Guy Kawasaki interviews me on his blog


Yep, that’s right. Guy Kawasaki inteviewed me about my new book. The post is titled Career Guidance for This Century and it’s at his blog, How to Change the World.

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  1. Jon M. Holmes
    Jon M. Holmes says:

    I discovered your blog through Guy’s interview. Was so impressed with the interview that I have your book heading this direction via my friends at UPS. Great resource blog… I’ll be returning often.

  2. Santana
    Santana says:

    Olá Penelope,

    Achei a sua idéia interessante e vou passar a utilizar, pois percebir que é uma importante ferramenta para mostrar as suas qualidades profissionais para as outras pessoas.


  3. littlepurplecow
    littlepurplecow says:

    Terrific interview, Penelope. There are times when a text-based interview works really well. Concise. Well-crafted word choice. No “ums” to edit. This hit the spot.

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