Brazen Careerist book: The latest reviews and my new web site


More reviews of my book, Brazen Careerist: The New Rules for Success. I send a big thank you to everyone who is writing about the book! Also, for the book publication, I’ve launched a new home site.

Here’s the home site:

And here are the latest reviews:

Bob Sutton at Bob Sutton
This book made me think, it made me squirm, and it also made realize that too many of my assumptions about how to get a job — or in my case, how to advise Stanford students who are looking for jobs — are wrong or half-wrong.

Richard Florida at Creativity Exchange
A terrific guide to managing your career in today’s horizontal labor market. I devoured it in an afternoon.

Brendon Connelly at Slacker Manager
There’s a lot to love in this book. It’s an easy and fun read-especially when you see yourself in the pages.

David Maister at
She writes so well that even if you’re not in her target audience (Generation X or Y), or currently in the market for career advice, she’s nevertheless worth making a daily habit.

Curt Rosengren at Occupational Adventure
She’s whip smart, no-nonsense, and always has great ideas to share.

Steven Rothberg at
Penelope Trunk is one of this generation’s greatest career writers.

Maura Welch at
A hot new book that lays down the new rules for career success in her always smart, no-nonsense manner. It’s a great read and I highly recommend it.

David Rothacker at Rothacker Reviews
As a Boomer manager, I feel as if Brazen Careerist is my own personal undercover spy, infiltrating the Gen X and Y’ers’ world.

Jeri Dansky Jeri’s Organizing and Decluttering News
I thoroughly enjoyed the book.

Debra Owen at 8 hours & a lunch
Whether you’re facing a quarter-life crisis, or a mid-life one, this is worth a read.

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  1. tamar
    tamar says:

    What is it like to be getting all these (well earned, deserved) accolades? Do you find you need to work to accept this wonderful genuine praise? How do you manage fame and fortune while keeping the common touch – not getting silly, uppity, or carried away with toxic notions about self or others?

    I sometimes battle the urge to push away thoughtful, kind, and generous comments and feedback on my work or contributions. It’s from this place that I asked these questions.

    Thnx from yer pal in Atlanta and Tel Aviv

    * * * *  *

    Hi, Tamar. I really appreciate the reviews. They make me happy. Taking a look at the comments on Yahoo, or cleaning up the dining room floor after dinner with the kids keeps things in perspective :)Penelope

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