Hello everyone in Cleveland. I’ll be there Monday night, and after years of writing columns and blogging, I’m really excited to meet people face-to-face.

I’ll be at Artefino at 6:30, with no particular agenda except to get to know you. If there is a small crowd, we can have coffee and chat. If there’s a large crowd, I’ll speak about something — maybe the book, maybe my plane flight, who knows…

The book isn’t out yet. So I won’t be selling it there. You could say this is sort of a pre-book tour stop on the book tour. I look forward to seeing you!

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  1. john cole
    john cole says:

    best wishes as you start your tour in cleveland — please kindly find time to visit chapel hill too

  2. Anton Zuiker
    Anton Zuiker says:

    Penelope, enjoy your visit to Cleveland (my home away from home). And I hope you’ll make your way down to North Carolina, where we have an active blogging community – see http://blogtogether.org always eager to meet visiting journalists and bloggers.

  3. Tom Morgan
    Tom Morgan says:


    Excellent choice of a location to kickoff you book tour. It matches your style and personality very well and your fans should feel right at home.

    Good luck taking your message to a larger audience! I am counting the days until I receive my pre-ordered copy of your book from Amazon.com

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    Chernaya Magiya Seo says:

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