I’m in the New York Times, for better or worse


If you are coming here because you read the article about blogging about divorce in the New York Times, here is a road map to this blog: The blog is primarily about careers but when my family life relates to that topic, I write about my family.

Here are posts about my divorce:
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A case study in staying resilient: my divorce February 27, 2008 (116 comments)

Here are posts about other aspects of my family life:
An unexpected lesson about procrastination January 1, 2007 (22 comments)

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Blending my kids and my career (not really) June 7, 2007 (45 comments)

I actually feel misquoted in the Times today. For example, I don’t blame my divorce on my son. But I’ve written before that if you talk to the press, you should expect to be misquoted, so this is a dose of my own medicine: Why journalists misquote everyone

If you want to comment to me about the New York Times article, you can do it on this post.

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  1. Elaine Basham
    Elaine Basham says:

    Penelope – among the things I’ve enjoyed about your blog is that it is – “advice at the intersection of work and life” – you tell it like it is, whether it’s happening in your professional or personal life – those worlds do intersect (and yes, sometimes collide) for all of us – that’s why you’re successful and that’s why people keep coming back for more! Thanks for being here, and for sharing at the intersection, even though the traffic jams can be a nightmare!

  2. Laura
    Laura says:

    Hi Penelope,
    I used to read your blog daily, and fell off the wagon about 6 months ago. Holy crap, autism and divorce! Silver lining = it certainly spices up the career column? :-) (You have to keep your sense of humor in times like these.) I’m so going to add you back to my daily must visit list.

  3. Marina Romashko
    Marina Romashko says:

    I was in a train and someone was reading NYT, OMG it is Penelope and she is so adorable and radiant, it was my first thought!! In between Love ur blog! Implement in my life on-daily basis :). Thank U!

  4. Jan Richards
    Jan Richards says:

    Arrived at your blog through Alltop rather than NYT article. Many -and intense – chapters you’ve lived.

    It reminds me of a thought I had a few years ago when I was taking a screen writing class. It was soon after my mother died, the year after my brother died suddenly, when I was getting used to future responsibilities including guardianship sometime down the road for my older sister who has cerebral palsy. At this time, I was just trying to keep my head above water, taking it all in, getting used to the life I have, and the still life ahead, whatever it presents. In a flash, on my way to screenwriting class, I thought, “I’m writing a script, but I’m LIVING the movie first!”

    Good luck with the chapter you’re in, and the ones still ahead.

    Your blog is great – interesting, well-written, much useful information, as well.

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