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I need to tell you at the top of this that I also have a special guest for this webinar: Guy Kawasaki.

I probably should have a huge picture of Guy because really, he is the king of networking. The last time I hung out with him was at SXSW and he rented a limo to party-hop, because he was invited to all 50 parties that were going on that night. So we are bouncing from party to party and finally I announced, “Did you see how nice the lighting is in this limo? I’m not getting out anymore. I brought a book. I’m reading it.”

But Guy kept going. I asked him how he could manage that and he said,”It’s just part of my job.”

Networking is part of your job, too. It’s part of everyone’s job because really, all good things come from having a network.  Well, except one-night stands. But actually, I never had a good one-night stand, because if I liked the one-night stand then I would stalk the guy til he’d do it again and then it went from a good one-night stand to a bad short-term relationship.

So all good things come from networks.

The reason there is not a huge picture of Guy on this post is because I’m amazing at building a network, but my special skill is being able to build a network without ever leaving my house. Have I showed you a photo of my kitchen? I love it so much.

I love my kitchen because there’s nothing in it. So you can bet that my how-to-network webinar is not going to be about working a crowded room.

After living in LA for ten years and NY for ten years, I realized that I had an incredible network that allowed me to pretty much do whatever I want in my career, but creating that network didn’t require me to leave my apartment.

In fact, I do better when I network in front of my computer, because I have Aspergers. I have no social skills if you put me in front of people. So if you hate networking, I’m definitely your best teacher because I’ve had to learn to run my whole career without ever going to a networking event. And now I live on a farm, so I’m definitely not showing up anywhere, and my network is as strong as ever.

Melissa is also going to do the course with me. To give you a reminder, Melissa gets fired all the time, but she always gets a new, amazing job. You know why? She is incredible at networking. When Melissa needs a job, she just sends an email and gets one. I don’t even know how she does it, because I’m one of the people who fired her. So she’s going to tell all of us in the webinar.

We will have a contest in the webinar, and the winner will get Melissa writing emails for them to get a job. (I did not ask Melissa ahead of time, so Melissa, that is a little surprise for you.) We will rig the contest so crazy people cannot win. But you should know that Melissa and I have a very high tolerance for crazy. And, come to think of it, that might be why we are so good at networking.

So here is the outline of the course.

Session 1: Discover your best way to network. 

It doesn’t work to network if you hate what you’re doing, because then people will hate meeting you. This session will help you find a networking tactic that is both effective and comfortable for you. I’ll tell you a bunch of tactics you never dreamed would work.

Session 2: Target people you need help from. Get them interested in helping. 

Bonus guest! Guy Kawasaki!

Networking is about helping. If you know what you have to offer and you know what people need, then you are set. I’ll tell you how to figure out what people need. But also, since you are able to help a wide range of people (yes! really!) I’ll show you how to figure out who to focus on helping at which points in your life.

Session 3: Leverage your network to get whatever you want. 

Do you know how many connections I have on Linkedin? Like 1000. But statistically, you only need 30 people in your network for it to be a killer network. I’ll explain why, and I’ll show you how you already have about half of those people, no matter who you are. Once you know who your 30 people are, you’ll be blown away by how you can leverage those people to get whatever you want next in your career.

Session 4: Q&A Ask me anything!  

Remember, the cost of this webinar is $195.  

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