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Three columns leading up to the article you read about my divorce:

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A Case Study in Staying Resilient: My Divorce

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12 replies
  1. Helen
    Helen says:

    I really liked your LG article: Thanks for linking to it. It did a great job of pulling together some of the key points of your recent blog posts AND in a way that was soft, caring and thoughtful. These are compliments – it felt like a good friend going through a tough time but learning like crazy and surprisingly making sense of it all. If I knew of anyone going through a divorce right now…. I would send it to them. Thank you!

  2. Jessica Bond
    Jessica Bond says:

    The London article is a good reminder that no matter where we live – we all have the basic human challenges. Divorce is one of most stressful events in a family’s life. Practicing healthy habits such as balanced diet, sleep, exercise, and a positive support network of people will strengthen the body’s immune system and mind.

    Jessica Bond
    Medical Careerist

  3. Bally
    Bally says:

    Just a quick comment – The Guardian is not a London paper but is distributed UK-wide. As I’ve found to my cost, people from outside London can get a little sensitive about this kind of thing.

  4. Caitlin
    Caitlin says:

    As Bally says, it’s not the ‘London Guardian’, it’s just ‘The Guardian’. It’s a UK national newspaper, not a London newspaper. (And once upon a time it was the ‘Manchester Guardian’).

    I still don’t see why you say ‘a divorce comes with a promise to make a certain amount of money’. I’m sure it makes sense to you but I think it needs explaining. Why does it? Surely it’s about dividing the marital assets accumulated to date rather than about what money you earn in the future? Or are you seriously telling me that you might have to pay alimony? Even if you did, wouldn’t that be a percentage of earnings?

  5. Phil
    Phil says:

    It is clear you obviously did not want your marriage to succeed or you would not have aired your dirty laundry on your blog that is linked to many places on the web. Your latest blog actually invites non-informed new viewers to check out your divorce bloggings, which further backs up your marriage problems had a two fold benefit for you; the first being you get to exploit it and get more hits and the second being you finally get to be single again. Between your flirting that your regularly wrote about on and your bad mouthing your husband about being a stay at home nobody, your marriage sabotage is complete. I guess there is nothing better than exploiting a divorce for personal gain.

  6. Neuromancer
    Neuromancer says:

    As a long time Guardian Reader I found it interesting to read your article.

    re recycled blog posts err as opposed to what that ghastly Karen Brady Manages section.

    re Manchester Guardian vs Guardian I think in the states the old title is still in use.

    you know you have to blog about reusing 35mm film canisters now – and you know when you have made it when Keith Flett mentions your Colum on the letters page.

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