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Of all the ways personality type has helped me in my life,  getting along with my significant other is the most valuable benefit but also the most stunning. Romantic relationships are complicated and difficult and personality type cuts through all of that. Really. And I’m excited to share the insights with you.

You can use personality type to pick a spouse that is a great match for you. And you can use personality type to make a marriage work, no matter which personality type you picked for a partner.

We can get along with anyone as long as we have empathy for that person. Also, the things that are annoying about a person emanate from the same personality traits that are great about the person — that is, our most pronounced strengths are also our most pronounced weaknesses. Which means in a long-term relationship the things that annoy us most about our partner actually contain a sort of secret code to getting along with our partner.

So I’ve put together a course about how different personality types work together so you can figure out who you should be dating, if that’s where you are in life. And you can figure out how to get along with the person you have already chosen, if you are partnered up already.

Unlock secrets for successful dating with personality type.

This course will help you understand the best personality type for you to date, and how to attract that person. The course will also show you how any match between you and each of the other types will unfold over the course of years. This way you can make a very educated decision about what sort of person to pursue, whether or not you should stay with a person you’re dating, and how to make any relationship more successful.

Use personality type to create a happy, enduring marriage.

This course will show you skills for getting along with your partner. You will discover that the arguments you have over and over again with your spouse are actually arguments that any two people with you and your partner’s type would be having all the time. Because all arguments are invariably about how we each process things, which is actually about type.

Learn the best communication techniques for your particular relationship.

Keeping a long-term relationship together requires understanding why someone does what they do, and why it makes sense for them. The magic of understanding what annoys you about a person is that invariably, that trait is part of what attracted you to that person. If you can understand that, you can keep a marriage together, in a positive, harmonious way. Because understanding personality type enables communication in a clear, productive, and supportive way.

Learn each personality type’s fatal flaw in relationships (and what to do about it).

Most arguments in a marriage are repetitive. That is, they come from misunderstanding the same personality tendencies over and over again. Someone who is always late, someone who is always cleaning. Someone who is very critical, someone who never notices details. These are all traits that can cause arguments in a marriage endlessly.

Relationship problems are seldom on person’s fault. Rather, relationship problems are the result of how two people interact, and if you can understand how people react based on their type, you will be able to not only predict conflict, but predict what will avoid conflict.

Personality type secrets relationship coaches will never tell you – but I will. 

Personality type gives you such a clear view into a relationship that I think all couples should take a course to understand their relationship through this lens. Everyone should know why they pick who they pick, and why that choice drives them crazy. Because knowing those things will make your relationship great. Really.

This course isn’t so much about right and wrong answers for dating and marriage. Rather, the course will tell you why relationships unfold the way they do so you have more of an ability to choose a relationship you want, and make the one you choose work better than ever before.

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