I’m speaking at BlogHer on Friday, July 27

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I’m speaking at the BlogHer Conference in Chicago on July 27. My panel is titled Self-Branding and Self-Promotion. I’ll be talking about how to use your marriage as a way to increase blog traffic. Just kidding. (By the way, I get way more traffic when I post bulleted lists about productivity, so keep your eye out for those…)

Nina Burokas and Stephanie Cockerl are on the panel as well.

I hope to see a bunch of you there.

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  1. Leslie M-B
    Leslie M-B says:

    Damn. I was hoping to go to BlogHer this year (since I’m a contributing editor to the site and all. . .), but it wasn’t in the stars. Looks like there are some especially good speakers this time around.

    Enjoy the conference.

  2. WhyMommy
    WhyMommy says:

    I’ll be there — in Second Life!

    I’ve never done SL before, but I have wanted so much to hear you and the other speakers that I’m braving the technology.

    Can’t wait to hear your talk!

  3. liz
    liz says:

    Grrr… Just heard about blogher today but registration ended on Friday. Is there any late registration or do I have to go to SL?

    * * * * * *
    Hmm. I just looked and I guess it is sold out. That’s impressive. Maybe it’s a good time to check out Second Life….


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