Beware: Incoming poem


My friend Dylan sent me a warning that poetry can ruin your career.

But before I knew that, when I was a blogging beginner with no idea what to post, I posted workplace Haikus. And my career was not ruined. So here’s another poem, from my friend Ben:


She just wants to be employed
for eight hours a day. She is not
interested in a career; she wants a job
with a paycheck and free parking. She
does not want to carry a briefcase filled with important papers to read
after dinner; she does not want to return phone calls. When she gets home,
she wants to kick off her shoes and waltz around her kitchen singing, “I am
a piece of work.”

by Beverly Rollwagen, from She Just Wants

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  1. mumbaikar
    mumbaikar says:

    A warning note to a poem I had once posted read.

    Eat your words quietly
    Stop playing with them
    Arranging them into cute
    little poems.

    I think of it everytime I read poems in any Blog.

    Anyway, no warning ever stopped me from doing what I wanted to and enjoyed.

    I also enjoyed your poem and the blog.

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