Brazen Careerist in the news, in a video clip, and on your body

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Hooray that Brazen Careerist was recently mentioned by Emily Meehan in the Wall Street Journal and Karyn McCormack in Business Week.

And, in an effort to be a good citizen, I spoke at the Rotary Club in Madison, (where they sang God Bless America after lunch). The topic was how to recruit and retain young people. My speaker’s bureau liked the video so much that they put a clip of it on their site, here.

Finally, thanks to Steven Grant’s suggestion, you can buy Brazen Careerist t-shirts. Workplace fashion will never be the same…

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  1. Recruiting Animal
    Recruiting Animal says:

    Good talk. You’re a good speaker. Lots of fun. As always.

    The only problem is I don’t believe a good part of what you said. Certainly not that stuff about young people not wanting money as a priority.

    Just as you confessed that you were not around during the feminist boom, I CONFESS that I haven’t done any research but, since he appeared here, I’ve been reading Ryan Healey’s blog and there is no young people not wanting money either.

    In fact, here’s what we hear from him. He doesn’t believe in vacations. He doesn’t believe in weekends off. He comes from a happy boomer family and loves and relies on the judgement of his boomer parents. And he wants to be very successful financially.

    And that once a week sex thing with the same partner, it’s a good attention getter but I’m not sure… did you say that was a key element in being happy or a prime factor in divorce?

  2. Jesse Custer
    Jesse Custer says:

    Well now, this is interesting.

    So I went to check my blog’s stats on Spotplex. My most recent post shown was a comic strip I posted a couple days back. But the link didn’t go to my comic strip.

    It came here.

    Now, this is a pretty good site, I guess, but it’s certainly not -mine-.

    Any idea what’s going on?

    * * * * *

    Hi, Jesse. No idea about that. But Spotplex is interesting, isn’t it? (Well, when it’s working.)


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