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How to balance your business and your family

Some days I am gung ho about entrepreneurship and I’m spending the day with my kids while money comes in from my blog and my coaching and I think “I’m great, I’m living the 4-hour workweek,” and for one minute I

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4-Day course with Penelope: How to start an online business

This course includes four days of video sessions and email-based course materials. You can purchase this course for anytime, on-demand access. The cost is $195.   Sign up now. This course is a peek into the inner workings of my life; how I figure out

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Your weird behavior is the key to finding your career niche

My personal hygiene is holding back the growth of my startup. This month I am teaching a course: Get the Guts to Start Freelancing. If you are sick of me promoting my courses on this blog, then please note that

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Entrepreneurship is a spectrum: Find out where you are

The world of entrepreneurship is typically one of black and white. Magazine covers are full of people who have given up their lives to grow a billion dollar tech company. And the phalanx around those people are the entrepreneurs who

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Announcing my new company: Quistic

I am so relieved to be writing this post because I’ve been scared for a really long time. It is complete BS when people jump up and cheer about their new company’s launch, telling you how great they feel. Because

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Assess yourself: Should you launch a startup?

I fired Melissa. We were bickering all the time. And she was saying I’m impossible to work for and I was saying she’s impossible to manage. The problem is I’m a mad raving lunatic about making sure that people who

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Your spouse is always a partner in your business. Here’s how to make it work.

I stay up way too late at night running numbers for my new company. It’s incredible—me doing spreadsheets of financial projections—because I have dyscalculia, which means I was in special ed math and cannot do simple arithmetic, even now. But

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Take more risks to make life more fulfilling

I’m driving to the Madison airport to pick up Ian, my new partner in my new secret startup. I’m wearing the sunglasses that Melissa’s boyfriend said make her look too rich and too Type-A. The glasses are perfect for today.

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For God’s sake, do the first thing on your to do list first

Melissa says to me, “The reason you’re not writing is because you’re hiding. And if you hide something from blog readers you can’t cope. So you don’t write.” I tell Melissa, “If you’re going to move to New York then

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Your approach to mistakes defines your success

One of the first things I wondered about the Farmer when I met him is why he was even reading my blog. He told me, “I’m an entrepreneur.” I was hooked. I had no idea what he was talking about. But

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