This year I finally admitted I’m not the climb-my-way-to-the-top type I was when I first started writing. Probably this happened a long time ago, and I was in denial. After all, so much of my identity was wrapped up in being a higher performer.

But I look at the most popular posts of the last year, and I see the change.

I remember when my agent said she could get me a $100,000 book deal to write about Generation Y. I thought, “That’s not me. I’m not even part of Generation Y.” But it was me. I just didn’t see it.

And now I see that the most popular posts are about admitting that life is not turning out how I expected. I don’t have any posts in this list about being king of the hill. But I do have a lot of posts about coping with adjusted expectations. And, based on your comments, it seems like we are adjusting together.  Thank you for doing that with me.

We are finally admitting that most women don’t want huge careers.

How to Pick a Husband if You Want to Have Kids 2200 likes

Yahoo Kills Telecommuting, Three Cheers for Marissa Mayer 1100 likes

I Had to Take a Xanax to Read Time Magazine this Week 700 likes


We are sick of pretending that school helps us in life. 

Kids Who Play Video Games Do Better as Adults 3200 likes

Universal Pre-K is Bad for Everyone 1000 likes

5 Things You Have to Unlearn to Succeed at Work 650 likes


We are done focusing on the idea of happiness. Tactics for coping are more interesting. 

The Pursuit of Happiness Makes Life Shallow 1200 likes

The Real Reason Parents Don’t Homeschool 715 likes


Also, thank you for sticking with me while I launched my fourth startup. What am I even doing launching another company? I don’t know. But it says a lot that I brainstormed my new company from a hospital bed.

I did a lot of big things with the company this year, but the thing I’m most proud of is something we did together: Word-of-mouth recommendations for the course Fast Track Your Career with Myers Briggs have made it my bestselling course ever. More than 600 people have taken the course so far. Thank you!

I wanted to end on that. I wanted my biggest achievement this year to be sales-oriented. Money-oriented. Taking-0ver-the-startup-world oriented. But the truth is that my biggest achievement this year is that I wrote a list of the most popular posts that is almost all about women in the workplace and education at home. I hope this is not career suicide.

Happy 2014.