It’s the time of year when I list my top posts of 2009. When I first started doing this top-posts-of-the-year thing, I felt obligated to actually give you the real version of what was most popular. Now I don’t feel so obligated.

If you’re wondering, some of the posts that brought in more than 400 comments are:

But whatever. I feel like I’ve been talking about those posts all year. What about some other posts? One’s that are so well researched and I love what I learned from writing them:

Here are some firsts for me during the past year:

Here are two topics that have been in my head for years. And I finally figured out how to address them in my blog.

A big deal for me this year is that I started a few story lines that pop up repeatedly, and I sort of like it. If nothing else, it makes career advice more interesting.

A good story line is that I brought my company from almost bankrupt, to funded, stable, and growing, and while I was doing that, my kids were basically okay, and I was able to keep giving career advice, even if I got a little impatient at times.

A not-as-chirpy story line is the one about the farmer: Back from a breakup, engaged, ensuing mess, and breakup. All in one year.

I want to say something upbeat about 2010. You know, start on a good note. But it seems so artificial. I don’t think we need to magically be in a great place at the end of a year. Or magically know our goals to start off a new year. I think, sometimes, that it’s already magical that every day we wake up with the strong belief that we can make things better.