Video blog: Non-financial compensation


Bruce Tulgan is back. Here he talks about what to ask for and what to give when recognition is deserved and the coffers are empty.


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  1. Joe
    Joe says:

    This guy’s advice is pretty good (and spot on here), but the one thing that is bothering me is that he never blinks. He actually takes one long blink/pause in the middle, but doing so only once in a 2 min span is kinda creepy. I’ve never counted newscaster blinks, maybe they dont blink very often either, but they look more comfortable with their eyesight than this guy does in his video blog.

  2. Bruce Tulgan
    Bruce Tulgan says:

    Bruce here. It’s true. I don’t really blink. Thanks for noticing, I guess. Of course, others have mentioned it. I think it comes from my lifelong study of Karate where we spent lots of time trying not to blink. I’m afraid it’s not my only quirk.

    Be strong, Bruce.

  3. Ron Katz
    Ron Katz says:

    I guess that this cuts across all five things you mention, but the over-riding 6th thing is communication. I absolutely agree that these five non-financial rewards are very strong motivators, more so often than cash. But a manager’s time, often derided as “face time”, is invaluable. Managers only have so much time to spend with their people. Whom you choose to spend it with, like the tasks assigned, is one of a manager’s greatest non-financial rewards. But it must be a serious investment of time, not just walking around giving out meaningless pats on the back to staff whose names you don’t know.

    And it didn’t bother me that you didn’t blink.

  4. littlepurplecow
    littlepurplecow says:

    Great material and nice delivery. Video really adds a new dimension to this space.

    I like the idea of flexibility to work from home and offering tools like laptops (vs. desktops) to give employees more control over where and when they work. Comp time can be a great reward too… personal days or days designated for employees to focus on community service/programs/events.

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