My son made this card for me, after I bought him Pokemon Cards. So it seems appropriate that after you guys bought so many copies of my new book last week, I give the card to you.

My book sales are going great, probably because I'm very happy having something to sell. Book sales were supposed to close yesterday, but I have a new idea. For another week. Maybe you can do this with your friends.

If you buy 10 books, I'll work with you on the phone to rewrite your resume or provide an hour of coaching.

If you buy 100 books, I'll fly to wherever you are and speak, or do a workshop or hang out with you — whatever you want.

I'd really like to speak at a high school. I've done it before and it's a blast. So if you buy books for all the kids in a high school, I'll spend two days there inspiring the kids to think bigger about what makes a good life for them — one day speaking and one day meeting with students.

Here’s the place where you buy the book.

Thank you for being so fun to do a blog with. I hope I get to meet a lot of you this way.