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Unlimited editing for a full year! Plus weekly videos and emails from me and many opportunities to receive feedback from the whole group. The course is $1550.

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Writers work best with an external deadline. We don’t realize it, but our definition of a successful writer means someone has attained external deadlines: Journalists have an editor, authors have a publication date, comedy writers have a showtime, publicists have a boss.

If you know you have something to say, but you have a hard time getting yourself to write on a regular schedule, this course is for you. Think of it as buying the external deadline so you can get started.

What does that include? In addition to unlimited editing for a year, check this out:

Self-discipline to write regularly and the self-confidence that follows. Knowing you are writing well is one of the best ways to get yourself to write. And we’ll reach that point by working together.

When I started writing, it was sporadic. I didn’t like that I didn’t know if what I was writing was good or bad. I thought it might be good. But I didn’t trust myself. I wanted outside affirmation.

I turned a corner when I realized that receiving consistent feedback from a seasoned writer made my own writing better and better each week. And the experience made me want to write regularly so I could get feedback: no writing meant no feedback for that week.

Insight into the format that showcases your particular talent. I ended up teaching writing at Harvard, Brown, and the University of Paris. Based on the curriculum I developed, I can help you discover the format of writing that is most true to you: fiction, nonfiction, long-form journalism, creative nonfiction, flash fiction, essay, memoir, op-ed. You might be surprised to discover that you’re naturally talented in a format you haven’t tried.

Finding your best format will lead to you finding your hidden ability to write regularly about what matters to you.

One-on-one coaching to create your own version of the writer’s life. We’ll have an ongoing relationship the whole year via email and phone. I’ll suggests topics, tactics, routines, and other solutions I’ve developed to overcome challenges in my own writing life.

A measurable, achievable goal that will make you feel accomplished. Once you’re writing on a regular basis, I’ll make sure your writing adds up to something. I’m very goal oriented, and I didn’t feel like a real writer until I had a goal for my writing. This might be true for you, too.

The people I’ve been working with for the past four years have had big success:

  • One person has seen her blog traffic increase 20% every month for two years.
  • Two people got book deals for nonfiction books.
  • One person changed from writing a blog to writing a memoir, and that switch enabled her to write almost every day for a year.
  • One person—who had never written anything before I worked with her—published a book of short essays that I keep on my nightstand. It reminds me what a joy it is to work with writers.

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I know it will change your life, because everyone I’ve worked with in this capacity has accomplished something meaningful to them and surprising to both of us.

No one succeeds alone, in anything. I’ll be your team for your writing.

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  1. Me
    Me says:

    So how does the guy in this course (that you trashed awhile ago) feel? The one you wrote about in this blog. The one I assume that has read your negative comments. Did he agree to have his writing critiqued publically here? Plus, you need a proofreader.

    Good luck…

    • Penelope Trunk
      Penelope Trunk says:

      The guy is someone who I know very well — I edited him before I launched this course. I talk with him on the phone a lot, and of course I asked him before I quoted him. Actually, my interactions with him are one of the reasons I decided to have a year-long course. I have really enjoyed getting to know him and watching his writing grow in surprising ways over a longer period of time.


  2. Jennifer Kaufman
    Jennifer Kaufman says:

    What are the actual names of the people you taught who became successful? I want to see the receipts.

    • Penelope Trunk
      Penelope Trunk says:

      This is a good question. Mostly because I’m trying something new, and I want the course to work. I have offered different parts of this course. But now I want to have a big, reliable group so we can critique each others’ writing. And I want to have meaningful relationships over a long period of time as I edit peoples’ writing. As I get a better sense of how to run courses like this, the price will go up. But right now I priced it at the lowest I could imagine doing this and still being happy, because I want a lot of people to try it.


  3. Ann Gichuhi
    Ann Gichuhi says:

    Nice write-up! Sure, getting feedback makes one confident because you know where you are going right and where you need to improve. New writers should definitely check out this.
    Thank you.

  4. says:

    My brother suggested I may like this blog. He was once entirely right.Thank you.

  5. JenX
    JenX says:

    I wish I could take this course. I have thought about my need for something like this. I’ve looked at grad programs in creative nonfiction, but what I really need to complete my memoir is a writing coach who will keep me on track and set deadlines. I did find a really great grad program via Bay Path in Massachusetts. It’s just what I wanted in a program, but I just can’t stomach 25k or more.

    Anyway, I miss your regular writing here, but do subscribe to Patreon. You are a fabulous writer. If I could find the money I would do this in a heartbeat.

    On another note, I wrote a post that I couldn’t write as long as my mom was living. I lost her on December 24, 2017. I’ve included the link so you can check it out. I know the courage you’ve shown in sharing your stories grew my own courage. I hope you’re doing great. I’ll always love you and be one of your biggest fans. –jennifer

  6. Marcos Leonardo
    Marcos Leonardo says:

    Hello Penelope, I really admire your writing skills, I was very interested. The cost is subtitled for those who do not speak English so well? Is it still open for sales?

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