Book tour dates: Atlanta, NYC, Boston, Tampa, San Francisco


Here is my book tour schedule so far. You’ll be able to find updates on my book web site, at in a few days. For now, here’s the schedule.

I have actually already gone to one city, as a pre-publication test run: Cleveland. And I met up with a bunch of people including Cheezhead blogger Joel Cheesman, who recorded an interview that you can listen to here.

I’m looking forward to meeting a lot more people in person as the tour continues.

June 4, Atlanta
A Cappella Books
484-C Moreland Ave NE.
Atlanta, GA 30307

June 7, New York City
Tequila Jack’s
1668 Third Ave
Between East 93rd and 94th
(212) 426-1416

June 11, Boston
Location TBD

June 18, Tampa
Inkwood Books
216 South Armenia Avenue
Tampa, FL 33609-3310
(813) 253-2638

June 21, San Francisco
Location TBD

10 replies
  1. Jon Morrow
    Jon Morrow says:

    Any chance you’ll be coming through Charlotte? It’s about 3.5 hours away from Atlanta by car.

    If you do, let me know. I’d love to meet you, and I’d be glad to set up a book signing at a bookstore for you.

  2. Dave
    Dave says:

    I will gladly attend your tour stop in Tampa if I can. It’ll be tricky, though, since it’s on a Monday. I’m pretty surprised you’re coming this far south, and to Tampa of all places.

  3. Bryan Jones
    Bryan Jones says:

    If you make it to Texas, we’d love to host you down in Austin! Good luck on the book tour.

  4. Corri
    Corri says:

    My friends and I enjoy reading your blog here in Columbus, Ohio! We would love for you to come here for a visit. We have great bookstores!!

  5. melanie gao
    melanie gao says:

    Penelope I’m curious to know how you’re going to manage your family life during this apparently very busy book tour. Can you share it with us? Or is it still a work in progress?

    * * * * *

    Way to get right to the core of things, Melanie.I have to admit that one of the biggest worries I have for this month is how to do a good job as a parent. I am home most of the day every day. So it’s going to be a big shock to the kids to not have me around. But I can’t really be a writer — and have my workday revolve around my kids — if I can’t make time to promote a book.I have traveled on business with my almost-two-year-old, and in general, how well it works is a function of money – for example, bringing a nanny along makes things work really well. ($$$$) Going without a nanny stinks. ($) So for some of the trips I’m brining him, and some of the trips I’m leaving him at home.My older son does not travel well. So I’m leaving him with my husband.

    In part, I am hoping that the kids will forget this month ever happened. I can’t beleive I’m writing this on my blog. But look, at least it’s honest.


  6. NW Guy
    NW Guy says:

    I’m in the NW; but don’t forget your iBWrap friends at 800ceoread in milwaukee.

    Hopefully your kids won’t forget the trip. I had to do a whirlwind tour last year; but left them home with my wife. Make sure to have address labels/stamps and send a postcard from each stop. And don’t forget a small gift reminder; they can learn about different places (or at least have some small toys!).

    Enjoy the trip (as much as possible); remember you only have to do it a few times.

  7. Greg
    Greg says:

    Please do not fret about the kids. Enjoy your tour. I always have fun with my boys when my wife is away. They will do fine, even if they are missing their mommy!

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