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This is Dana. Skydiving. Dana is a great specimen of an ENFJ.

She is flying through the air with her husband, Alex, an ESTP. Alex is an example of the most fun personality type in the whole world. As long as you don’t think fun is being emotional. Dana is a fun facilitator. For Alex. She is a work facilitator for Melissa. Which makes sense because Melissa is an INTJ so she thinks fun is work.

I’ve been doing all these personality type webinars, and I get so excited about the topic and the people I’m talking with  that even though I have an outline, I get new ideas constantly, adding them as I go. So when it comes time to send summaries of the session, it’s difficult for me to remember everything I said.

Dana knew this, so one evening right after a session she sent me a summary of what I said. I was SO RELIEVED! She knew exactly what I needed in order to completely love doing the webinars—I needed to not have to write my own summaries.

Watching Dana in action really crystalized the ENFJ type for me.

She is incredibly capable in her personal life. Every sky diver in the whole US wanted to date her before Alex got to her.

And she’s super capable at work as well. Melissa’s recruiting business is specialized and requires deep knowledge of personality type. Dana had done none of that but learned it all and quickly became indepensable to Melissa as the person who can make anyone feel comfortable.

Dana is like Melissa’s workplace fairy god mother, making everything around Melissa work well. Melissa even travels everywhere with Dana because Melissa says she gets more done in a  hotel room if Dana is there.

And that’s pretty much everyone’s experience of an ENFJ. Things go better when they are there.

So you’re probably wondering why ENFJs would need a webinar about their type.

Because ENFJs worry incessantly. They worry they are not getting enough done. They worry they are not helping people as much as they can. They want everything, and they want it all to balance. The choice of what to focus on and what to give up is what makes ENFJs worry the most.

All other types have a natural tendency to focus on one part of life over the other—INFJs don’t really like working all day, ENTPs don’t like being home all day. Each type has a clear tendency, but not ENFJs. So their tendency is to worry until they are almost debilitated by worry.

But that will never happen in our ENFJ land, because our ENFJs will take this course.

There is no perfect answer for all ENFJs. There is only the right answer for your ENFJ situation. This course will tell you how to find the perfect balance by showing you best practices for ENFJ greatness, and the secret path to squashing ENFJ worries.

And of course, Dana will take notes.

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