My career began in Los Angeles, where I played professional beach volleyball. Then I went to graduate school for English. During that time I learned HTML, which allowed me to get a job at Ingram Micro, a Fortune 100 company, managing their website.  I wrote a column for Business 2.0 magazine about my experiences as a startup founder. I relocated to New York City and after only a few months at the next startup, I found myself a block from the World Trade Center when it fell.

I decided to be a full-time writer so I did not have to leave my apartment. And I focused on giving career advice instead of writing about myself.

Since making the switch, my writing has been syndicated in more than 200 newspapers, I published a best-selling business book and taught writing at Brown, Boston University, and the University of Paris. 

Four years ago, I started coaching people who wanted to be professional writers, but didn’t know where to start. My students have gone on to have great success. One person has seen her blog traffic increase 20% every month for two years, two people got book deals for nonfiction books and another person—who had never written anything before I worked with her—published a book of short essays that I keep on my nightstand. It reminds me what a joy it is to work with writers.

How I Became a Writer

Here’s how I became a writer. I started writing when I was six and wrote nonstop, about things no one cared about.

Nineteen years later I thought, I like to write, I should get paid for this.

So I went to graduate school for writing, and the first day, the teacher said, “If any of you can imagine yourselves doing anything but writing, you should do that. Writing is hard, and lonely and full of rejection and you’ll never make any money.”

I stayed in school (I had a fellowship – who can give up free money?) but after school I got a job in marketing at a Fortune 500 company. And I made a lot of money.

But I kept writing. For ten more years. I wrote after work, and when my jobs were slow, I wrote at work. I used my vacation time to send writing to publishers who rejected me. But then they stopped rejecting me. And slowly, I realized that I could support my family with my writing. So I took the leap. (And, note, a huge salary cut.)

If you think you want to be a writer, first pay heed to my teacher’s advice. If you still want to write, remember that most writers spend years and years writing before they get published. 

Choosing Your Path

There are six types of full-time careers that you can build with your writing. The first step is figuring out what path makes the most sense for your life, and directing your writing to reaching those goals.

Magazine writer – for writing snobs who have an internal ranking system for every magazine in the world 

Non-fiction book writer – for people who have to support a family and understand that the agent is your co-worker

Teaching magazine writers and non-fiction book writers – very profitable. It’s why I’m a millionaire. Haha. 

Public Relations – like magazine writers but you feel less fulfilled and you get paid more

Social media content – for the people who are fast, clever writers. Also, if you can move traffic you can make a ton of money

SEO – for people who are fast writers and not clever because clever doesn’t matter


Are you ready to reach your goals as a writer? I am hosting an intensive year-long course for writers who want to work directly with me to reach their goals. 

You should take this course if….

You have a story to tell, but can’t find time to write. 

You write everyday, but don’t know what you can do with your work. 

You want to build a full-time writing career, but don’t know where to start.

You dream of publishing a book, but aren’t sure how to make it happen. 

You run a blog, and want to take your writing to the next level.


I have packed everything I’ve learned over the past 15 years about becoming a professional writer in this year-long program. This course is customized for every single participant, so that you get meaningful feedback every step of the way. 

The writers I have worked with have had huge success:

One person has seen her blog traffic increase 20% every month for two years.

Two people got book deals for nonfiction books.

One person—who had never written anything before I worked with her—published a book of short essays that I keep on my nightstand. It reminds me what a joy it is to work with writers.


Unlimited Editing for an Entire Year 

When I started writing, it was sporadic. I didn’t like that I didn’t know if what I was writing was good or bad. I thought it might be good. But I didn’t trust myself. I wanted outside affirmation. I turned a corner when I realized that receiving consistent feedback from a seasoned writer made my own writing better and better each week. And the experience made me want to write regularly so I could get feedback: no writing meant no feedback for that week. Everyone who registers for this course gets unlimited editing for one year. You can send writing at anytime, and get direct feedback on what you can do to make your writing better.

One-on-One Coaching to Find Your Best Format

I ended up teaching writing at Harvard, Brown, and the University of Paris. Based on the curriculum I developed, I can help you discover the format of writing that is most true to you: fiction, nonfiction, long-form journalism, creative nonfiction, flash fiction, essay, memoir, op-ed. You might be surprised to discover that you’re naturally talented in a format you haven’t tried. Finding your best format will lead to you finding your hidden ability to write regularly about what matters to you. We will have a mini coaching session prior to the class beginning to figure out your best format, and to set goals for your writing.

52 Recorded Video lessons That You Can Access Anytime

I spent the past year teaching weekly writing classes where I shared all of my best advice for writers. These sessions are packed with new ways to think about your writing, insights on building your writing career and everything you need to know about getting published. You will get access to all 52 video lessons that you can watch anytime.

Weekly Live Classes and Group Critique Sessions 

Connecting with other writers that you can learn from is the fastest way to improve your own writing. We will host live classes twice weekly that will help you connect with other writers, learn new techniques and receive feedback on your own work. We’ll have an ongoing relationship the whole year via email and phone. Our live classes will include group workshops where you will give and receive feedback on your writing, book groups where we read short stories and talk about how they relate to your writing and technical classes where I talk about random topics and how it relates to my experience of learning how to write.

The Chance to be Published! 

Once you’re writing on a regular basis, I’ll make sure your writing adds up to something. I’m very goal-oriented, and I didn’t feel like a real writer until I had a goal for my writing. This might be true for you, too. Additionally, based on the success of this course, I have been able to secure a book deal for 2020. This means, at the end of 2020, the top stories from this course will be published in an anthology. And there’s nothing like the promise of publication to motivate a writer

Apply now to get full access for $1,550. (Payment plans available) 

Course Details

Topics We Will Cover:

Getting Your Book Published

Building a Freelance Writing Career

How to be a Good Storyteller

Finding the Discipline to Write

Editing Your Own Writing

Finding Your Voice

Choosing a Market

Writing Techniques and Form

What’s Included:

Unlimited Editing

52 Recorded Lessons

Weekly Live Classes

Publishing Opportunities

Personal Coaching

Group Critiques

Community Chats

Reading Assignments

Apply now to get full access for $1,550. (Payment plans available)