I’m in the Fashion & Style section of the NYT. (For one sentence.) But still, I feel more stylish already.


If you’re here because you read the Tim Ferriss article in the New York Times today, you will probably want to read the blog post I wrote about my experiences with Tim Ferriss:

5 Time management tips I learned from years of hating Tim Ferriss

And, here are some other posts you might enjoy:

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I hope you enjoy my blog!


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  1. Emilia Jane
    Emilia Jane says:

    love the 5 Time management tricks I learned from years of hating Tim Ferriss link, somehow I’d previously missed it. also, I disagree with Hope, I like the new design.

  2. Kathryn C
    Kathryn C says:

    Yes I saw! I felt so in-the-know since reading your blog already. I thought you were going to go off on some rant….! I was hoping, and then they left us hanging.

    I haven’t been able to get through any of Tim’ books. I was in a coffee shop the other day and this guy, about Tim’s age, was literally reading lines out of The 4 hour body to his girlfriend. She seemed *so* uninterested– fake laughing & awkward silences when she didn’t understand the point. It was overall awkward situation for me to watch. When I read the article today, I came to realize that his target is guys, not me. So then I felt better about myself for not being able to get through his books. Or maybe I just like to waste lotsa time doing stupid things and his books make me feel guilty. Who knows…..

  3. Mark W.
    Mark W. says:

    I read in the NYT article that Tim Ferriss is training for an ultra-marathon which is anything over 26.2 miles. He might be interested in checking out this YouTube video ( http://tinyurl.com/co2szn ). Tim has got some competition here with this guy, Navy Seal David Goggins, who runs 150 miles in the event shown in this video. David Goggins runs the races to raise money for fallen soldier’s kids to go to college … and he runs to see what he’s made of and if there’s a limit to the human soul.

  4. Kablaam
    Kablaam says:

    Best bit of that NYT article is how Tim is trying to “hack” a long-term relationship.
    Based on his writings: good. luck. with. that.

    @Danielle: Tim *is* all about Tim because his audience is made up of people exactly like him. He has the least diverse audience I’ve ever seen on a blog.

  5. Dimi
    Dimi says:

    i just want to say that the new design has a problem.I cann’t see all of the archives. e.g i selected February and it says there are should be 12 posts but only 7 appear!

  6. FC
    FC says:

    I have really disliked the new format of this blog, and when I clicked onto Tim Ferriss’ blog at http://www.fourhourworkweek.com/blog/, I realized that it seems as if you modeled this blog redesign after his, down to the orange lettering, font, and sidebar style. I don’t know if you’ll attract new readers with this, but you may lose some old ones.

  7. Chris M.
    Chris M. says:

    Whenever a website changes layout, there are always people on both sides of the fence: “love it”, “hate it”.

    I like change, and part of me likes the new layout (specially the new navigation structure, which I’m sure will make people explore more posts and find what they would enjoy reading). But I can’t help associating this site with alltop.com, and it’s being hard for me to realize I am on Penelope’s website once I get here, just because it really doesn’t seem to reflect her personality as much as the old design did. Too me, it’s just “too corporate” a look, and doesn’t portrait the nice combination of things that Penelope is (for example, her love for books).

    So, I hope that with time the layout evolves to become less like an e-commerce website and more like the multifaceted, creative, and vibrant person that Penelope is.

  8. Gib Wallis
    Gib Wallis says:

    I love that you aren’t shy about capitalizing on your mention of him and lead readers right to your ripping him a new one!

    I also love that they quoted you.

    Dos they write you because of your blog entries our from some other method?

  9. cortney
    cortney says:

    how fun to be quoted in the paper of record subtly dissing someone who annoys you while driving traffic to your site.

    re: hope, your new design is fun.

  10. Devon Shane
    Devon Shane says:

    I think if you like the blog interface that is all that matters-it is supposed to represent you. Anyway, I just love your brazen-ness. I read your Aspberger/Sex blog and I can’t believe you write so openly about such deeply personal things in such a public forum. Personally, I find it refreshing and comforting to read. However, I am confused how it really relates to work and the professional world. I am also curious how you got so many followers to take notice of you (not that you are not thoroughly entertaining and helpful :) – any tips? Thank you, Devon

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