I know I said I’d never do another book. But I’m good at admitting when I change my mind.

Here’s how that happened.

Melissa was worrying that her life was going to end because she was quitting finance to be a nanny. She was worried that she was ruining her career, and that she was not cut out to navigate adult life, and that she was not living up to her potential.

I was trying to be a good listener, but my talents lie more in being bossy. So I said, when she got to the living up to her potential part, “That is ridiculous. The idea of living up to one’s potential is such BS. Read my post about that.”

“You always tell me ‘read my post about that’.”

“It’s because I’m sick of people telling me they hate to feel lost. Being lost is an amazing opportunity to define yourself. Being lost is so interesting.”

“Do you think it’s interesting that I spend every day in my pink Juicy suit?”

“Yeah. If it doesn’t smell.”

It sort of does smell, but we are easy going about that on the farm. Then I said, “Wait—I have to tell you something—”


“Read my post about how being lost is good.”

“Shut up.”

But she reads all my posts anyway. When I have fights with the Farmer I tell him I wish he’d spend all day talking to me like Melissa does. He tells me that he does not have a hero worship complex like she does and that I cannot get along with anyone who doesn’t worship me.

Is that true? I think, if I ever change the poll on my sidebar, it will say, “Does Penelope have trouble getting along with people who do not worship her? Yes or No”

The farmer and Melissa and I spend a week together eating lunches. The farmer eats like a 17-year-old boy who has not seen food in three days. Melissa and I eat like Asperger girls who were never told that we have to look normal at the table. So, picture this:

The farmer is eating two steaks, two baked potatoes, and five chocolate chip cookies. This varies slightly, but not by calorie count or carbohydrate/fat ratio.

Melissa is eating peas and pasta. This is all she eats. I do not have a post to encourage her to eat a more diverse diet because all I eat is PowerBars.

So there we are, and every day we are talking about how Melissa does not need to do a soul search because she is doing fine, but she does not feel fine.

So I decide to put together a book of posts for Melissa about how to keep her career on track.

I divide the book into sections:

  • How to be lost and still feel good about yourself
  • How to find a great job over and over again
  • The secret to feeling confident making career decisions
  • The key to making yourself happy
  • The best method for creating a safety net for yourself

These are all topics Melissa and I talk about, but I wanted her to have something to hold.

I do that instead of doing things I should be doing like remembering to take the farmer’s cookies out of the oven.

I show Melissa the book while the farmer eats burnt cookies.

But while she is looking through it, I take it back. I decide the book is ugly. I want the book to be something she takes out every time she needs a self-confidence boost and she reads one or two pages. I want the book to be beautiful and sit by her bedside, or in her living room.

So I look online for how to self-publish a book with a great binding and pages that are nice to hold. I find a publisher of hipster, linen-bound books, with gold leaf, and I decide the self-publishing industry is amazing.

But then I see that to publish my one single, book will be about $2000. And I have to save my money for when I start a new company and run out of money and have to not be completely unstable financially because the farmer does not like crazy instability. I have done that before. He read about it—in a post.

No thousand-dollar books.

But now I have a new idea. If this is a good book for Melissa it must be a good book for a lot of you. After all, I write all the stuff I learn as I learn it, and the book is full of the knowledge that helped me craft a career that I love — over and over again.

I can’t do the project alone, but I can do it with you. If we all buy copies of the book then we can have a beautiful and inspiring book to keep or to give to friends. It’ll be called “For the Soul Searcher” and it’ll look like the book at the top of the post.

The book is be $25 — no tax, free shipping, and I’ll sign and number all the books. But you can only buy the book for the next week. Because I have to know how many we are ordering.

Note to my brothers: you guys put up with so much on this blog, so you don’t have to buy a copy—I will buy them for you.

To everyone else: Click below to buy the book via PayPal. And thank you.