I was in Bloomingdales today, investigating possibilities at the M-A-C makeup counter, when one of the people there asked me if I want to be in a Today Show segment.

“We’re doing a makeover on TV,” said one of four tall blond women.

I said, “I’ll do it if you’ll mention my blog on TV.”

Apparently the scheduled model did not show up.

So they asked me to write down the name of my blog.

The makeup artist looked into the camera and said, “This is Penelope Trunk of the Brazen Careerist blog.” Then he worked his makeup magic.

“Contouring” is the makeup tip of the day, by the way. But that is not the big takeaway from this post. The important things are:

1. Always find the angle for self-promotion.

2. Luck and timing are 50% which means being ready for anything .

3. Be gracious. It seems like it would be really easy for the producer to edit out the Brazen Careerist part, but I didn’t say anything about that. We’ll see on June 22 when the segment airs.