Snapshot of the new workplace: Karen Owen’s PowerPoint


For those of you who missed it, Karen Owen, a student at Duke University, sent a summary of her sex life to some friends, via email. The content is not safe for work, but it looks safe because it’s in PowerPoint. She has bullet points, charts, and graphs. How can you not admire a woman who can graph her sex life?

Owen’s sex life is a workplace issue. For one thing, it was the third most searched topic on Google yesterday, which means a large percentage of people were reading her slideshow while at work. But more importantly, Owen’s slides capture the shift in women’s empowerment, which is happening at the workplace and having the ripple effect of empowering women in sex. Owen’s slides make me excited about the new generation of women and how much they take their own power for granted. I’m excited to see what they will do with it.

Here are some things to think about when you read her slides:

1. She used PowerPoint in a revolutionary way.
Is there a more male tool than PowerPoint? First of all, the software is lecture-y and unconversational, which is typical for men at work. Second of all, it's been the tool of choice for the notoriously boys club career: venture capitalists and the people who pitch to them. That Owen used this male tool to talk about what men are really like in bed turns our workplace preconceptions on their head.

2. She illustrates why men are afraid of twentysomething women.
The workplace has women everywhere. Even a place like Google, known for their tech guys, is also known for having a sales force full of very hot women. So middle-aged men are often alone, day after day, with single, hot young women. When has this happened in history? At this point, there is a culture of men being smitten with young women, and young women feeling empowered enough to leverage that without actually giving in.

And, when it comes to young men, they are not earning as much as the women (the Wall Street Journal reports that in Atlanta young women earn an incredible 21% more than their male counterparts). Men are not as in high demand compared to women and since young women are sexy, and young men do not have power that can make them sexy, that’s not likely to change. So twentysomething women are running circles around men of all ages. These slides do a good deal to confirm that.

3. The rules are all different.
These slides are fascinating because they presuppose that the rules of the world have changed, in favor of a woman like Owen. For example, the rules of privacy are new. Instead of resulting in a Scarlet A, or family embarrassment, Owen reveals she is smart, funny, and a great writer. (And look, agents are already calling her.) The slides also reveal new rules for gatekeeping. Owen did not need permission from anyone, or any workplace experience, to make a more significant impact on the workplace than you did today. Finally, her slides show us that the rules of learning are new. We can share all our knowledge, about anything. Nothing is sacred and nothing is secret, and we can crowdsource anything, to learn everything faster, even how to pick up a lacrosse player and get him into bed.

It’s clear to me that none of this information is ground-breaking in and of itself. There’s a huge study about sex in the US, that reveals a wide swath of the population to be pretty sexually liberal. So what makes these slides so fascinating? I think it’s her spunk and self-knowledge and enthralling sense of her own power. I wish I had had that when I was her age. I am twenty years older than Owen, but she inspires me to be brave, takes risks, and let my creativity get the best of me.

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  1. dumbgirl
    dumbgirl says:

    Karen Owen should never have admitted authorship of this ppt when some blog reporter called her. I guess creating this was self-empowering and she was a bit proud and defensive (at the time). Hence her initial attitude of “guys have been doing this, so why can’t girls?” But admitting it was truly her work gave this story legs it otherwise would not have had. And now she regrets it. She should have lied and said it was a fake. Honestly no one could ever have proven otherwise, and I doubt any of the parties mentioned in the ppt would have been inclined to contradict her. None of the major outlets would have picked this up if she said it was fake.

  2. Shandra
    Shandra says:

    This is kind of where I wish the words class and dignity still had the same kind of weight as “brand recognition” does.

    Sure, Karen’s proven she can be witty and for whatever strange reason half the Internet will read about sex regardless (duh…) but getting attention is only a critical factor for certain jobs. If her career goal was marketing matchmaking sites, or running a celeb gossip blog, she’s probably done well.

    For others, being taken seriously is. So if her goal was to become an academic or policy analyst or lawyer, not such a win. Although I’m pretty sure she was burning off stress and not trying to come up with a career strategy.

  3. Erika
    Erika says:

    Whatever the repercussions to Karen Owen personally (and I think she’ll probably be just fine) I do see this document as a wake up call for men. I recently started subscribing to “The Chive,” a several-time daily blog that has some funny stuff and is interesting to watch from a social media/meme perspective, but it mostly posts photos of random women, to which men comment on throughout the day, calling them “hot” or “hag” or whatever they feel like. Judging and picking apart women is so commonplace that it really is shocking to see it go the other way. The anonymous forum gives these guys even more bravado.

    I did just unsubscribe to The Chive though – guys can talk that way as much as they want, I just don’t want to read it anymore.

  4. KateNonymous
    KateNonymous says:

    “So middle-aged men are often alone, day after day, with single, hot young women. When has this happened in history? At this point, there is a culture of men being smitten with young women, and young women feeling empowered enough to leverage that without actually giving in.”

    When has it happened in history? When HASN’T it happened in history? The only thing “new” about the interactions you’re describing is that they take place in a work setting–and that isn’t all that new any more, either. But the overall dynamic of older-man-pursuing younger-woman-holdout is pretty much timeless.

    Also, I’m dismayed by the idea that sleeping with lots of people inherently equals empowerment. Empowerment is being comfortable with your sexuality, and that’s an individual determination. But an awful lot of people seem to feel that hookups are inherently empowering. Maybe sometimes they are, but an awful lot of the time, they reveal pathology rather than power.

    Real power comes from taking considered actions–and knowing when not to take them. There isn’t one particular combination of those two that defines empowerment. It depends on what makes YOU strong as a person. And that will vary.

  5. Lance Haun
    Lance Haun says:

    This is a snapshot of the new workplace? Really?

    I don’t think it demonstrates anything other than there is a different reaction when women write provocatively than when a man does so. Tucker Max has been doing the same in a much more public way for the better part of a decade. He got a book and a movie out of the deal but it isn’t changing the workplace nor is it indicative of any workplace shift. What’s the difference?

    I know that any sexually charged piece of news is potential fodder for this blog but this is such an awkward stretch.

  6. ResuMAYDAY
    ResuMAYDAY says:

    When Ms. Owen is ready for a committed, adult relationship, why would any good guy trust her? That, I think, will be the real consequence to come from this.

  7. Chris McLaughlin
    Chris McLaughlin says:

    Whoever said “paging Tufte” is spot on. Whatever else this may be, it is NOT a good use of PowerPoint. (I don’t think ANYTHING is good use of PowerPoint, which is the devil’s own tool, but you don’t just cram as much text as possible into it. Though come to think of it, that approach does reflect her sexual preferences. . .)

  8. MrLibra
    MrLibra says:

    Things like this leave me a little speechless and saddened. It’s good to know how other people think behind closed doors (and thanks for sharing it), but a letdown to find out how some of them really do.

    As a 29 year old man who makes a special effort to treat every woman as a proper lady and an equal, it pains me to see a woman acting in such a way, even if intended to be “private”. I suppose everyone learns differently, but still. It’s not good when men act this way either, for the record.

    It is especially difficult since I know from personal experience what it feels like to be cast aside like an old, un-stylish pair of shoes by a woman for not living up to her “scoring” system.

    Have the old ways of gentlemen and gentlewomen gone the way of the dodo in this “new normal”?

  9. Naomi
    Naomi says:

    Have you guys seen Sex and the City or ever lived in a major city? She is not atypical nor is her lifestyle unique. I really wasn’t surprised or impressed.

    Yes, those men got screwed over because they never wanted their sex lives to be published online (in lame terms or poetic verses). The question here is who invaded their supposed privacy? The author? No, she never intended to put this to the public. Her friends? No, they were not told to not forward. Or, is this just a reality of the world we live in now, and consequently, we all need to watch our backs (cause we’ve all got secrets we don’t want to expose!)

  10. Irving Podolsky
    Irving Podolsky says:

    As Penelope mentioned, and I agree, the comments are more telling than the post. For me, the most interesting aspect to this story is not the story at all, but that it went “viral,” a social media term nonexistent just a few years ago. Karen’s power pointed explosion of information isn’t about sex, or even writing about it. Novels and memoirs have been around forever. No, a woman’s enjoyment of sex and then talking about it is not new. What IS different today, is our loss of privacy, which WE have freely given away. We instantly expose our ideas within universal blog posts. We assume an email is as closed to the public as an old fashioned letter. We delight in publishing to the world Facebook photos of ourselves, family and friends. We want to be LinkedIn with people we don’t know. We have access to the entire planet and the planet has access to us…IF we allow it. THAT’S the point of this whole dilemma. Karen Owen, and her sexual partners, forgot they were vulnerable to public exposure. THIS is the wake up call: GUARD YOUR PRIVACY.

    But then again, maybe it isn’t! Maybe privacy is not as important as it used to be. Maybe it’s an illusion to believe that by remaining anonymous we’ll somehow have more protection. Maybe real security is now tied to exposure, when we join the bigger tribe and our extended “family” knows us from the inside, out. Maybe sharing my ideas here, is really about, hoping I’m not alone.


    • Jordan
      Jordan says:

      Irving, how were her sexual partners supposed to “guard” their privacy? By not having sex with anyone?

      • Irving Podolsky
        Irving Podolsky says:

        Hi Jordan,

        I read that Karen got the bare-chested photos from the men’s Facebook pages: the ones her bed mates thought were attractive. Granted, public sports photography is something one cannot avoid. And if you’re a sports hero, you want it. The point I’m trying to make is that once any written word or document is emailed or posted electronically, it is easily and sometimes INSTANTLY distributed world wide. We are all vulnerable and tend to forget that. Marketing companies however, have not, and they mine our public specs for soliciting purposes. And ex lovers can also do big time damage. That’s why I try to keep my personal life off the internet. So why am I on it? Well, Irving Podolsky is the name I ascribe to my novels. Irving joined the social network because, like college athletes, he could use the exposure. It’s a business thing. But beyond that, he strives to make his comments relevant, honest and productive. And he hopes no one will hurt him.


  11. MarcTheEngineer
    MarcTheEngineer says:

    I wonder what would happen to a guy who created similar slides describing his sexual conquests? We probably wouldn’t be calling him smart and funny… more likely he would get lambasted as a male chauvinist pig.

    People would be crying about how he took advantage of the girls he described in the slides, how horrible a person he was.

    Karen Owen is a pig – This is not frat house behavior and is something we should be looking down on… not up to. I had no respect whatsoever for the frat punks who would publicly rate the attractiveness of female passerby’s with big signs at my university – Karen Owen is no different from those idiots.

  12. MyWifeThinksImADonkey
    MyWifeThinksImADonkey says:

    I’m confused by a couple of things. 1) If there was a battle between the sexes over what is proper behavior towards the other sex, does this mean men won that battle? 2) Does it now mean it’s no longer bad for men to do things like this?

  13. Michael Enright
    Michael Enright says:

    Karen Owen should be a role model of female empowerment. What impressed me the most was no where do you see her whining. To be sure, most men would never consider her for a relationship but I doubt she cares, she’s having too much fun! She understands that a hookup is just that, great fun and on with your life. I, like so many other men, are fed up with hookups that think that you are all of a sudden is some sort of relationship, constantly whining about why we didn’t call, etc.
    Hopefully Ms. Owen’s thesis will educate men as well as women.

  14. SnarkMaiden
    SnarkMaiden says:

    Interesting to see the default reaction from some commenters that sex is still shameful, nice girls don’t etc… unless we’re going to do away with the male locker-room culture, it’s only fair for women to get the same licence. And saying women should be ‘better/nicer’ than that; that’s patronising rather than supportive.

  15. Indy Guy
    Indy Guy says:

    The whore is a continual pump & dump victim that wallows in her inability to keep any of her trophies. And THIS is a feminist victory?

    Such morons play right into the hands of male snatch users. Great for them but it sure sucks for a man looking for a girl with any dignity left, bereft of a bitter heart.

  16. Mr3
    Mr3 says:

    “I think it’s her spunk and self-knowledge and enthralling sense of her own power.”

    Actually, its the spunk of ten guys who are laughing that yet another girl does not get that the world has double standards and life is not fair. and another night of not having to buy drinks to knock a meaningless load or two into a slutty girl.

    Bottom Line, she has destroyed her hope of landing a good husband and her only hope is a loser who wont research his bride to be.

    Double Bottom Line, If this was a man who wrote this about duke girls, a) the media would be excoriating him, and b) his sexual appeal and dating market value would skyrocket.

    Deal with that reality, self deluders!

  17. Wes
    Wes says:

    ” I think it’s her spunk and self-knowledge and enthralling sense of her own power.”

    Given the subject of her PowerPoint, perhaps “spunk” wasn’t the best choice of words.

    If she’s so proud, why has the author of the slide deck gone underground.

    Finally, she has agents contacting her because hyperfeminist’s like the author of this post will grasp at all straws to self-delude themselves that sluttiness is somehow attractive. Don’t get me wrong. I’m all for sluts. The biggest winner of the sexual revolution are men like me that take your silly whore pride and exploit it.

  18. Gunslingergregi
    Gunslingergregi says:

    If it is war feminists want then be prepared for real war not the media one sided war but like bloodt corpses and such.

    Take a look at iraq and bosnia zimbabwe for what it might look like.

    • Jordan
      Jordan says:

      Gunslingergregi, that’s inappropriate. Many of us don’t like what she did, including me, but there’s no need to make comments like that.

  19. Leslie
    Leslie says:

    I went to her website and was impressed with her logo. It is original and plays up her name. If it’s a bug make it a feature.

  20. Arachna
    Arachna says:

    I love all the comments on how no men will want her for a relationship.

    We are still so far from moving on from a culture where the worse thing people can think of to threaten a woman with is that she “won’t be able to find a husband”. Regardless of the fact that that’s ridiculous and plenty of normal men couldn’t care less if a woman has an interesting past or that some women have no interest in a husband what’s interesting is that the “threat” is being made at all, let alone so repetitively.

    All she’s shown is that she likes sex and is funny. IMO attractive qualities. If I was interviewing her for a job it wouldn’t deter me for a second.

    • Michael Enright
      Michael Enright says:

      The fact of the matter is that she probably won’t find too many men who will want her for a relationship, the other fact is who cares? I am a thirtysomething male who has no desire for a relationship, I understand where she is coming from. There are quite a few of us who enjoy sex with no strings attached, the gal has been with the best men at Duke University, how women can say that? Do you think that she gives damn that she isn’t washing clothes for some loser?
      You’re right that we must end the threat of losing relationships, in reality she has done this, but again I can tell you I would rather have sex with quite a few women then being stuck with one, and from the other side I’m sure Karen would agree.

      • Arachna
        Arachna says:

        Because you doubtlessly speak for all men? You otherwise sound pretty reasonable but this idea that men don’t want relationships with women who have had casual sex in the past is empirically untrue, or you just don’t know very many couples and a summary of their sexual past. Its no more true then that women won’t form relationship with men who were players. There are plenty of couples who hooked up the first night they met and stayed together for eight years – are you unaware that this happens all the time? *shakes head* Human being are wonderfully diverse and have all sorts of weird preferences but thankfully they are enough of them out there that it’s not really a problem.

      • Michael Enright
        Michael Enright says:

        In retrospect I can see your point, I was looking at it from another point of view. Yes of course she can have a relationship, that is not impossible, there are quite a few bald fat losers in the world that would get down on their knees for her. I was looking at it from the alpha male point of view. None of the men on her list or any in their league would ever have anything to do with her, that’s okay she can have her fun, and let’s not claim that she wants a relationship to begin with.
        But to be honest, take a look at her, she is a six at best, if we were drunk enough we might be generous and give her a seven. The upshot is, every one of these men, even the Canadian, is WAY out of her league. They wouldn’t ever engage her in a relationship to begin with, so the point is moot.
        But I agree with you, let’s not take relationship as a threat, as a man I can tell you that we hate it even more then women do.
        There are many men like myself who just enjoy sex and really get irradiated when the threat of a “relationship” is demanded to have more sex. How childish is that?

      • Sam Adams
        Sam Adams says:

        Michael – don’t try to impress the feminists – they won’t like you better and you come off sounding like a real Beta. You know, the guy at the ‘pro-choice’ rally with the ‘This is what a feminist looks like’ t-shirt on. Sad. Come on, man!

      • Michael Enright
        Michael Enright says:

        I am not trying to impress anyone, I only am explaining my position. As I said before, the men her Powerpoint are way out of her league so she can’t really consider them for a relationship to begin with.
        Second, you assume that she is desperate for some relationship to begin with. Take a look at the author of this blog, like many women she is older but decided to end a marriage anyway when she clearly understands that her options are vastly diminished from what she had 20 years ago.
        There are many women who would prefer to be alone than continue in a bad relationship.
        As for me, I would never hold the threat of a relationship over any woman because I am a man who has no interest in one, limit myself to sleeping with one woman? Yee gads! The threat of a relationship (or the absence of one) is a weapon that women use, which I find amusing when they try it on me.

    • Sam Adams
      Sam Adams says:

      Ahem…how about when she’s 45, all alone, and remembering her ‘adventures’ with the athletes who have all moved on to real families, children, etc, while she is undesired by anyone but the lowest Betas? Yes, I think then she will agree that ‘not finding a husband’ is pretty bad indeed! I’ve had plenty of ‘hook-ups’ with promiscuous women, but I’d never wed one or invite her to live with me. (And I am far from alone in this…take my word for it.))))))

  21. Deadhedge
    Deadhedge says:

    Agree completely with all the paging Tufte comments.

    Excel, not power point, is the real male tool. If Owen had developed an excel model that would allow her to input male characteristics and it would calculate that guy’s fuckability, then I would have been impressed.

  22. Samantha
    Samantha says:

    I checked out the PPT and thought it was kind of boring and not terribly clever. I didn’t see where she was using PowerPoint in a “revolutionary” way. So she had a bunch of hook-ups with jocks. Did this only get so much attention because she’s a woman ranking random sex with men? And I’m with deadhedge’s comment on Excel — “Excel, not power point, is the real male tool. If Owen had developed an excel model that would allow her to input male characteristics and it would calculate that guy’s fuckability, then I would have been impressed.”

    • Jill
      Jill says:

      maybe she’s working on that fuckability factor with I agree she needed some Excel or Lotus spreadsheets.

  23. Sam Adams
    Sam Adams says:

    This is a really sad thing to see – both your glorification of this unadorned, vapid, shallow, slut of a woman, and your pontification about the ’empowering’ aspects of promiscuity for women. Men and women ARE different from the evolutionary standpoint, and the cost of promiscuity is different for them as well. Your attempt to make men and women equal on the biological level is pathetic – all it takes is a bit of reading to blow your theories out of the water. Did you see the study that says that the more partners a woman has the lower the chances that she will remain in a long term marriage? Do you not see that the insane ‘feminism’ that you are preaching is destroying society by driving up divorce rates and falsely teaching women to be promiscuous as an act of brazen feminine empowerment? This is truly sad to see…

  24. Filip
    Filip says:

    Women like you are driving this society into the ground. The only thing to feel for Karen Owen is pity. Good luck to her in finding a man with self respect who will be able to respect her, I wish her the best. She made mistakes and we should hope she can learn from them. The reality is that no man wants to marry a slut. No matter how ‘liberated’ we have become. These things don’t change, they are ingrained in our make-up. There are differences between men and women, let’s celebrate them instead of trying to one-up each other. This is not a victory for women or men, it’s a loss for society as a whole, and your attitude on this blog is a disgrace.

  25. Janet Errington
    Janet Errington says:

    What I find offensive are the comments calling Penelope a feminist.
    As a baby boomer I spent years experiencing male chauvinism and objectification of my body, years lobbying for a more equitable society, for an awareness of domestic violence. I am a feminist and proud.
    Comments calling Karen Owen a slut and unfit for marriage ARE patriarchal and narrow minded.
    But calling her actions empowering and an example to follow are worse. She bragged about the objectification of her body, and objectified those of others – misogony and misandry are equally despicable. The fact that it was included in a poorly formatted powerpoint presentation is hardly significant, and if Penelope ever had enveloped herself in the feminist struggle in any significant way maybe she would have realized this. Publishing the explicit details of your sex life may feel personally empowering, but is akin to leaking a sex tape in order gain fame – just plays into the male understanding of the female body as nothing more than a sex object. You are not helping young girls break through any glass ceilings, but merely putting more pressure on them to sexualize their image in order to please males and “fit in” a society that is still male dominated.
    Penelope is about as feminist as a 16 year old pop starlet who strips down to her undies during a music video to sell albums.

    • Jeff G
      Jeff G says:

      Well said, particularly about objectification. How the women praising Owen have deluded themselves into thinking this is empowering, when it is in fact the exact opposite of that, is beyond me. The PPT does nothing but encourage and give cover/justification those men who would treat women like vapid sex objects. Praising Owen does nothing but encourage girls to follow Owen’s lead. That road won’t lead to any nirvana – it’ll be a sad life, that is for sure. That’s reality.

  26. Michael Enright
    Michael Enright says:

    Oh please, stop with this moralizing already.
    Let me tell you as a woman at Duke, she admits to sleeping with 13 jocks in 4 years, you can bet that she slept with at least the same amount of losers in the same period. At Duke this is not unusual for any woman attending there.
    I can assure you that just about any woman at Duke slept with at least 25 men in the four years that they attended there.
    This is something we can celebrate, the sexual freedom of people. Any Questions?

    • Jeff G
      Jeff G says:

      Here’s my question – you have any evidence to back up your “assurance”? I highly doubt it. I don’t buy your blanket assertion – I am sure there were some girls who did what you say, and also plenty who didn’t.

      I also am amazed that anyone who is not a jock is a “loser” in your opinion. You sound like someone who really enjoys making sweeping generalizations.

      • Michael Enright
        Michael Enright says:

        My only “assurance” is personal experience.
        As far as the losers, I am using Owen’s own yardstick, she only bothers to list the jocks in her essay, I can assure you that she slept with others but didn’t feel to include the losers in the slide show.

  27. MaMu1977
    MaMu1977 says:

    Not to sound too misogynistic, but here are the reasons why the male commenters keep on insisting that Ms. Owen will have a hard time finding a “good” man to become her husband.

    1. She’s “promiscuous”. Despite what the TV box with the moving pictures suggests, the majority of American men (from the creme de la creme to the stereotypical porn-consuming loser) can count all of their lovers without stooping to remove their socks. Barring the quasi-sociopathic (as in serial rapists, uber-entitled trust fund kids/suburban spawn and most Internet-style PUAs), sexual libertines (such as swingers, BDSM lifestylers and the various types of hipsters) and celebrities (from the most minor of musicians and sportsmen to the men who can earn a production studio or recording company in excess of nine figures by simply attaching their names to a project), most men “top out” below double figures (pre-marriage). By naming and giving direct pictorial evidence of thirteen lovers, she’s managed to exceed the mate/hook-up count of most American men with very little effort (in comparison to the amount of effort through wooing and demonstration of provider status that all but the most gifted men are taught to undergo.) In one fell swoop, she’s managed to make herself persona non grata to every insecure, socially conservative or chauvinistic man in the English-speaking (and many non-English speaking) parts of the Internet. And seeing as how she’s been featured on television, her ride is far from over.

    2. She told too many details. For the men who aren’t conservative (“slut” accepting, for shorthand), who aren’t insecure (because they’ve hit their double digits or have ego enough to assume that they can “tame” her) and who aren’t chauvinistic (enlightenment takes on many forms), she’s now the postergirl for self-centered indiscretion. Every man who’s managed to date more than one woman in his life has crossed paths with the woman who tells her girlfriends everything. And by “everything”, I mean everything (penis size, lovemaking prowess/skills, kinks/fetishes, etc.), things that she’d literally blow a gasket over if the tables were turned. And there’s nothing that annoys a man more than having a dinner with friends who he doesn’t consider “close/intimate enough” to know details, yet who have no problem with making comments that reveal his secret life (the drunkenly blurted, “You like those heels and that skirt? I thought that plaid skirts and Mary Janes were more your style oops!” come to mind.) Her “pedestrian” details were far more graphic than anything that you’d hear from a group of the world’s most sexually insecure/assured men. And the details were backed up with pictures of the men in question and a verifiable time frame for the hook-ups, leaving little to be verified. So, in essence, she’s also managed to turn off the vast majority of men who are left over who also value discretion (after all, if she’s this blase about strangers, who knows what she’ll say about her husband, bragging or otherwise?)

    {Personal admission which I will add because I don’t have readily identifiable information: I had a former girlfriend who’d always invite me out for ice cream when her friends were at her apartment. Apparently, my ice cream consumption style was in some way titillating to their oral sex-deprived eyes. Yes, we aren’t together, and I haven’t spoken to her in three years.)

    3. She’s either opportunistic to a fault or a blithering idiot. Any grown person who honestly believes that their sexual life (in modern times) isn’t or couldn’t be turned into gossip fodder at the slightest hint of outre behaviour either has the social intelligence of a sloth or a disturbingly low level of respect for the intelligence of others. Using her status as a Duke graduate alone, a sensible man is forced to two conclusions: She’s either blindingly intelligent or has high-level connections. An intelligent person (barring shut-ins, homeschoolers or utter outcasts, of which she is neither) would have enough sense to separate their sexual life from their public life. A person who grew up with the level of connections needed to gain access to the halls of Duke would have been raised or indoctrinated with the idea of keeping a clean “face”. By not only making her sexuality the focus of a research project, but actually translating her sexuality into an easily accessible/transferable/researchable form, she’s shown herself to possess the mental acuity of a Facebook-blessed middle-schooler who’s just discovered that kissing is “fun” (except with extra treatises on cock size and the pleasures of rough sex.) Men can and do like women who make them look and feel smart, but we aren’t in the market for blithering idiots.

    In summation, we have a woman who’s given herself a reputation of being “slutty”, “loud-mouthed” and “ignorant”. On top of that, we also have a woman who’s most obvious personal ambitions would have to include (if nothing else) a man who’s either near or at the top of the “mountain” (because Duke graduates aren’t known for marrying Waffle House waitresses or binmen.)

    What high-level businessman or financier is going to attach himself to a woman who’s brazen enough to allow her sexual exploits to be broadcast online? (Indiscreet and stupid enough to ignore the indiscretion aren’t good attributes for the wife of a man who holds millions of dollars of other peoples’ money in his hands on a daily basis.) What doctor, engineer or is going to risk his reputation by attaching himself to a “brazen slut”? For many careers, the difference between languishing in middle-management and becoming the top dog is having a sterling reputation, and her current “reputation” is enough to drag down almost anyone. So men who are trying to climb the corporate/etc. ladder will probably pump and dump to avoid the baggage.

    For the men who are willing to look past that, they’ve attached themselves to a woman who was able to attend Duke without outlaying a dime of her own money (IOW, a woman who’s accustomed to a certain standard of living.) They’ve also attached themselves to a woman for whom they’ll always have to set up a good “defense” (from a professional and personal standpoint. There will always be a man around to insult and/or attempt to seduce so-and-so’s wife because she literally put herself out there as being “promiscuous”. That’s a major bale to tote for many man. Additionally, if her main goal in life is to find herself a six-figure moneymaker, she’s quickly going to be dissatisfied with a husband whose career has been derailed by his wife’s “reputation”. Six-figure salaries allow for expenses such as new luxury cars every year and expensive trips every summer, things that even a high-five-figure husband would be hard-pressed to maintain. And if his lack of upward mobility can be traced in any way, shape or form to her presence in his life, eventually sparks will fly.

    That being said, there are plenty of men who won’t give half a shit about her “reputation”, and more power to them (IMO). After more than a dozen seasons spent in Europe, I’m well-acquainted with the mind-set of the Euro-style “liberal” person (sexual peccadilloes included.) Thirteen guys in 4 years, hell, they’ve fucked thirteen girls in a good summer! A Powerpoint presentation, well, a geeky/kinky cute chick who knows her way around computers doesn’t just fall from the sky! But (there’s always a “but”), those guys almost always fall into two categories: uber-discreet or flamboyantly deviant.

    If she meets the former, she’ll find herself married to a man who’ll probably be too nervous to anything more than “vanilla” for fear of finding himself subjected to another “art project” or “dissertation” at the hands of his wife. When the sex becomes boring (and it will if the man in question doesn’t want or is afraid of letting her know his “sexual secrets”), their marriage will deteriorate as quickly as meringue left in the sun.

    If she meets the latter, she’ll find herself in the same place she is now, famous for her relatively minor (but culturally outrageous) sexual exploits. Given the fact that she’s essentially removed herself from the public sphere due to embarrassment, it’s difficult for me to imagine her finding “eternal happiness” with a man who chooses to marry her because she’s “already shown everyone that she’s a ‘freak’.”, a thought process which leads to some very non-Church-sanctioned activities. If she can’t handle the idea of being known for the “unforgivable” crime of having sex with thirteen people, I doubt that she’s going to grin and bear it if her husband dangles her prior history in her face while brandishing tickets to Hedonism. Or if he tells her that his boss is “a big fan” of hers when promotion time comes around (wink wink on his part. After all, noone misses a slice from a cut loaf.) And if her “research” was supposed to be her “unmentioned” college experiences (something to enjoy, remember and ultimately deny), having a spouse who’s continually trying to return her to “the good old days” is going to chafe more than iron armor.

    I refuse to draw negative judgment against her carnal behaviour. However, I’m unable to ignore her lack of tact and (potentially) libelous conduct in framing her experiences for consumption. At the very least, she could have blacked out the eyes of her paramours, referred to them with initials and attributed the Powerpoint in question to an assumed name. If the “thesis” had been written by “A Duke University Knock-Out”, featured men such as “Mr. 10” and “Saucy Aussie”, and the pictures of the men in question were taken by her in less identifiable circumstances, the entire thing could have been avoided. Instead, she took the easier and (as Owen’s friend revealed through an indiscretion of her own) sleazier way to glory. And like Monica Lewinsky (a woman who’s essentially marriage-bane despite her own academic pedigree), she’ll be the worse (romance-wise) for it.

  28. sweety8786
    sweety8786 says:

    Well article, particularly about objectification. How the women praising Owen have deluded themselves into thinking this is empowering, when it is in fact the exact opposite of that, is beyond me.

  29. Mark
    Mark says:

    Wow – how can you defend this slut? What’s so great about giving it up to an entire sports team? She’s ruined her name, and any self-respecting, confident man would never even consider dating her after reading about this.

    I like your career advice, but you’re totally off the mark here.

  30. Rachel
    Rachel says:

    I think its sad that she got used by so many emotionally unintelligent men, although I think in this case, a 10 doesn’t date a 1, in the sense that I feel she was being unintelligent about it too.

    Its one thing to have a lot of sex with a lot of people. And I wouldn’t ever call her a slut, because I hate the word and the gender inequality associated with it, but I do think its sad that she rested her self esteem on BAD sex.

    She claimed the “conquest” identity (historically reserved for men) as her own, and this is somehow meant to be “empowerment” yet she never stopped to realize that a) she was having *terrible* sex, so was probably getting more from the idea of lots of sex than the sex itself (which is not empowering) and b) as men are getting more emotionally intelligent through learning better social skills (i.e. empowering themselves) and they are moving away from resting their self esteem on “endless conquests”/ “being a player”. Just because this is a mans world doesn’t mean the men do the right thing.

    Its totally fine with me to have sex with tonnes of people, but there has to be some *introspection* involved to guarantee quality sex, and to make sure all parties feel respected and valued as human beings.

    This matters whether you have 1 or 100+ partners over your lifetime.

  31. Badppl
    Badppl says:

    Those commentors are killing the fun out off lives. This young woman have the courage and aspiration to explore her sexuality. Being sexually casual is not a serious issue today. Her carving for bigger dick will make her a better person academically and mentally.The companies love young females who have to courage to break the social barrier and suck the bosses’ balls.As such a free and demoratic young woman, she will be very successful in her lives.

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