I am always on the lookout for couples who have interesting arrangements in regard to how they support each other in their family life and work life. Today I am struck by Jenn Satterwhite and her husband Clint.

Jenn’s blog, Mommy Needs Coffee, has a large community. Jenn also contributes at Blogher, (and she is one of the most honest people I know when it comes to writing about addiction).

Recently she has been in and out of the emergency room and is close to having a nervous breakdown, apparently from stress.

So for a while, her husband was updating her blog. The posts were so sweet. And well written. And I am struck by how natural it seems to be for him to step in and pick up where Jenn leaves off. This is how I’d like my marriage to be. Though alas, a blog is much less complicated than a life.

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  1. Lee
    Lee says:

    divide and conquer. our marriage is such. when i’m feeling out of sorts, my wife picks up the slack with chores and dinner and wine.

    when she’s feeling the stress of the day, most often i’m on a roll and will do the chores and make dinner and drink wine.

    we try to share the load so that one person is not burdened with the same boring work.

  2. Graydancer
    Graydancer says:

    Well, I can really make your mind spin: my wife and I have a polyamorous marriage, which means we support and engage in other romantic relationships than each other (please don’t just say Öh, they’re swingers!” There’s a difference, we’re not better or worse, just not that particular brand of non-monogamy).

    Anyway, the point is, a while back my lover, Minx, was laid up in the hospital for about 10 days. This left her podcast (polyamory weekly) bereft of hosts…except that my wife and I were able to take her show notes and record the podcast for her, keeping her on schedule, producing and uploading it. I’ve substituted a couple of other times since then (most recently when she broke up with her OTHER boyfriend) but in general it’s a pretty nice support network–not only what I’m glad my marriage is like, but what I imagine a good family is like.

    And hello from Madison, WI. I got here via Slow Leadership, and am enjoying your blog immensely.

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