Atlanta book tour update


I'm sorry to say that I'm not going to make it to Atlanta today. I have a family issue that I have to deal with and there is really no other choice. I'm so disappointed to cancel. And I'm really sorry to inconvenience people in Atlanta. I was really looking forward to meeting people. I hope I will have another chance for an Atlanta event down the line!

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  1. Toby
    Toby says:

    Penelope – Hope all is well with your family. Your Atlanta fans will most definitely look forward to seeing you another time .. hopefully sooner than later! Good luck with the remainder of your tour.

  2. tamar
    tamar says:

    Penelope, we’ll be here for you another time. Not only did General Sherman not burn down this wonderful city, but the city has weathered all manner of shocks, outrages, and worse over the years. Thought disappointed, we Atlantans only care about your well being and the healing for your family.

     * * * * *

    Thanks for your kind words and understanding.

    — Penelope

  3. Gordon
    Gordon says:

    I hope all works out at home…and now you will have a few million folks looking for you on myspace…etc….



  4. Beth
    Beth says:

    Well, I don’t live anywhere NEAR Atlanta, I just love reading your articles on the internet. I don’t even know how I found you! Hope to see you up my way soon (New England) and take care of the family, they come first, hope all is well!

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