Here is some feedback from other people who have taken writing courses with me:

Penelope is absolutely brilliant at cutting through the bullshit.  – Cheryl C.

Your writing course is a way better crash course than anything I got in college.  – Caitlin

As a writer, you’d think I’d just write my own testimonials, but the research that shows people instinctively know a fake testimonial. I’m not sure how, but part of being a good writer is knowing your limits. That’ll be in the course.

Along with essentials like how to get the benefits of a blog without having to do all the work to maintain a blog. And how to get other people to publish your post on their popular site. And how to write blog posts people will love.

So you should sign up now!

Also, I’ll edit your blog post for you, and the combination of doing the class and then having an editor work on your post is a really fast way to learn. And you’ll get to hear a critique of everyone else’s posts as well. When I was learning to write I was so pissed off when someone didn’t like my writing that I almost couldn’t think straight. But I loved hearing why someone else’s writing was bad, so I listened more closely and learned the most from those in-class critiques.

What are you waiting for? There’s a money-back guarantee, so if you aren’t thrilled, just ask for a refund.

There. So sign up now.

I wanted to reward you for getting all the way to the bottom of this email. So here is another picture from my garden.

I asked my son what I could do to make him like the garden more. He said, “Put more girls in it.”

The end.

Sign up now. Quick! The course is filling up!

Just kidding. It’s on-demand so there is no limit. But you should sign up now anyway.