This webinar will show you how to leverage your strengths by understanding personality type.  It includes four days of of video sessions and email-based course materials.  You can purchase this webinar for anytime, on-demand access. The cost is $199.

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The most popular webinar I’ve done is about personality type. I’ve taught thousands of people how to crack the code on personality type to get what they want in life.

But you know what? The on-deamand webinar that people have been downloading is really bad video quality. And people complain. To be honest, it’s mostly the ISTJs who complain, and ISTJs hate personality type anyway, because it is in their nature to hate everything except what is perfectly logical to them.

But even if I ignored the ISTJs, which, being an ENTJ, I am inclined to do, it is still true that the video quality of the webinar stinks. So I’m doing a second round of the course.

I could tell you that the course is so so fun and everyone loves it. But maybe you would think I’m saying that only because it’s so fun for me to make money from the course.

So here’s proof:  Melissa and I started doing the courses together when Melissa was always on the verge of not making rent. But since then, Melissa has taken everything she knows about personality type and turned it into a recruiting business and she’s on track to make half a million dollars this year.

Can you believe it? Even as I write this, I’m shocked.

So, anyway, you can be sure that I am not paying Melissa six figures to do this course with me, but she’s doing it with me anyway, because we have so much fun. The courses we do together always make us so happy, and we love meeting the people who attend, and I sort of feel like I am inviting you to a party and not a webinar.

Although I am charging you. But I think you get the point.

I am going to have to tell you what you’ll get from the course because I know people like to know that:

You will find out all the terrible aspects of each personality type. You will find out why your boss misses deadlines, why your spouse can’t stop arguing with you, and why you are not a millionaire by now.

You will find out essential tidbits about everyone’s strengths. For example ENTPs are the most adventurous in bed and ISTPs are the most competent in bed. Quick—pick which trait is more important to you.

Did you pick?

The course will also show you why you picked what you did.

I will show you tricks for memorizing traits of each type. For example, it’s hard to memorize that INTJs like to make elegant plans for complex problems, and ENTJs like to lead people with a big all-encompassing plan. But it’s easy to memorize how if an INTJ were going to commit a crime it would be murder and if an ENTJ were going to commit a crime it would be racketeering.

The reason I’m fanatically in love with learning about personality type is that it’s helped me so much in my life. Understanding what motivates me, and the people around me, has made me a better sales person, a better mom and a better wife. When I want to tell my brother to shut up, I remember his personality type and I remind myself what he really means when he says what it is that I want him to shut up about.

The best part of personality type, though, is that when I coach people they think I’m a mind reader. Almost all the time. The truth is that my coaching is a combination of two things: My ability to know what people are thinking and feeling based on their personality type, and my ability to say things to people that no one else will tell them.

I like that people tell me I’m clairvoyant, but you can get that too. Well, you can get the part where you can see it. I’m not sure if you can get the part where you will say it. That might be a special trait that gets you selected for special education in school, and top coaching awards as an adult.

I was going to put links in there — to special education and top coaching awards – but I am an ENTJ. Which means I’m very goal-oriented. And what I want you to do right now, before you read about my career as a special ed student, is to sign up for the course.

Here’s an outline of the course, which I may or may not stick to. But I promise you will learn tons about personality type and you’ll have a lot of fun.

What you get: Everyone will receive course materials, including a link to take a personality type test, and you will receive an explanation of your personality type. And, if you cannot watch the sessions live, you can download the recordings later. Plus, we’ll cover the following topics:

Day one: How to Become a Personality Type Expert

  • Understand your type. If you understand your own score you will overcome your weaknesses more readily and you will put yourself in positions where you are likely to succeed. Also, you’ll understand so much more about your past because you’ll have a better sense of who you are.
  • Understand other people’s types. It’s actually possible to hear about twenty sentences from someone and get a good sense of their score. And once you get good at that, you feel like a mind reader. It’s incredibly empowering because it allows you to connect with people much faster, and more meaningfully than every before. (This includes your kids. It’s so obvious to me that everyone should use personality type to parent. I can’t believe it’s not taught at PTA meetings.)
  • Use that information to be an extraordinary communicator. The key to talking to people so they will listen is understand how they want to hear you. Using personality type information to guide your communication makes you a better leader, better manager, better collaborator and even a better parent.

Day two: Leverage Personality Type to Make Work Great 

  • Be a better manager by understanding what motivates different types of people. You can only motivate people by using what they care about, not what you care about. Understanding the difference is essential to being able to lead a wide range of people.
  • Become a star in your career by understanding what truly sets you apart from other people at work. We underestimate our  standout strengths because they are so natural to us. They come so easily to us that we assume most people have them. The best way to understand how we are special is to understand other peoples’ strengths in the context of our own. This allows us to see how we fit together and how we stand out as well.
  • Recognize your hurdles as a product of your personality type and find new ways around them. Each of use can get to the top of our field if we know what is holding us back. Most people have a sense of their weakness, but weaknesses are paired with strengths, and if you see your weakness as part of your package you’ll understand better how to compensate.

Day three: Leverage Personality Type to Make Your Personal Life Great 

  • Find your best career path. If you’re stuck or you’re looking to change careers, you absolutely should understand the demands of your personality type before you move forward. The best way to make a smart career move is to do it in the context of your strengths within your personality type and what will make you feel fulfilled. For many people fulfillment is a mystery. Believe me: it will not be after this session.
  • Find your best inspiration. If you surround yourself with people who drain you, you don’t benefit and neither do they. Often, though, we pick people who are familiar to us instead of who is best for us. At work and at home our inspiration comes from our environment—if it is conducive to our finding fulfillment. Understanding your personality type is like getting a recipe for creating surroundings that will encourage your fulfillment.
  • Find your best mate. Really. You can use personality type to find your best mate. The system totally works. And even if it’s too late to pick a mate based on your personality type, understanding your needs in this context will make you better at getting your needs fulfilled, no matter who you are with.

Day four: Ask any question!

This will be the day we sort out individual issues with your score or your work or your life. And we will all learn about how other people think by hearing their score and their problems.

Buy it now.

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  1. Lynn
    Lynn says:

    Have never done a webinar. Do attendees need a camera on their computer/laptop/whatever for 2-way viewing? or can we just watch the webinar? I know, I know, who doesn’t have a camera these days but this laptop just doesn’t.

    • Gary Sarratt
      Gary Sarratt says:

      Personalidad clase type master: seminario de cuatro días con Penélope
      Publicado el 27 de agosto 2014 en Penélope Tronco – 6 Comentarios ↓

      Este webinar le mostrará cómo aprovechar sus puntos fuertes mediante la comprensión de tipo de personalidad. El curso es de 20:00 EST de lunes a 13 de octubre – jue 16 de octubre Incluye cuatro días de sesiones de video en vivo, chat en vivo y los materiales del curso basadas en correo electrónico. Si usted compra este curso en la próxima semana, el costo es de $ 145. Después de que el precio sube a $ 195.

      Compre ya.

      El seminario web más popular que he hecho es sobre el tipo de personalidad. He enseñado a miles de personas cómo descifrar el código del tipo de personalidad para conseguir lo que quieren en la vida.

      Pero ¿sabes qué? El webinar on-deamand que la gente ha estado descargando es realmente mala calidad de video. Y la gente se queja. Para ser honesto, es sobre todo los ISTJ que se quejan, y ISTJ odio personalidad de tipo de todos modos, porque está en su naturaleza a odiar a todo, excepto lo que es perfectamente lógico para ellos.

      Pero incluso si no hice caso de las ISTJ, que, al ser un ENTJ, me inclino a hacer, sigue siendo cierto que la calidad de vídeo del webinar apesta. Así que yo estoy haciendo una segunda vuelta del curso.

      Podría decirte que el curso es tan, tan divertido y todo el mundo le encanta. Pero tal vez se podría pensar que estoy diciendo que sólo porque es muy divertido para mí para hacer dinero de curso.

      Así que aquí está la prueba: Melissa y yo empezamos a hacer los cursos juntos cuando Melissa estaba siempre a punto de no hacer la renta. Pero desde entonces, Melissa ha tomado todo lo que sabe sobre el tipo de personalidad y lo convirtió en un negocio de reclutamiento y ella está en camino de hacer de este año medio millón de dólares.

      ¿Puedes creerlo? Mientras escribo esto, estoy sorprendido.

      Así que, de todos modos, usted puede estar seguro de que no tengo que pagar Melissa seis cifras que hacer este curso conmigo, pero lo está haciendo conmigo de todos modos, porque nos divertimos mucho. Los cursos que hacemos juntos siempre me hacen tan feliz, y nos encanta conocer a las personas que asisten, y en cierto modo me siento como que te estoy invitando a una fiesta y no un webinar.

      Aunque te estoy cobrando. Pero creo que usted consigue el punto.

      Voy a tener que decirle lo que se obtiene a partir del curso porque sé que la gente le gusta saber que:

      Usted encontrará todos los terribles aspectos de cada tipo de personalidad. Usted descubrirá por qué su jefe pierde plazos, ¿por qué su cónyuge no puede dejar de discutir con usted, y por qué no es un millonario por ahora.

      Usted descubrirá curiosidades esenciales acerca de las fortalezas de cada uno. Por ejemplo ENTP son los más aventureros en la cama y los ISTP son los más competentes en la cama. Quick-elegir qué rasgo es más importante para ti.


      El curso también le mostrará por qué eligió lo que hiciste.

      Yo te mostraré trucos para memorizar los rasgos de cada tipo. Por ejemplo, es difícil de memorizar que INTJs gusta hacer planes elegantes para problemas complejos, y ENTJ gusta llevar a la gente con un plan que lo abarca todo grande. Pero es fácil de memorizar cómo si un INTJ se iba a cometer un crimen que sería asesinato y si un ENTJ se iba a cometer un crimen que sería el crimen organizado.

      La razón por la que soy fanáticamente enamorado de aprender sobre el tipo de personalidad es que me ha ayudado mucho en mi vida. La comprensión de lo que me motiva, y la gente a mi alrededor, me ha hecho una mejor persona de las ventas, una mejor madre y mejor esposa. Cuando quiero decirle a mi hermano que se callara, me acuerdo de su tipo de personalidad y me recuerdo a mí mismo lo que realmente quiere decir cuando dice que es lo que quiero que se calle sobre.

      La mejor parte del tipo de personalidad, sin embargo, es que cuando entreno a personas que piensan que soy un lector de la mente. Casi todo el tiempo. La verdad es que mi entrenamiento es una combinación de dos cosas: Mi capacidad de saber lo que la gente piensa y siente en función de su tipo de personalidad, y mi capacidad de decir cosas a la gente que nadie más va a decirles.

      Me gusta que la gente me dice que soy clarividente, pero usted puede conseguir eso también. Bueno, se puede llegar a la parte donde se puede ver. No estoy seguro de si se puede llegar a la parte donde lo va a decir. Eso podría ser un rasgo especial que consigue que seleccionó para la educación especial en la escuela, y los principales premios de coaching como un adulto.

      Iba a poner enlaces en allí – a la educación especial y los principales premios de entrenamiento – pero soy un ENTJ. Lo que significa que soy muy orientado a objetivos. Y lo que quiero que hagas ahora mismo, antes de leer sobre mi carrera como estudiante de educación especial, es para inscribirse en el curso.

      He aquí un resumen del curso, que puede o no puede cumplir. Pero te prometo que aprenderás un montón sobre el tipo de personalidad y usted tendrá un montón de diversión.

      Lo que se obtiene: Todos recibirán los materiales del curso, incluyendo un enlace a una prueba de tipo de personalidad, y recibirá una explicación de su tipo de personalidad. Y, si usted no puede ver las sesiones en directo, puede descargar las grabaciones más tarde. Además, vamos a cubrir los siguientes temas:

      Día uno: Cómo convertirse en un tipo de personalidad de Expertos

      Entienda su tipo. Si usted entiende su propio arreglo en el que va a superar sus debilidades más fácilmente y usted ponerse en posiciones en las que es probable que tenga éxito. Además, podrás conocer mucho más acerca de su pasado, ya que tendrá una mejor idea de lo que eres.
      Comprender los tipos de otras personas. De hecho, es posible escuchar una veintena de condenas de alguien y obtener un buen sentido de su puntuación. Y una vez que usted consigue bueno en eso, te sientes como un lector de la mente. Es increíblemente empoderamiento, ya que le permite conectar con la gente mucho más rápido y de manera más significativa que cada antes. (Esto incluye a sus hijos. Es tan obvio para mí que todo el mundo debería utilizar el tipo de personalidad de los padres. No puedo creer que no es enseñado en las reuniones de la PTA.)
      Use esa información para ser un comunicador extraordinario. La clave para hablar con la gente por lo que van a escuchar es entender cómo quieren escucharte. El uso de la información de tipo de personalidad para guiar a su comunicación que hace un mejor líder, mejor director, mejor colaborador e incluso un mejor padre.
      Día dos: Apalancamiento Tipo de personalidad para hacer el trabajo Gran

      Sea un gerente mejor mediante la comprensión de lo que motiva a los diferentes tipos de personas. Sólo se puede motivar a las personas mediante el uso de lo que les importa, no lo que te importa. Entender la diferencia es esencial para ser capaz de llevar una gran variedad de personas.
      Conviértete en una estrella en su carrera mediante la comprensión de lo que realmente le diferencia de otras personas en el trabajo. Nosotros subestimamos nuestras fortalezas sobresalientes porque son tan naturales para nosotros. Vienen con tanta facilidad para nosotros que asumir la mayoría de las personas los tienen. La mejor manera de entender cómo somos especiales es entender las fortalezas de otras personas en el contexto de nuestra propia. Esto nos permite ver cómo encajamos juntos y cómo nos diferenciamos también.
      Reconozca sus obstáculos como un producto de su tipo de personalidad y encontrar nuevas formas a su alrededor. Cada uno de su uso puede llegar a la cima de nuestro campo, si sabemos lo que nos está deteniendo. La mayoría de la gente tiene un sentido de su debilidad, pero las debilidades se combinan con las fortalezas, y si ve que su debilidad como parte de su paquete vas a entender mejor cómo compensar.
      Día tres: Apalancamiento Tipo de personalidad para hacer su vida personal Gran

      Encuentra tu camino mejor carrera. Si usted está atascado o usted está mirando para cambiar de carrera, a pesar de todo debe entender las demandas de su tipo de personalidad antes de seguir adelante. La mejor manera de hacer un cambio de carrera inteligente es hacerlo en el contexto de sus puntos fuertes dentro de su tipo de personalidad y lo que te hará sentir plena. Para muchas personas el cumplimiento es un misterio. Créeme: no va a ser después de esta sesión.
      Encuentre su mejor inspiración. Si te rodeas de gente que te drenan, usted no se beneficia ni supone ninguna. A menudo, sin embargo, tomamos las personas que nos son familiares en lugar de que es mejor para nosotros. En el trabajo y en casa nuestra inspiración viene de nuestro medio ambiente, si es que es propicio para nuestra realización hallazgo. La comprensión de su tipo de personalidad es como obtener una receta para la creación de entornos que favorezcan su cumplimiento.
      Encuentre su mejor amigo. En serio. Usted puede utilizar el tipo de personalidad para encontrar su mejor amigo. El sistema funciona totalmente. E incluso si es demasiado tarde para recoger a un compañero en base a su tipo de personalidad, la comprensión de sus necesidades en este contexto le hará mejor en conseguir sus necesidades satisfechas, no importa con quién estás.
      Día cuatro: Pregunte a cualquier pregunta!

      Este será el día resolvemos cuestiones individuales con su puntuación o su trabajo o su vida. Y todos vamos a aprender acerca de lo que otras personas piensan al escuchar la puntuación obtenida y sus problemas.

      El costo es de $ 145 para la semana que viene y luego el precio subirá a $ 195.

      Compre ya.

      <No se puede conseguir el respeto hasta que usted sepa lo que usted quiere ser respetado por.

      Publicado en Cumplimiento
      6 comentarios en "Personalidad clase type master: seminario de cuatro días con Penélope"

      Lynn dice:
      27 de agosto 2014 a las 17:48
      Nunca he hecho un webinar. ¿Necesitan los asistentes una cámara en su ordenador / portátil / lo que sea para 2 vías de visión? o podemos simplemente ver el webinar? Lo sé, lo sé, que no tiene una cámara en estos días, pero este portátil simplemente no lo hace.

      Penélope Tronco dice:

    • karelys
      karelys says:

      Hey! mi español es perfecto :)

      Si compras el seminario yo estoy feliz de traducirlo para ti. Solo haz arreglos con Penelope en cuanto a permisos y todo eso.

  2. Natalie
    Natalie says:


    Do you plan to discuss Meyers-Briggs results that fall in the middle of a trait (3/4 of my scores are down the middle)?

    Also, I’m not sure that I particularly care about either adventure or competence when it comes to sex. I’m usually happy just getting the job done.

    • Penelope Trunk
      Penelope Trunk says:

      We will address this in the course. Many people will ask the question you are asking.

      It’s a pretty straightforward process to deal with an ambiguous looking score.


    • Penelope Trunk
      Penelope Trunk says:

      The hours are 8pm – 9pm EST. If you can’t make it to any of the live sessions, you can download the recorded video to watch on demand.


  3. Gary Sarratt
    Gary Sarratt says:

    Hi, P, it’s been too long! How have you and the fam been? I’ve been über busy keeping up with school, home and work. I graduate next may… hopefully, ha. I left a fb comment, I will repeat it here for whatever benefit it may hold, this is the gist: it’s a great advantage for a leader/manager, even paeon to change the way he views, and subsequently deals with, the people around him. How much study and practice will it require for him to instantly evaluate types and talents, thus meeting them with uncanny preknowledge of who they are? This fascinates me, as I am going into psych. What little I know of Myers-Briggs so far has given me great insight, largely thanks to you! KOKO, GS

  4. laura
    laura says:

    I hate Meyers Briggs because I want it to be so useful but I Never get the same result taking the test. Please tell me this is a dead giveaway that I am one type or another that just tends to change their priorities like a chameleon. Or else I am forced to accept I just don’t have a proper personality at all.

    • Penelope Trunk
      Penelope Trunk says:

      Yes, it’s a dead giveaway. I will explain it in the class. But the short answer is that only one type can get a different result every time and it’s because you live in the world of possibilities. You are open to almost anything.


  5. Elizabeth
    Elizabeth says:


    Can you give me the link to the test to find out what type I am prior to taking the course? Should I know prior? Thank you.

    • Penelope Trunk
      Penelope Trunk says:

      Sure. The test is actually always free. It’s here, at Qustic:

      The course tells you how to use your results to get what you want for your life. Also the course teaches you how to figure out another person’s personality type quickly and communicate more effectively with that person.


  6. josephine
    josephine says:

    Hello Penelope,

    I hope you are keeping well. Am I correct assuming that if one resides outside ECT, this will be available to view recorded, post event?

    With kind regards,

  7. Katrin
    Katrin says:

    For me, Almost every personality question can be answered in two entirely different ways (depending on whether we’re talking private or public persona)–so I have found them to be confusing and inconclusive. But, as an author who thrives in some instances and struggles at conferences etc. I could benefit from greater self awareness. WDYT about your class for someone like me?

    • Penelope Trunk
      Penelope Trunk says:

      Just because you are different in different situations doesn’t mean you don’t have a type. The course will show you how to nail down your type and understand why you are different in each situation. Also, once you know that, you’ll know how to do better in the situations that you don’t currently thrive in.


      • Lauren E Bishop (INFJ)
        Lauren E Bishop (INFJ) says:

        Just based on your comment here, I am guessing you are an INFJ. Lots of writers are INFJs. We are… Adaptable. Chameleons. And often have a different personality when in private (giveaway for introverts).

        I’d put money on it that you are an INFJ. It’s fun to type people with very little information, but I’m often only able to do it for people I *really* know or people who are INFJs. Interestingly enough, a disproportionate amount of my best friends are INFJs.

        • Ronane
          Ronane says:

          Lauren Bishop – your comment showed up as an email notification on my phone and I thought you were responding to me. It freaked me out, because I’m INFJ as well! I was really impressed there for a minute! :)

  8. Melani Dizon
    Melani Dizon says:

    I’m going to throw in my 2 cents for those who are on the fence. I took this course when it was first offered and it was fabulous. I have since listened to it multiple times and I still get something from it each time.

    I am certified to administer the test, I studied it as a grad student, I am fascinated by it, but even after all of this, I still have no fricken idea what my type is. Penelope will be able to tell me I’m sure:) but I still won’t believe her. I can confirm I am a P – obviously – but after that who the hell knows.

    But I actually don’t think that matters. People will tell you all day long that this assessment is bunk and should be wiped from the shelves. The other side will tell you it’s a miracle communication tool. I agree with the latter. I think it’s a great tool in that it opens up a conversation about preferences and how others approach their life and work. I think just being curious about it puts you ahead of the game because if you care what is going on it others’ heads, you will communicate better, or at least try to.

    I highly recommend the class – so fun, informative and so worth the investment.

  9. CeeBee
    CeeBee says:

    I want to say for those of you that always test different: this has always happened to me. I’m definitely an I and then the other three change. BUT! I recently took the one Penelope made up on her Quistic site and got an entirely new combo so I followed the link I got in the results email and that was my work personality to a T. I’m an ISFJ. I’d say I agree with 85% of what it described. I looked at other combos I’ve gotten and they didn’t describe me at all. Now if only I understood why I’m an ISFJ at work but not at home!

  10. Susie
    Susie says:

    Hi Penelope!

    I purchased this course through quistic about a month ago (absolutely love it) and was just wondering if the higher quality videos would be available to previous purchasers or whether the content would be slightly different and require buying the course again to view it? Thanks!

  11. Amy
    Amy says:

    Hi P – I have done several similar assessments at my previous employer, and after a certain point I started having self analysis-paralysis. Almost as though I don’t know who I am anymore. Maybe just indicative of my type and stage/self-awareness in life? So is there a trick to taking the test as genuine Amy? I don’t have access to Xanax.

    • Penelope Trunk
      Penelope Trunk says:

      We are actually the same person everywhere. There is a reason that you behave one way at work and one way at home — it’s because your personality type reacts one way to work and another way to home. Every personality type is different at home and at work. If nothing else, we have to accomplish different goals with different people at home an at work. The course explains to you how to see yourself in a more consistent way — how to understand why you do what you do when you do it.

      Also, once you understand yourself in an integrated, unified way, you will be better able to see other people that way as well, which is the key to being able to peg their type in a very short amount of time.


  12. Lisa
    Lisa says:

    I’m as ISTJ who loves the whole topic of personality. By the way, your Quistic test got me pegged correctly, just like every Myers Briggs assessment has for the past 20 years. :)

    I find there is one personality type (and it’s always the same type of person, though I couldn’t give you the letter combination) who loathes being labeled or put in a box. I always laugh to myself and think, “Of course. It’s in your nature to hate that.”

    • Penelope Trunk
      Penelope Trunk says:

      Yes. ENFP can’t stand to be labeled. They can see themselves as everything. What’s funny to me, though, is that most types couldn’t imagine being any other type. The type we are is SO us. I love that part. I love the part where we understand ourselves as who we really are and not who we thought we’d grow up to be, or who people wanted us to become.


      • Gary Sarratt
        Gary Sarratt says:

        Bingo. I have agonized between ENTP & ENFP for almost two years. I’m pretty much sticking with ENTP for the foreseeable future.

  13. Dory
    Dory says:

    PT, every couple of years I get the idea to visit your blog and spend a few hours madly skimming to catch up on your posts and activities during the time that I was away from it. It must’ve been a couple of years now, because I started thinking about you this week (for no particular reason).
    I mainly wanted to see how things are going with The Farmer, but it looks like his special section of your site hasn’t had an update in a long time; the last entry was made prior to the last time I visited your blog. Therefore, I had to scroll around a little and see if there are photos of him and little mentions in posts from the past year, and I see that there are, so that’s all right, and I am glad that you are still together.
    The nose-picking, car-accident post from this year made me feel unsettled, and several others annoyed me, and others actually did inspire me a little — so, just as usual, I find you frustrating sometimes; interesting sometimes; suspiciously, though creatively, overdramatically skating on the edge between fiction and non-fiction; a poor advice-giver sometimes; and a good advice-giver sometimes. Rolled into one. Which is how you have been for the past x (maybe 8 or 10; dunno) years that I’ve known of your site, and it’s comforting that you are consistent in your strangeness and uniqueness, and I’m very glad you are still thriving and expressing yourself.
    We share an admiration for the MBTI, which I faintly remember from my last visit here, but I started reading this post – the most recent one in your archives at the mo’ – thinking I was going to dislike your webinar description and find that it is to be an over-expensive, bog-standard presentation on the MBTI (yeah, not very open-minded of me, but beyond that, I was open-minded that I wanted to be closed-minded, and I always am willing to change my mind in the face of new evidence, as the strong “P – perceiver” that I am!) just so you could make some quick ‘webinar’ dosh, but you know, I do like the description of your ‘webinar’ and I think you have captured a lot about what is interesting and useful about the MBTI, and I am shocked that you can cover all that in just 4 hours or something, especially if people can ask questions during the event.
    A long time ago, I took a multi-week, multi-hour, in-person seminar on the MBTI, but I feel I’ve only scratched the surface, but then I am an E-and-I NTP, and I feel/think this way about almost everything that I have studied or worked at. :-) Which hampers me in American society because I’m too darn modest about my abilities and knowledge. ;-) But I’m really grateful to be this way, to have an active, flexible mind and spirit.
    Anyhoo, dear girl, keep on doing your thing, stay on *this* side of mental and physical health ‘cos you are *needed* here, and (sentence needs a third thing, don’t have one immediately coming to mind… uh….) you don’t need botox – stop the botox you silly loon!
    By the by, as an I-and-E NTP, I can report that high-ish levels of both adventurousness and competence in bed can sometimes exist in the same person/personality. :-D
    ‘Normal’ people can find that a little scary…. ha.
    Best wishes to you, until the next time!

  14. Ronane
    Ronane says:

    For those who have already signed up, have you received any materials just yet? I have not, but I wasn’t sure if those might come later. I did have a bit of an issue the last time I ordered a course, which resulted in a delay (though it was rectified very quickly once I contacted Penelope) and I wasn’t sure if that is what is going on now.

  15. Kay
    Kay says:

    I travel about 40% of the year for work, and the likelihood of me being abroad during this time is very high. Do you know if I will encounter any compatibility problems/how long will I be able to download the sessions in the event I have trouble accessing?

    Thank you.

    • Ronane
      Ronane says:

      Kay – I took one of her courses a few months ago (not live) and I’ve not had any trouble accessing it since. I don’t know if the recordings will be made available daily or altogether at the end, but once you download them, they’re yours to access at will. Take care.

  16. Kristen
    Kristen says:

    Hi Penelope.
    I was just wondering as someone who lives with regular bouts of depression and who often has no motivation, how the course would help me if I signed up for it? I can’t quite understand how knowing my personality type will help if I have little motivation to achieve even the things that interest me. How has your research helped you with living with Aspergers?
    Thanks in advance for sharing your thoughts.

  17. Ellen chamberlin
    Ellen chamberlin says:

    I have taken the comprehensive Myers Briggs test and the other tests, always comes out enfp (I hope for a different letter) I don’t know that it’s true ENFPs see themselves in everything. We establish connections with others quickly but not with ISTJs, they are difficult to get along with. But I guess since that is a judgement maybe I do see some J in my personality. :/

  18. Daniel N
    Daniel N says:

    I signed up and am looking forward to this experience. It sounds like it could be exhilarating, like a crisp jump into the ocean.

    What can be said about this recent article that (weakly) offers some criticisms of this type of personality-typing work?

  19. gebzeevdenevenakliyat
    gebzeevdenevenakliyat says:

    I travel about 40% of the year for work, and the likelihood of me being abroad during this time is very high. Do you know if I will encounter any compatibility problems/how long will I be able to download the sessions in the event I have trouble accessing?

    Thank you.

  20. Kendra
    Kendra says:

    Hi Penelope–
    I am an ENFP who spends my time improving quality of life for my INTJ husband and homeschooling my INTP, ISFJ and ENFP kids. Do you think this course would be helpful to me, or should I wait for one titled “How Homeschooling is Coaching, and How to Use Myers-Briggs to Do it”?
    Thanks! I appreciate your perspectives.

  21. Isi
    Isi says:

    Can we hear more about Melissa’s recruiting business and how she grew it to almost half a million dollars? I would love to pick her brain.

    I’m an ENFP/ENTP btw

  22. Ravindran Gopal
    Ravindran Gopal says:

    Very efficiently written information. It will be beneficial to anybody who utilizes it, including me. Keep up the good work. For sure i will check out more posts. This site seems to get a good amount of visitors.

  23. evelien
    evelien says:

    Hi Penelope,
    I wanted to buy the course this week, however it still says in the next week but the price has gone up to $199.
    Is next week last week?

  24. jen-sf
    jen-sf says:

    Hi Penelope,

    This is my first post though I’ve been reading and appreciating your blog for a few years. I’m interested in the webinar and just took the quistic personality test. I’m so confused! The result says I’m an ESFJ. From not too distant past results I’ve only ever come out as INFJ or ENFJ. I can see some of me in all 3 types. Is this kind of fluctuation common? I think I have a fairly good handle on my motivations and strengths/weaknesses. But my knowledge of the Myers Brigg is mild so I can’t self-diagnose why I got a different outcome. Your course description talks about helping us understand our types but what if I don’t feel confident in the results? Any illumination appreciated. Thanks.

    • me
      me says:

      jen-sf: FWIW, I experienced the same thing: getting different results from taking different versions of the MyersBriggs. I tested as an ISTP over 20 years ago & then as an ISFP more recently. However, when I took the Quistic version of the test, I came out as an INFJ.

      I think the difference in my scores is due to how the questions were posed: previous MB tests presented 7 possible responses on a scale (Strongly agree; Somewhat agree; Agree, etc.), versus Qusitic which provided a simple Yes/No response format.

      That’s the only reason I can see that my typical IST/FP results differed so greatly from my Quistic-derived INFJ result …

      Just a thought.

      • jen-sf
        jen-sf says:

        Hi me, I’m glad I’m not the only one with mixed results. Your reasoning for it makes sense – thanks for responding to my post. Though I wouldn’t mind being an ESFJ, I don’t think I am one. Some of characteristics apply for sure but others not really. Penelope: will you be addressing this issue in your webinar? Thanks.

  25. me
    me says:

    OT –

    Dear P: I hope you’ll post something on this 9/11 anniversary. I always learn something (& take comfort) from your words on this sad and somber day of remembrance ….

  26. lisa
    lisa says:

    I will be flying from the US back to Italy on Oct. 13 and it will be 2 a.m. for me when you go live on Oct. 16. I have taken the exam many many times and I have a great difficulty coming out with anything but ENTJ…so, it appears I am an ENTJ. So, now I am fascinated to learn how I could harness this knowledge and go after my dream career in the US after being an ex-pat in Italy for 14 years…..Will there be an on-demand possibility or …..????

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