My twitter update: I love twitter so much.


I love that each twitter has to be 140 characters. I love the game of that. Word choice is so important. I am not prolific, but I am infatuated.

I think that most of the blog readers here don’t use twitter, so I wanted to let you know that my recent twitters are listed on the sidebar of my blog, and you should read them because I love writing them so much.

I am enticing you with two:

Friday I leave chocolates for the guy in the next office. Maybe I like him. Today they are still there, and I have PMS, so I eat them.

My second book is very late. Barack and I have the same book editor. His fame keeps my editor distracted, so I give money to his campaign.

You can see all 21 twitters listed here:

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  1. M Hentig
    M Hentig says:

    I think I like him, but I like chocolate more. You kill me! BTW, are you on any online dating services? Those really do work, and it’s nice to be able to get to know a little about people before you meet them. Good luck.

  2. Ed Borden
    Ed Borden says:

    She doesn’t need a dating service when she’s got a massively popular blog as a platform for exposure. Guys definitely dig famous chicks, c’mon, this isn’t hard.

    I’m married, I’m not trying to insinuate anything :)

    Re: Twitter, I think you’re approach to it is absolutely awesome. It’s truly an extension of your blog/personality, and it’s genuinely interesting/entertaining. A fresh difference from rest of the Twitter network which is absolute worthless nonsense.

    I try to use my own Twitter feed to put links to relevant articles to my own niche, and talk briefly about things that blip across my radar in the industry.

  3. Matt Elliott
    Matt Elliott says:

    Twitter is indeed really great. It’s one of those less-is-more situations, where the limitations of the platform add up to a better user experience. (I find I can learn more interesting things about someone from their twitter feed than their facebook page.)

    By the way, when you hit exactly 140 characters in a twitter post it’s called a ‘twoosh’:

  4. Dan Schawbel
    Dan Schawbel says:

    I think Twitter is amazing, yet it does consume a lot of time if you don’t use it wisely. If you have a blog, at least syndicate your feed through Twitter. If you want deeper connections with your readers, then Twitter can help you with that. It is also a great choice for continuing conversations or starting them, which can lead to a blog post.

  5. fancypance
    fancypance says:

    My geek friends call each twitter update a “tweet”. I like knowing the lingo, thought you might like knowing too. I was so excited when you followed me back on Twitter (even if you follow most people who follow you).

  6. Steve
    Steve says:

    I started twittering after my company,, decided we should hook up our answers service to Twitter. I had so much fun putting up links to funny stuff I found on the web with Twitter, I decided I would try “long form Twitter” by blogging again for the third time. Tried it in 2002, again in 2005, and now. Welcome to the Twitter world. It really is addictive.

    When we had the “big” Indiana/Illinois earthquake a couple of weeks back, you could tell the true Twitter addicts by who tweeted it first. I beat two friends by tweeting a couple of minutes before them….only 5 minutes after the quake.

  7. Norcross
    Norcross says:

    I just finally got it myself. Not sure why I wasn’t on it before, and not sure if I’ll keep up with it, but worth a shot none the less.

  8. Neil C
    Neil C says:

    I agree with Ed’s earlier comment-though your twitter is interesting & engaging most of everyone else’s is useless drivel. A quirky, funny personality helps on a site like this.

    It is a good exercise for a writer since it forces brevity. Not too many people on twitter are efficient enough with words to make it work.

  9. Joselle Palacios
    Joselle Palacios says:

    Penelope, I love your tweets. I said before, you can tell that you’re a talented writer because within such limitations, you say so much. Your entries are funny, moving and engaging.

    You inspired me to sign up for Twitter and since then, I have been hooked. And I’ve been blogging more. It’s been a real shot of inspiration.

  10. Ade
    Ade says:

    See how hard was that really? :)

    Dan: “If you have a blog, at least syndicate your feed through Twitter.”

    If I want to read a blog then I’ll subscribe to the RSS feed. Syndication on Twitter would just be noise. Tweets are different, they’re about what you’re doing now… much more ephemeral.

  11. chris
    chris says:

    Isn’t blogging about twittering and twittering about blogging kind of like an infinitely recursive subroutine?

    If a tree fell in the forest and no one was there to twitter or blog about it, did it really fall?

    Maybe I should have twittered my response to your blog.

  12. prklypr
    prklypr says:

    I have to be honest, I wasn’t even sure what twitter was until I stumbled onto your blog thru the NYTimes article (BTW, you look great in the photo). Now I love reading your blog and especially your tweets! Keep it coming :)

  13. david rees
    david rees says:

    I fret about my twittering.

    Twitter is such an immediate thing that if I get annoyed, I am much more likely to twitter about it than blog about it.

    I kind of treat blogging like making a full course meal – it takes a lot of work, but I am usually very pleased with the end result.

    On the other hand, twittering is like eating a low-fat chocolate pudding out of the fridge because you are bored.

  14. Stephanie
    Stephanie says:

    I signed up with Twitter last week. I like it so far, but I’m struggling with how often to Twitter (do most people twitter about their whole day?).

    P.S. I just “added you” and am now following you around… :)

  15. M Hentig
    M Hentig says:

    Just rereading the twitters, it strikes me how Haiku-ish they seem to be. So I rewrote yours.

    Chocos for guy next office.
    Maybe I like him.
    Today, still there, I eat them.

    Perhaps they should make twitter
    to be in Haiku
    form only. How poetic!

  16. LP
    LP says:

    I appreciate the haiku-like approach you’ve taken with your twittering. Most people use it as a way to send constant irrelevant updates about where they are, who they saw, and so forth.

  17. Laura
    Laura says:

    loving the new Penelope. You’ve morphed from that perfectly polished HR-bot into my crazy college roommate.

    oh, btw are you getting paid to Tweet? or is it gratuitous?

    * * * * * * *

    Paid to tweet? Hilarious. I like that you think of me getting paid as a possibility though…


  18. Recruiting Animal
    Recruiting Animal says:

    You’re the only Twitter artist I’ve seen so far. You’d think that the limited range would attract poetic types. Maybe I just mix in the wrong circles. Most of my Twitter buddies are telling me what they are having for lunch and when it’s time for bed.

  19. Casey @ OYFP
    Casey @ OYFP says:

    I signed up for Twitter a few months ago.. but have yet to use it. The artistic prose you offer appeals to the Haiku-ist within me, though…

    What I find interesting is the corporations who have used the service to connect with their customers – the best example being ComCast. Apparently’s CEO Tony Heirsh is also all “atwitter”: Tweets by Zappos Employees. They’re bonding with customers, appealing to their emotions. That can’t be bought… well, effectively, anyway.

  20. Kris
    Kris says:

    We are so glad that you have joined us in Twitterville! You are already recruiting new folks, even the “Sales Guy” is twittering now. Well, ok, he’s twittered once. But we’re working on that.

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