Live video chat: How to find the hidden job market


This video chat will take place Friday, March 12, 1pm eastern. (Sign up here.) This chat will be about how to get a job by looking in the right places. (And, I am experimenting with mysterious titles for my video chats. Do more people sign up if the title sounds like a Nancy Drew mystery?)

The last video chat was so out of control that I actually got reprimanded from just about everyone in the company. Except Andrew Shell, who said it was funny and funny is all people care about.

So I have a choice of doing a private chat for Andrew, or I can switch up the format to be less obnoxious. And, as I am trying to be more likable, being less obnoxious will be good for me. So this week I’m doing the video chat alone. And for those of you who are disappointed that Ryan Paugh won’t be there, take solace in this: The headset for doing the video alone is much better with my hair than the headset for doing a video with Ryan.

Sign up here to join the video chat on Friday.

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  1. Margaret
    Margaret says:

    I would love to see your video chats, but the timing is really off for me. Will they ever be available online afterwards?

    • Ryan Paugh
      Ryan Paugh says:

      Margaret, come watch my Live Video Chat this Sunday. I’ll be recapping some of the new concepts being shared at SXSW 2010 in Austin.

      In our last video chat, Penelope mentioned that leaving comments in blog posts by high-profile bloggers is a good way to get attention. I’m taking her advice :)

      Plus, she just told me that she was going to take a 30-min power nap, so I have a good window for shameless, self promotion.

      • Penelope Trunk
        Penelope Trunk says:

        Amazing. I go to sleep for an hour and I wake up an Ryan is spamming my blog about his webinar on Sunday. This is what I love about my company. What other company has coworkers spamming each others’ blog posts about company topics?

        Ryan’s comment makes me sad that he is not doing webinars with me anymore. I think I will tell him he has to try again next week.

        Also, Ryan, since I know you’re reading this. It it totally ridiculous that we are not archiving the videos so people can watch them later. And I am tired of telling people that we’ll do it this week and then we don’t, so can you please tell people why they can never watch recorded versions of the webinars? What is up?????


  2. Anna
    Anna says:

    Ryan is the one thing that makes your video chats tolerable for me, because he evens you out. I’d imagine a video chat with just you would be you yelling at every person who poses a question. No thanks.

    • Ryan Paugh
      Ryan Paugh says:

      Anna, I left you a comment above…accidentally addressed it to Margaret. Am I the only one that gets thrown for a loop w/ this comment format?

  3. Amy Bouck
    Amy Bouck says:

    Hey Penelope,
    Love the chats idea — but I haven’t been able to make one yet! Is there any way you could provide an archive these….?

  4. Sinead
    Sinead says:

    I third that! Your blog is beginning to feel like a pretty woman shop with lots of nice merchandise that won’t serve me! Any way to get the chats into an online archive soon? Your business is online after all.

  5. Shannon Coffey
    Shannon Coffey says:

    The live chat Penelope refers to in this post was by far the most hilarious, entertaining, edge-of-your-seat “webinar” that I’ve attended from BC yet. It was obvious Penelope was having a bad day, and she actually walked off for a few seconds at one point. But she answered our questions (a lot of which were pretty inane), and stuck around until the end. I wasn’t totally convinced she wasn’t putting us all on. Especially when she would say things like “Okay, I have to use a calmer tone of voice now,” and would then shift right into it like nothing had happened. Maybe she was putting us on then. ;)

    Just wanted to put in my 2 cents. I hope the folks at Brazen didn’t give Penelope too hard a time about that, as her amazing perspective (even on a bad day) is the thing bringing us all back.

    • Anna
      Anna says:

      I disagree. Penelope didn’t answer many questions, because she felt they were beneath her. In fact, I think she found the entire topic beneath her–which begs the question of why she agreed to do it in the first place. Questions are only inane if a) your audience is inexperienced, which is why they’re tuning in to your webinar in the first place, or b) because they’re frustrated at the lack of useful information in a webinar.

      Either way, ridiculing your audience is not the way to get them to tune in in the future. I will agree it was amusing, but it wasn’t informative, and it didn’t feel like a good use of my time.

      • Ross
        Ross says:

        @Anna I doubt she thought the questions were beneath her. If anything she was wondering why the same questions were being asked over and over again with different words. I may be wrong with that assumption but, I’m a firm believer that you get out what you put in.

        I remember ssomeone asked about Adsense – Then someone asked about monetizing the blog – Then someone asked about advertising on the blog… For goodness sakes, if the lady says don’t monetize the blog once – what makes you think her answers gonna change?

        I won’t be by the chat tonight because I’ve got some work to do – But I’ve enjoyed the chats I’ve been able to attend so far.

  6. Andrew Shell
    Andrew Shell says:

    @Shannon believe me, Penelope wasn’t “putting you on” you’re looking at one of the many faces of Penelope :)

    For the record, I don’t think that all people care about is funny, but I think it’s more important for it to be off the wall with some useful information then dry with a lot of information. That’s why Jim Cramer on Mad Money is so popular.

    People show up for the webinars partly because Penelope is a character. Being “Brazen” is her brand and in case people forget the definition of Brazen it’s “unrestrained by convention or propriety”

    Yes Penelope was out of control, but there was also a ton of useful content during the webinar.

    • hmmmf
      hmmmf says:

      You must have been watching a different webinar. “Ton of useful content”? Hardly. Almost NO useful content is more like it. However, since I DO get useful content from Penelope’s writing, I am willing to give a webinar one more try. My fear, however, is I will have to watch it at work on my lunch hour. Will the F bombs and C bombs be flying again? I can’t risk that. I may get out the headphones and see what happens. If she treats the watchers with such disdain again, I am out for good.

  7. Jenn Sutherland
    Jenn Sutherland says:

    I’m with Andrew. What I love about PT’s webcasts are that there’s a balance of really good information and entertainment value. I can’t usually tune in during the workday, but then I also think that the duo of Ryan and PT provides a good balance of GenX/Y. I hope there will be future webcasts with Ryan or other members of the Brazen crew.

    Either way, stick with the webcasts. I love the discussion happening in the chat nearly as much as the webcast itself. Some of it is silly chatter, but I’ve gotten some good nuggets and great connections with other amazing thinkers in the BC community that have expanded in other channels.

    • Chris
      Chris says:

      I’m with Jenn! I like the duo of Ryan Paugh and Penelope Trunk as it does provide a really good balance of GenX/Y, and I have never been bored during the webcasts. It’s great hearing differing perspectives.

  8. Shirley Henry
    Shirley Henry says:

    Please consider archiving the video chats, or scheduling some of them in pacific time zone friendly time slots.

  9. Adriana
    Adriana says:

    Humor is great. You are a very interesting person to watch a webinar of, and I think this is part of the reason you are so successful. I agree with Jenn and Andrew in that the webinars are a good balance of entertainment and knowledge. The last webinar was a little crazier than normal, but still manageable and I really got some good ideas from it! For instance, I am trying to leave more interesting comments on other people’s blogs.

  10. alex garay
    alex garay says:

    This would be a useful chat for me to attend as I just re-entered the job market. Looking forward to it.

  11. CarmelSantos
    CarmelSantos says:

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  12. Debra Feldman, JobWhiz
    Debra Feldman, JobWhiz says:

    What?! You are doing a webinar on the Hidden Job Market? I’d love to help you. I am the Mayor of the HIdden Job Market on FourSquare for heaven’s sake, which makes me a)almost cool and b) possibly knowledgable ( Networking is my life) . Please call me anytime today if you have questions or would just like to catch up. It has been ages and like the comments posted above by readers appreciate the essence of you, I am a big fan of yours from the Boomer’s geneartion.

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  14. Jo
    Jo says:

    Yes! could you post them online? I’ve been interested in both topics and haven’t been able to tune in…or how about some kind of brief synopsis? :)

  15. Sarah
    Sarah says:

    Yes, please archive these so that those of us who can’t “attend” can view them later! I would have loved to see this one…

  16. Find Jobs
    Find Jobs says:


    Yes, please archive these so that those of us who can’t “attend” can view them later! I would have loved to see this one –

  17. Peter2001
    Peter2001 says:

    I like the duo of Ryan Paugh and Penelope Trunk as it does provide a really good balance of GenX/Y, and I have never been bored during the webcasts. It’s great hearing differing perspectives.

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