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I remember the shock of finding out I was an ENTJ. It’s so embarrassing to find out that all you care about is power. Well, power and money, because money is the measure of power. Well, and also with control, the more control I have over things I can build my power base with, and keep the money flowing.

Okay. So that’s me. And when I found out, at first I was like, “Oh my god, I can’t let anyone know about this.” Then I thought, “Oh, that must be why I always find myself at the front of the room—any room—telling people what to do.” Then I realized this must mean there are other people like me, and I wanted to meet them.

When I coach an ENTJ, we get so much done because ENTJs have the language of efficiency—unfettered by internal discussions with oneself (hello, INTJs) and emotional issues (the ENFJs). We don’t need to mull over 1000 untethered ideas (from ENTPs). We just want to make a decision and move on to the next thing.

This course will be like my easiest coaching sessions—all done in the language of ENTJs. We will not apologize for wanting to make as much money as possible, as fast as we can. We will not apologize for hating teams unless we are leading them. And we will not apologize for thinking there is no need for a vacation because working to meet ourngoals is so fun. Whatever. We will just be our socially unacceptable selves for a short time, and it will be fun.

Here are things we will do:

Day One: Three keys to ENTJ success. 

The pitch—how to talk about any idea you have so that you can get money, or buy in, or team allocation so you can make your vision a reality. Talking about your big ideas is the way you get your big ideas done. So you need to be great at conveying your vision to whoever is listening. I’ll show you how to do that. In fact, it’s my favorite thing to do.

The resume—the top of corporate life ENTJ-land. Which means that’s where you belong. But you need a resume that projects who you are so the people who read the resume know you fit right there with them, at the top. I’ll show you how to write a powerful resume that will get you in the door whenever you need to knock.

The team—you need to be a person who has a team that follows you wherever you go. Key players come with. They bring their friends. You attract great candidates and people watch what you do. This is what needs to happen for you to always have a team you can trust to implement your plans. In effect, you need to become the world’s most effective recruiter. And if you’ve never lead a team, this session will show you why leadership is your strong suit.

Day 2: ENTJ: Hurdles you must overcome. 

Understand what other people care about. Only 2% of the world is an ENTJ. So you have to be able to relate to other people. Not everyone has your high standards. Not everyone thrives on setting goals for themselves and not everyone lives in the future. Some people can’t see it at all, and they’re fine with that. This session will show you how to meet people where they are and get the best from them when interacting with them.

Set your own standards for good parenting. The loneliness and boredom of parenting is huge for an ENTJ because there is no one to lead (try leading a two-year-old) and there is no one to bounce ideas off of. But the ENTJ thrives as a parent if they run their family like they run a company:  organized, peaceful, and meeting each person’s needs, ENTJs can’t help but want to improve things, whether a product, a relationship, a soccer team—whatever the ENTJ is involved in, the ENTJ can see how it could be better, and takes action to make improvements.

Gain confidence as a rule breaker. ENTJs are incredibly self-confident to the point of being intimidating to even the most confident types. The area ENTJs waver is when they find themselves breaking lots of rules. It’s often unclear if it’s normal to break the rules or dysfunctional. In fact, ENTJs and ENTPs are the only two types who have both the self-confidence and independence to truly thrive as rule-breakers. We’ll talk about what makes effective rule-breaking and how to deal with other peoples’ inability to break rules.

Day 3:  Set up a life an ENTJ would love

Setting goals. The goals other people have are not appropriate for the ENTJ. Because you are a goal-meeting machine. So set lofty goals that will make a difference to you if you meet them. And create a team to help you hit that goal. The process of picking a goal, meeting it and picking another is what makes you tick. Set these processes in place wherever you go.

Career achievements.  You have more options than other types when it comes to career. For example, startup life is great for you, as long as you have an idea. So I’ll show you how to come up with an idea and evaluate a partner to execute the idea. And career change is easier for you because it’s mostly about self-confidence, which you have a lot of. I’ll show you how to figure out where you’ll find the most success and how to steer yourself in that direction.

A well-run personal life. We’ll discuss the best way to set up a family so it runs smoothly and meets the needs of all the family members. You’ll find out who is the best partner for an ENTJ. And you’ll learn key factors for a creating an organized, rewarding family without overwhelming people with your very high-standards. Also: ENTJs have a secret superpower for balancing their personal life and their work life and I’ll tell you what this is.

Special surprise: people tell what they have had to do to get along with the ENTJ in their life. We’ll hear from a range of people on what it’s like working with an ENTJ. Here’s a preview:

“His ability to make money is astounding. He’s a magnet for money.”

“No one has ever been so rude to me in my entire life.”

“How does she get all that done?”

Day 4: Ask me anything. This is the night we talk about specific issues you have about life as an ENTJ or any other topic you want to address.

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