suddenly I’m in the twilight zone! Who are you people? Ugh!

  41. Lauren
    Lauren says:

    I’m a woman. I’m a millennial. And I’m voting for Trump. Yes, we exist. haha Just can’t stomach another 8 yrs of the Clinton dynasty. This country desperately needs new blood and dynamic change. Hillary seems stale and non-transparent…a major turn off.
    And, lets not forget, Bill got impeached. That’s huge. Our trustworthy media calls Trump a narcissist, a racist, an a-hole, and much more. Um, Bill is all of those things AND he has actually attacked (e.g., raped) countless women WITH proof. And, Hillary is a liar. I urge any scorned Bernie supporters to join the Trump Train. Choo Choo!!!

    • MBL
      MBL says:

      I don’t understand why someone who trusted Bernie Sanders enough to run the country would discount his imploring them to vote for Hillary.

      “This is not the time for a protest vote, in terms of a presidential campaign,” Sanders said. “I ran as a third-party candidate. I’m the longest-serving independent in the history of the United States Congress. I know more about third-party politics than anyone else in the Congress, okay? And if people want to run as third-party candidates, God bless them! Run for Congress. Run for governor. Run for state legislature. When we’re talking about president of the United States, in my own personal view, this is not time for a protest vote. This is time to elect Hillary Clinton and then work after the election to mobilize millions of people to make sure she can be the most progressive president she can be.”

    • Tracy
      Tracy says:

      Lauren, from an outside-America perspective, Obama was new blood and dynamic change. Is it because of that Hillary seems like a regression?

      Why Trump is so different from Bill Clinton is that the revelations come during the election so Trump now stands for/represents these things. If he wins, men who objectify women will feel justified & enabled. If he wins, people who are racist will feel vindicated & empowered. Regardless you probably won’t be affected because it is usually the minorities who are.

      I understand why you can’t bear to vote for Clinton. But why vote for Trump? Probably because despite everything he is,he has managed to tap into people’s sense of spite, pique and pride.
      God bless America.

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