Seth Godin talking with Penelope, live this Thursday


Guess what? I’m going to Seth Godin’s house for my next webinar, which is super exciting to me because I’ve never met Seth, but I love his ideas. (It’s 1p est on April 29. Sign up here.) Seth and I will talk about his book, Linchpin. And I will thank him a thousand times for the encouraging emails he sent to me when I was moping on my blog that I was in my dip and I was worried that I couldn’t make it.

And you guys will ask questions that we will answer.

When I was talking with Seth about what we will talk about he wrote this back to me:

My take is that [generation Y] is the last one that will be as totally brainwashed by the system, by the schools and by companies and by society to believe that the industrial age (and compliance) is their ticket to the carnival. The smart ones will see that and play a different game, and the sooner they realize how bad the scam is, the faster they’ll recover.

I’m excited to hear him talk about this. And I’m excited to hear the questions you’ll have for him.

Sign up here.

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  1. Noah Fleming
    Noah Fleming says:

    I’ve signed up for it.

    Seth is my mentor. Linchpin is the message I’ve been thinking about for many years (but obviously had no clue of what/why I was feeling the way I did – e.g. The Lizard) and then Seth came along and put it into these magical words.

    Before I found Linchpin I was an astute student of the school of Seth. I have read all of Godin’s books at least once, but after reading Linchpin I became a believer that I need to spread this message as much as I can.

    While I may still be battling the lizard on a daily basis, I now at least now why I’m fighting it. I may not know exactly where I’m going, but I know where I’m not going.

    Looking forward to the webinar.

  2. Katie Pretzel
    Katie Pretzel says:

    SO looking forward to this! quick note – April 28 is a Wednesday…the call is on Wed, April 28, not Thurs, right?? Thank you for sharing your conversation with Seth!

  3. Margaret G.
    Margaret G. says:

    That’s really cool that you get to meet one of your heroes. Good job. But isn’t his take on post Gen Y a model of what we always need, whichever generation we’re talking about? Too many lemmings is never a good thing.
    Thanks for including the “7 Things to Consider” link. I had not read it in awhile and it’s a good example of one of the things you do so well: turn those horribly painful moments into endearing tales of survival. I’m glad you’re not that low anymore, though.

  4. Shannon
    Shannon says:

    My take is that Gen X (of which I am a part) realized how bad the scam is, but instead of changing the game, they tried to change themselves- with Prozac. I wonder, if Gen Y is more flexible, or more dynamic, does that mean they are also happier?

    • M.Amin
      M.Amin says:

      I would also love to see these webinars recorded or given advice on how I can access them post event – living on the otherside of the world – they are in the middle of the night and I’d really like to access them!
      I’d be great to have “global” access!

  5. john
    john says:

    I love hearing you social media types talking about being “brainwashed by the system”, “fighting compliance”, “playing a different game”, blah blah. I work in higher education and it tickles me to no end to see just how out of touch y’all are with what’s going on in the real world. You know, down here where real work gets done-ask the farmer about that.

    I can assure you that there will be no “playing a different game”, or writing their own story, or whatever euphemism you want to create tomorrow to describe the snake oil you are selling. You live in a world that I would liken to a blade of grass on a soccer field; so insignificant that its mere existence is unnoticed until it’s bagged up and hauled. The only brainwashing that is going on is the fact that at best 1% of all jobs on the planet deal in issues you talk about (and most of those are in your own self promoting circle of companies and ideas). Please, please, please do yourself a favor and come join those of us in the trenches actually trying to better the future with real productive work and results instead of this vacuous talk with no long tail. Whatever it is you’re talking about, there’s no There there.

      • Shawn
        Shawn says:

        “i work in higher education…”

        LOL, yeah this comment made me laugh too.

        Wow…the tone made me think someone needs to cut down on the weed and up the Prozac dosage.

        I get it though…
        Linchpin can be misunderstood as a direct threat to his job.

      • avant garde designer
        avant garde designer says:

        Funny, I was about to ask the same question.

        For years I worked in school administration (not as a teacher) and now I continuously take classes to keep up with my skills. I’ve yet to meet anyone who works in education and knows what the real world is other than the people they are educating. Yes, they know a lot about their students. But they don’t know much about people and life outside their classroom.

        John, you would be better off holding your comment and spending more time reading. You’ll learn something valuable.

  6. Siddhartha
    Siddhartha says:

    I’m looking forward to this. I really respect Seth Godin and am anxious to hear what he has to say, but I also think you’re going to come up with some great questions and I can’t wait to hear what they are.

    One thing Seth does really well is to convey ideas succinctly and with enthusiasm. So I’ll be waiting to be motivated.

    Too often we take so much time hearing the wrong things, forgetting the greatness striving within us to get out. We can make great things happen, with leadership and hard work.

  7. Bruce
    Bruce says:

    I’ve read “Linchpin” and found it inspiring as usual, but I just don’t see the reality of the book in terms of jobs. In part of the book, he talks about resumes being obselete, but that’s the only way I’ve ever gotten jobs and basically the same thing for all of my friends. If you’re looking for a job in the public sector (libraries, universities, government agencies, schools etc), that is hard to avoid.

    So what does Godin mean by this:
    “The smart ones will see that and play a different game, and the sooner they realize how bad the scam is, the faster they’ll recover.”

    I really want to know! All that comes to mind for me is web 2.0 start ups and other venture capital funded companies like that. Surely that’s a tiny fraction of the job market though? I want to play a different game but I don’t get how to actually do it.

  8. MagnesiumMan
    MagnesiumMan says:

    I would love to agree with Seth, and in his world it’s probably true – but the vast majority of people anywhere and anytime will be happy believing in the scam. It may not be the same scam we have today, but others will come along.

    It is true that hustling to get ahead will become second nature again. Americans have had an easy ride for a long time. While many work very very hard, the masses do just enough to get by and have lived quite well by being in the right country. That’s going to pass. Not only will people be more serious about getting ahead, I think that seriousness will have profound cultural implications.

    Still, I look forward to your chat.

  9. Matt at How To Get A Grip
    Matt at How To Get A Grip says:

    “The sooner they realize how bad the scam is, the sooner they’ll recover”.

    I’m not sure there’s anything that comes out of Seth’s mouth that isn’t oracle-like in its sagacity.

    Anyhow, if I’ve got my time-zones right, I should be able to listen in after work. Hope there’ll be a recording available if I’m putting my son to bed, though …

  10. Jen
    Jen says:

    Sounds like a fabulous webinar! I wish I didn’t have to work. I will check back and see what can be worked out…

  11. Mary
    Mary says:

    Please, please, please have this recorded. I’m going to try to listen in, but I’ll be at work so I don’t know if I’ll be able to. This is so exciting! An epic event!

    PT + SG = AWESOME!

  12. Richard
    Richard says:

    Seth is a great marketer, but he is also a keen observer. I look forward to this event. I am a “majority” baby boomer and agree that the current system is a scam. One simple example: We (via the people we elect to the federal government) have sold future generations down the river by mortgaging the nation, including notable attempts to buy votes and satisfy power brokers with back-to-back $700B+ bailouts by both major political parties… resulting in huge increases in the national debt. If you don’t see this as a symptom of the scam Seth is describing, we may be beyond the tipping point. I hope there is reason for hope!

  13. Work From Home Ideas Guy
    Work From Home Ideas Guy says:

    All signed up. Should be great! I love Seth’s blog, and have contributed to Squidoo for quite a while. His “unplug from the matrix” philosophy has always sparked my enthusiasm for the different.

    Looking forward,

  14. Mike
    Mike says:

    The real scam is snake oil salesmen like Seth Goden and Penelope Trunk brainwashing Generation Y that they can get paid for doing nothing more than putting their hands in someone else’s pocket. The real lie is saying everybody can be a “lynchpin” and nobody has to be a “cog.” That’s the problem with this country…everybody looking for the easy score, getting something for nothing, and nobody wants to do any real work, all aided and abetted by fools like Seth and Penelope. Meanwhile, the Chinese and the Indians are quietly and steadily buying up our massive debt and they will own us in 20 years. The Chinese and the Indians know that, to get things done, you need “cogs” who do real work. With people like Seth and Penelope spewing their crap, we’ll be the Chinese and Indians’ cogs in about 20 years. Talk about that in your webinar, losers.

    • Jon
      Jon says:

      Seems to me that you miss the point of what Seth and Penelope are saying. I understand the “cog” comment but what they are saying is not that you don’t do any work, but it’s that you actually work harder at self-maintenance and taking control of your own situation instead of aimlessly working at the same old routine and allow that to dictate how you live even if you don’t like it because you don’t want to redirect your efforts in a more productive way. Granted, though, I do agree that it is sometimes presented as being easier than it really is. However, to your cog point, it’s the same as going to college. Many jobs do not require a college education and many of those jobs are necessary jobs, so we need people to do them. This inevitably means that not everyone should feel forced to go to college, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t encourage a college education. While, theoretically, anyone can be a linchpin, not everyone is going to show the desire to be – which is fine, and they will be cogs – but that doesn’t mean there shouldn’t be a discussion going for those who do want to be one.

  15. lindsay
    lindsay says:

    man, I was only able to catch the end of this and it was AMAZING!!! Will it be posted somewhere later where we can listen to it again?! Please.

  16. Jonha
    Jonha says:

    Though you started late, it was one of the best reasons to stay up late. I developed a habit of attending all your webinars since the first one that I attended, you sure are such a great mentor Penelope! Talking with Seth was an added value and I love how you talked about getting into a dip to become a linchpin.

  17. Todd
    Todd says:

    Will the webinar be posted for those who logged in but could not stay after the delay?

    Thank you for the consideration.

  18. Rick
    Rick says:

    Wow – that’s super cool.

    I attended a seminar where Seth spoke a few years ago. He’s a great speaker and incredibly bright.

    Would love to be a fly on the wall to hear some of those conversations. I hope you’ll make some recordings available for the peanut gallery!

  19. Craig
    Craig says:

    I started reading 4-hour workweek and thought “wow, Tim Ferriss just fooled me into giving him money.” So I start looking around to see if others felt the same, and I came across your blog. Except it seems that you are just like him.

  20. Samantha
    Samantha says:

    Penelope & Staff,
    Thanks for making the webinars available by video. I’ve only been able to make one live and am totally appreciating being able to catch up. Love what your doing!

  21. Donna
    Donna says:

    Penelope, Just this morning I was reviewing Joe Fusco’s first comment on your post “4 Weight-loss tips from . . . the mental ward” and was struck by a thought of Seth Godin. Joe pointed out the pressure that exists in that intersection of work and life. It appears that so much of our self-flaggellation (in all forms) is a form of penance for failing to fit into that machine. In catching up with your latest entries I see you’ve hooked up with Seth. Wouldn’t you like to live amongst such accepting and positive people every moment of your life? It’s a goal to at least be one of those people, however, it is interesting the resistence that kind of behavior meets every day.

  22. Claudia
    Claudia says:

    Darn, I missed that, just read it today. Is there a recording of this webinar somewhere on your website? I’m a huge Seth Godin fan and subscribed to his daily newsletter. I would love to watch that webinar… please tell me that you recorded it and uploaded it somewhere :o)

    Thanks a lot, I really enjoy your blog!


  23. Tradeshow Giveaways
    Tradeshow Giveaways says:

    Lovely Post! I am one of the biggest admirers of Seth Godin. I’ve improved most of my marketing techniques reading his blog. If you don’t know Seth Godin, then you are just a newbie.

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