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The topic of my column in the Boston Globe this week is management issues. If you want to talk with me about how you manage, or how you like to be managed, and you are not older than twenty-seven, I’d love to hear from you. Today. By 3pm eastern time.

Big caveat: You need to be in New England on Tuesday or Wednesday so that a Globe photographer can take your picture.

If you’re interested, please send an email to me with Boston Globe in the subject line. Please write three sentences about yourself, and include a phone number where I can call you.

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  1. Maureen Rogers
    Maureen Rogers says:

    Ah, that’s too bad…I am in New England,have been both a manager and a managee, but I’m well over the age limit. But will offer one of my personal favorite good-boss attributes: someone who resists the call for nonsense firedrills, even when the request comes from someone higher up in the organization.Good luck with your article.

  2. stever
    stever says:

    I totally agree with Maureen. I love a boss who will step back and examine processes to see if they are truly value-added and worth the task-time of their team. I also like a boss who is willing to be on the recieving end of the same type of conversation.

  3. Patrick
    Patrick says:

    Hey, I’m 24 I manage some projects as freelancer in addition to being an employee full-time. As a manager I expect people to know what they’re doing as such I rarely focus on the details and give people a lot of freedom to find their own way to the achieve that goal.

    On the flipside that’s that kind of mindset I expect from managers which a lot of times is difficult for managers due to me being quite young, I don’t need people second guessing my actions. Leave the kid gloves at home!

  4. matchmaker
    matchmaker says:

    LOVE you recipes! I tried this recipe the other night and wow! What a response from my family! My husband said that my cooking is always really good – but he said that this was – €˜amazing'. It really was delicious – I didn't use sage, but on top I added homemade 'spaghetti sauce' and cheddar cheese – kids couldn't get enough. I'll be making it again this week with different toppings.

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