Will’s new book is Send: The Essential Guide to Email for Office and Home.

But let me take a step back and say that I get five or six books a week from publicists, and most of them seem to be some version of pictures of mountains on the cover with inscrutable management theory titles floating on snowcaps. I hate those books because it takes so long to figure out the author’s point. I understood Send in five seconds. I liked that. And I liked that each page is written like a blog post. Because at this point, that is what my attention span is geared up for.

So I called the publicist right away, and I told her I loved the book idea, and I loved the cover. (It’s a great cover that screams, This will be a quirky book!)

And now, look. Here is Will.

Will is actually a Big Whig in the publishing world, and you should definitely try to lure him into your life by commenting on his posts. And going to his blog. And testing out all those other Web 2.0 networking tricks we’ve been discussing here. He is the editor in chief at Hyperion Books, and his co-author, David Shipley, is the Op-Ed editor of the New York Times.

Yes. Of course, the book is very well written. But you know what? A lot of well written books land on my doorstep. Send is very fun. And so is Will. So I’m really happy to have him blogging on Brazen Careerist.