Here is a map of where all the single men are:

I do not live near any single men. Well, I sort of do. My divorce lawyer has set me up with a few men in my hometown, Madison, Wisconsin. He told me that I am too focused on my work life. I need to get my personal life in order.

Here’s how things went:

One guy was a little chunky in the middle, but he is a real estate mogul. I know, you’re thinking, real estate mogul, in Wisconsin? Are there any? There are a few. I mean, Lake Michigan is a nice place in the summer, and also, someone’s gotta own the real estate around the Green Bay Packers stadium. And besides, you can invest in real estate from any state, really.

So I went out with the real estate guy. He said right away that he wants to diversify, and I thought right away that I’d get him to fund my company. But before I could move in for the kill, I started falling for him. Which was very bad because I did not have my dating pitch set. Only my company pitch. And, he actually said to me, “You need a better pitch.” About my marriage. He said that. He said I need to explain in a quick way what happened with the marriage.

I told him that I think that my husband probably has Asperger syndrome, and, hell, probably I do, too. And we are the marriage of varying degrees of social awkwardness. I told him that’s why I think our marriage fell apart.

That did not go well.

Fortunately, in a town like Madison, all the rich guys go to the same divorce lawyer, so my lawyer had another idea. A furniture store owner.

I was like, “DUH! Do you not see my income in these divorce papers? I cannot date a furniture salesman because maybe I’ll fall in love and marry him and he’ll stop working and then divorce me and I’ll be supporting two men for the rest of my life and still not be having sex.”

The divorce lawyer is a guy who can withstand many hysterical fits in one day probably because he charges hourly for them but also because it comes with the territory when you are helping people get through the worst time in their lives and they need someone to blame for it. So he said, “It’s not just furniture. He owns every furniture store in the state.”

I said I’d consider it. And while I was waiting for the divorce negotiations to kick into high gear, I noticed that all furniture delivery trucks have the guy’s name on them. Like there is a furniture monopoly in Madison or something.

So I called him. And then I got this idea.

I had this radio show in Madison but I didn’t like doing it because it really doesn’t help my blog. So I stopped doing it because local radio is local and internet is not local. But then I thought that I could get this guy to give me a new dining room set if I could say his name on the radio during my show. Like, product placement. And then I started fantasizing about my dates with him and at the end of a great night of marketing discussions and drunk flirting, we would end up putting great furniture inside a truck with his name on it and drive it to my house.

That’s the problem with all my dating. I can’t stop letting my mind turn it into a business transaction. I thought for a second that I had changed my ways when I finally got a guy into bed. After missing just about every cue he gave me over the course of almost two days. So there we were in bed, but I realized that he’s got all this great information about recruiting, and my company, which is actually in recruiting, could benefit from that.

So I asked him how candidates differentiate themselves.

He said, What?

Then he said that the best candidates never let anyone know they are looking. They just let people know what they’re great at.

We talked and then I was happy that I had something to write about and I fell asleep in his arms.

This is how I know I better move to a place that has more single men. Because look, I’ve gone through three already and not been able to stay focused on the non-work part of things. I need more chances to figure out how to separate my work life and my personal life. I am not totally sure how to do it.

Am I the only woman with this problem? Don’t most women spend the majority of their time with men in a work situation? And don’t most women train themselves to not do dating when it’s time to do work? So how do we retrain ourselves? I am so good at figuring out how to do business with every guy I meet. How does this translate on a date?